succeeded to run a online conference with over 8000 participants with completely ().

Big thanks to the and the team!

Just heard from the organisers: 20.000 participants on Sunday and 33.600 participants in total over the weekend.

@kirschner @coq I'm curious about what they did for video conferencing at this scale 🤔😮

@pascalvilarem @kirschner @coq last year there was a video about it (but with physical presence, but also live capturing)

@pascalvilarem @kirschner @coq

Explained in this talk:

I have heard FOSDEM will upload the talk too in a few days and Matrix will create a blog post about it

@kirschner I just wish we could convince more people that this worked really well, so they can do the same and may be ask the team for advice, on how to do it.

@kirschner 33.6k participants over the entire conference, according to a post I saw from @fosdem or something. 👍 (12000 connected to Matrix when I asked at a pretty much random point in time the Saturday.)

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