Oh hey, I should post this here too! I made a CSS-only async chat by using background-image requests to send data and long-running http requests to return it.


So I'm an op on a Minecraft server with associated Slack and I typo'd while trying to /kill a weird glitching ender dragon and, well, here's my new Slack status.

Very glad I'm leaving this company (that recently acquired us). I'm trying to train up one of *their* engineers on our codebase. But their engineers don't have admin on their own laptops. Any local sudo command requires opening a ticket with IT.

IT has some minor, but
admittedly-legitimate, concerns with how we use NFS in our local dev environments. As a result, they're blocking our ability to onboard their engineer for several days. >.<

Just a heads-up: I quit my job and am fleeing the country.

No but really. Quit the startup I've been at for 4.5 years (got acquired last month I'm not super excited about it). Gonna take the opportunity to travel between gigs for most of the summer - got a flight to Paris at the end of April.

Should be back in the US in last August when I run out of money.

Paying nearly $5k for a laptop seems kinda ridiculous, even if it _is_ the most-used physical item in my life. I could probably get an equivalent thinkpad or something and throw linux on it for 1.5k. Just think what I could do with a spare 3.5k!

Well, spend it on Apple products, if I'm honest.

I just bought a brand new, high-end MBP. I've never bought a house or a car, so I think this might be the biggest single physical purchase I've ever made. O.o

In my new world order, only one thing is allowed to happen at a time, anywhere. Anyone trying to walk and chew bubblegum will be shot on sight.

This edict was brought to you by an afternoon debugging concurrency issues.

In what I can only assume is an algorithmically-generated mashup of all my favorite things, here's a chiptunes-synthwave-metal band I've been jamming on all day. masterbootrecord.bandcamp.com/

This is basically the best-case scenario for any given weekend.

I wrapped up my "comic a day" thing I was doing this year. I made it 23 days in a row (this comic being the 24th, like a week or two late). Probably going to go back and color them to give me a chance to work out a good coloring process.

Daily comic #15. Probably gonna give up this comic-a-day thing at the end of January, then go back and color all the ones I've done so far.

Tired: content warnings

Also tired: this cat who is shielding me from entire Masto columns. 🤷‍♀️

I'm doing comics daily for a while. The goal is to do one every day, no matter how much it sucks. Many will not be funny at all - it's really more about getting in the habit and building the skills around it. We'll see how long I keep this up, since I'm only on day 3.

Woo! AWS Lambda got a *lot* better today!

- Native Ruby support
- Support for custom runtimes (haskell? prolog? brainfuck? have at it!)
- ALB now supports lambda so no more messing with API Gateway just to glue a url to a lambda function

I've been doing a bit of digging into the academic literature on hiring. It turns out the reference checks kinda suck, but letters of recommendation SUUUUUUUCCCCCKKK. researchgate.net/publication/2

Really, all technical talks would be improved by colorful impressions of lemur voices like @baweaver 's.

I just remembered that Machinae Supremacy exists. Time to spend a quiet evening with a mug of hot cider and some chiptunes powermetal.

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