Happy 50th birthday to "Die Sendung " (The Show with the Mouse), the German television show that really earned to be called "the school of the nation". Big thank you to all involved! wdrmaus.de/

Reinhard Müller contributes to the @fsfe since 2002. Everyone who did not yet have the joy of working with him; learn more about a key contributor of us in the interview:


(I know that all those who know him, will directly read it.)

Historisches Urteil in Italien: Wie Lenovo 20.000€ an einen Ehrenamtlicher der @fsfe bezahlen musste, weil sie ihm die Windows Lizenz nicht erstattet haben: gnulinux.ch/historisches-urtei

I’ll be speaking at the online 2021 conference on 20 March about "'Public Money? !' A campaign framework to promote ". See libreplanet.org/2021 and register at u.fsf.org/lp21-sp

The @fsfe's update page is now available in 7 languages. Thanks to our volunteer translators who enable people to learn about in their native language.


Big thank you to Luca Bonissi who did not give up about his

Now must pay 20,000 euros in damages. Great example what one dedicated person can achieve for ! fsfe.org/news/2021/news-202103

This morning I quickly noted down a few points from the panel discussion on " development for the " including a few thoughts on a technological distribution of powers for a 21st century k7r.eu/panel-free-software-dev

At least some hope: "The ratio of commits by female authors has grown steadily over the past 50 years, reaching in 2019 for the first time 10% of all contributions to public code." Thanks @zacchiro for your work here.


Schönes Beispiel wie ein Schüler sich gegen gewehrt hat und jetzt zumindest schon mal und angeboten werden. Aber auch schon kleinere Proteste bezüglich proprietärer Software an Schulen können kleine Dinge ändern: netzpolitik.org/2021/microsoft

Summary of Cory @doctorow@quitter.no 's talk
tackling the monopoly problem:

Have you heard about - positioned in between and /#HTML? Interesting read: "Visiting another world" lwn.net/Articles/845446/

After "[o]ur community will not accept a backslide to or any of the many other proprietary solutions." sfconservancy.org/blog/2021/fe full agreement with @conservancy

And a big thank you to all the () contributors out there, whom I was not able to mention specicially yet.

Thank you for your work for ! And I hope you will receive some explicit thank you messages from others today.

Thanks to all the contributors for allowing me to chat with colleagues, friends, and family without depending on one single entity -- and all of that with .

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