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my brain vs sleep during qualifier season

charcuterie feat homesmoked pork courtesy of mommakat with special guest

im the turd who turns off auto-capitalization and auto-complete off on mobile devices

I just saw theres an 8 sec video on my phone and is on the thumbnail and Im too scared to check what it might contain

when ur not sure if its weed or other nature smells that are seeping into the office when a window is open 🤔

since going no-shampoo my fingernails have also stopped 'itching' so I don't chew them or it might just be confirmation bias

the Bose qc range is pretty nice, but I always forget to turn off the noise cancellation whenever I take them off

another guilty pleasure: watching Kripp salt compilations

how does this have so few views?? ty noxville for link

'dead people, and imagine pricks with guns and america, that kind of game' -, 2018

top 4 teams in the DPC ranking all earned $1mill+ as earnings this season, 2,5m, 1,8m, 1,3m, 1,4m respectively to VP, Liquid, LGD, Secret

when someone actually thinks of you as one of the old guard in dotes 😳 hello