Freue mich schon auf meinen Vortrag nachher um 10:00 Uhr beim : "Der lange Weg zur Software-Freiheit: Was kann man tun?"

This URL is listed on the current US president's twitter profile as main website.

With the current update including the updates the German Warn app now works. Big thanks to the and developers!!

Any recommendations to easily add a language attribute to a generated PDF with ? Preferable from the command line. Thank you!

Always a good companion outdoors: My modified vacuum flask with over 10 years of uptime. (Sometimes I am asked why I have a Facebook sticker on my flask ;) .)

Till Jaeger schreibt über "Klage gegen NGINX wegen "Verschwörung" auf Schadensersatz in Millionenhöhe"

People around you on the streets do not keep the distance to you, you would like them to keep?

Like in so many situations has an answer to that: do the , and most people will keep the appropriate distance:

Freut mich, dass 'Lernen wie die Profis' von der Schweizer @fsfe Gruppe den DINAcon-Award gewonnen hat.

Danke an unser ehrenamtliches Team in der Schweiz insbesondere @ralfhersel und @friend_giammi

Looking forward to get the chance to pre-order or wait in a long queue for the new Phone 12 ;)

Good news for "Public Money? !":

The city of Munich wants to soon start projects. First there shall be 5 projects published as and from end 2021 all own IT projects should be published as Free Software.

(DE: )

Published the @fsfe newsletter this month in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Dutch:

Thanks to our volunteers from the translators team who make sure that more people can read news about in their native language.

About "simply" doing more: What about the EU's dependency on Microsoft
operating systems, office applications, and mail programs?

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