Besides the app there is now also the app to read the german edition of Le Monde diplomatique. Thanks to !

Ask your newspaper to follow this example.

The launched their app on under a license.

Contact your favourite newspaper and ask them to follow the 's example of giving users freedom to control their technology.

Enjoying as GUI for generating backups with .

Really great backup tool under :

Hope there will soon be packages for more /#Linux distributions.

Great talk by Matthias from on how software regulates us & how helps distribute power in our society to make sure that no sigle player is too powerful and we can all have discussions about what is right & wrong. Watch ->

This is the end. Thanks from the booth team to the orga team for the great event.

Jetzt geht es dann gleich los zum . Ich freue mich auf eine tolle Veranstaltung mit vielen spannenden Diskussionen Rund um . Wenn du auch dort bist, dann schau doch mal am Stand vorbei...

Gleich geht es zur
Programm ist unter und auch komfortabel über (verfügbar in ).

Freue mich auf gute Diskussionen zu am Infostand.

Warum wird durch Steuergelder finanzierte Software nicht als Freie Software veröffentlicht?

Wenn es sich um öffentliche Gelder handelt, sollte auch der Code öffentlich sein!

Jetzt den offenen Brief unterschreiben

OW2con19KEYNOTE by

Free Software: Mainstream in Industry, What About Society

"The voters themselves must be able to understand without detailed knowledge of computer technology whether their votes cast are recorded in an unadulterated manner as the basis of vote counting, or at any rate as the basis of a later recount." (2009)

This months newsletter is out. How do you like it that we tried to include more pictures?

Report from's Austrian team about their booths at Linux Weeks and Thanks to Franz, Martin, and others there!

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