hello please come watch some Turbo dotes
RT @joinDOTA@twitter.com When gold and experience is not an issue, which teams will prove to be better than others? πŸ’Έ
Tune in NOW for @TeamClutchGamer@twitter.com vs @DeToNator_GG@twitter.com in joinDOTA Turbo Masters Asia at twitch.tv/joindotared!
🎀: @GarethCasts@twitter.com & @LacosteDota@twitter.com

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pretty sure I gave a guy a wrong number at @sushitrash@twitter.com concert omfg

I'm glad when people enjoy my cooking (ty @GarethCasts@twitter.com for help with cooking)

to all the light sleepers out there. I changed my alarm clock into a pleasant cuckoo bird more than 2 years ago and I have not been as grumpy waking up in the mornings. an alarm doesnt have to be a loud and disturbing experience. 🐣

I have not jogged in a few years. even half a year ago it wouldve been impossible. I was feeling down today because the scale really isnt your friend. I sustained a jog, albeit slow, for more than 20mins 😊. little by little getting swole af!

retweet PMA Gary to bless someones timeline

it is a full copy of the game after beta ends
RT @joinDOTA@twitter.com One key for Gary and one for YOU! 🎁
To win a game code with beta access, all you have to do is this tweet and follow both us & @GarethCasts@twitter.com on Twitter. GL & HF!
T&Cs: bit.ly/ArtifactRaffle

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henlo I buy present @Abelle@twitter.com

.@DOTApeach@twitter.com @MoxxiCasts@twitter.com when the girls dont invite you to hang out in the mall because you dont like christmas 😒

LF D&D group to fill my somber and lonely nights

if anybody (smart) wants to do patch analysis with me (dumb) hmu, Ive not read the patch notes yet

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