So, what's the state of in your country? Share your experience and help us monitoring the situation. This way, we can better evaluate where to focus our activity on!



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The good news: joining the effort to work for has become easier than ever before for individuals and organisations. We've compiled an Activity Package that massively eases understanding the whole topic and contains the 's experience of working for this freedom since 2013.

Also available: a map monitoring the current state of Router Freedom in all EU member states as well as communication templates



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In , the government has the chance to safeguard Router Freedom from the start. In order to do so, they have to integrate directly in the new law instead of delegating this to their national regulating agency RTR. We work together with @epicenter_works to influence the situation to the better:



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and have been one of the first countries to incorporate the EU's rules into national law. Germany had a chaotic legislative process, giving civil society like the only a few days to assess 400+ pages of the new law. Unfortunately the former pioneer of in Europe opens Pandora's Box again.

Greece on the other hand makes a step forward! The regulator had a proper consultation and has a favourable position towards Router Freedom:



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in keeps us busy! The recent EU guidelines are differently interpreted in national states. is a positive example while effectively endangers the freedom users had since 2016. And in , the government has the historic chance to safeguard these essential user rights now!

👇 A thread with the most recent and important events 👇


Guter Schritt für mehr in der öffentlichen Verwaltung: "Gemeinsam mit Nordrhein-Westfalen und Baden-Württemberg will das Bundesinnenministerium ein Repository für die Verwaltung aufsetzen." Public Money? !

Thanks to: Alliance of Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Manufacturers (VTKE), Consumer Protection Union (EKPIZO), Consumer Protection Centre (KEPKA), Homos Digitalis, Open Technologies Alliance (GFOSS), and - Community Wireless Network for working with the on this topic in Greece. This will be crucial for in Greece and the EU.

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EU member states are updating their legislation and implementing rules on . While Greece has focused on interests of end-users, Germany has moved in the opposite direction. Read 's update:

Article by Till Jaeger: "Distribution of Dockerfiles: Who is responsible for FOSS Licence Compliance?"

Congratulations @mako for receiving the NSF CAREER Award. Great to see your work is honoured this way

If you want to refer to a website explaining the basics of (), this website might be useful: (in Croatian, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian)

Read how the helps (aka ) developers in to engineer a better internet and see how the resources might be helpful for other developers as well:

Great to see a lot of people in the local Meeting Bonn (online) today, interested in on :

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