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NEW! The Kiwix Pi4 hotspot kit! The pre-loaded SD card turns the Pi into a hotspot serving the entire contents of Wikipedia, Wiktionary and RPi StackExchange! Designed for people without online access - we think it's a pretty cool option for Preppers too! thepihut.com/products/kiwix-ra

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Everyone should totally check out @KiwixOffline@twitter.com - they're doing great, great things: kiwix.org/en/

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Cómo descargar toda la Wikipedia para hacer consultas sin Internet ift.tt/2TQJdoD

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The gap in internet access is just one part of a greater digital gender divide that includes all the ways women are less able to use & influence the tech reshaping our world.

To learn more, check out our new report.

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Une copie d'internet qui fonctionne quand on n'a pas internet, c'est l'idée de la start-up @KiwixOffline@twitter.com, pour démocratiser l'accès au numérique. Les explications de l'un des co-fondateurs, Stephane Coillet-Matillon: bit.ly/3ii47Hq

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If you want to learning or teach how to contribute to @Wikimedia@twitter.com, try an offline editing tool - recommends @havingaflood@twitter.com at @AfLIACon@twitter.com preconference on Wikipedia and

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Kiwix permet un accès aux plateformes d’information en ligne - comme Wikipédia ou Cairn.info - aux populations dénuées de connexion internet buff.ly/3ciDGxN

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In the days to come will be having a series of activities promoting @KiwixOffline@twitter.com among university community in , .
Thank you @Wikimedia_Fr@twitter.com for the support.
Let's give access to
to everybody. @jimmy_wales@twitter.com @Pyb75@twitter.com @Remy_WMFr@twitter.com

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🆕 language additions! 💫 The Distributed Wikipedia Mirror & @KiwixOffline@twitter.com projects have updated English & Turkish mirrors, along with new languages: Myanmar, Arabic, Chinese & Russian. Read the detailed update: blog.ipfs.io/2021-05-31-distri

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[Blog] If your @Wikipedia@twitter.com is censored, check out this update on our Distributed Mirrors via

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[Blog] If your @Wikipedia@twitter.com is censored, check out this update on our Distributed Mirrors via

Since a few months we are releasing ZIM files which need significantly more memory to be read. This can lead to pretty bad regressions on low end devices. We feel sorry for the inconvenience. All the team is focused to fix the problem in the shortest time possible.

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