Whelp, I'm fired! Ok, kinda-sorta. I was brought on to duckbillgroup.com/ to build a product from the ground up. It was clear going in that if the product didn't find a market fit, I'd be moving on. We concluded recently that this product (ducktools.com) didn't make sense for our business, so we're shuttering it and I'll be looking for new work in a month or two. I did a full writeup on it if anyone's interested: duckbillgroup.com/blog/a-duck-

There are a lot of legit complaints with amazon, but I'll say this for them: I've never once had trouble getting refunds through them.

I recently had a rather expensive delivery (a synology NAS and a few harddrives) go missing. The tracking page has a picture of it on my doorstep, so it was clearly delivered and then stolen. I'm not convinced the amazon support agent actually understood the situation, but they gave me a full refund with no questions asked.

My fancy macbook pro is in the shop this week, so I'm working off of a 2015 macbook air. I'm using an external monitor + keyboard/trackpad so it's easy to forget, until I click a link or try to type something in with noticeable input lag. This thing is daaamn slow.

All that said, there's a question of political feasibility. If "cancel student debt" can get through congress where "give $100b to low-income people" can't, then we should definitely do the former even if the latter would be strictly preferable. 3/3

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And while I *am* in favor of giving $100b to 20-30 year old college graduates, that's not the *first* group I'd pick if I had $100b to give away. Wouldn't we rather give that to non-college grads, or single parents, or people experiencing homeless, or "anyone making less than 50k/year" or, etc etc?


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Cancelling student debt is an interesting idea that's been floating around. I'm not opposed to it, but I'm not sure I'm strictly in favor either.

If we're giving, idk, $10k to 10m people, that's $100b. We call it "canceling" like it's free, but it's $100b off the gov't balance sheets whether we call it "cancelling" or "paying." 1/

Recently remembered that mastodon exists. Going to try to post here more often. It'll be embarrassing if you visit 6 months from now and this is the most recent post on my account.

SF just issued a 'shelter in place' order until at least early April. No restaurants except takeout. "bars, restaurants, clubs, gyms" etc all closed. No non-essential travel or gatherings of any size.

At this point I think my strategy is to order delivery food to support local businesses and buy (gradually, to avoid stripping grocery stores) food to freeze, in preparation for the potential lack of food (or inability to safely get it) later.

First day at the new gig. 4th first day of my post-college career. It'll be nothing but intros, hr stuff, and setup. I know exactly what to expect, and have done this many times before, but I'm still just a bit nervous for no reason whatsoever. :)

And it works!

`%x{a, b: 1, c, d: foo}` can be made to return `{:a=>1, :b=>3, :c=>4, :d=>27}`.

It's super hacky, but it works. :)

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So instead, I'm trying to use ruby's percent-literal syntax. `%w{a}` is pretty close to `{a}`, right? Unfortunately, I can't use `%w{}` (array of strings), `%{}` (string), or `%r{}` (regex), since all of those execute ruby core's c code pretty directly and don't allow any way to hook into that (that I can think of).

However, `%x{foo}`, which is the same as ``foo``, *is* overridable. You can override the backtick operator. It just takes in a string, though, so I have to write a string parser.

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I'm trying to find a good way to implement JS's object literal syntax in ruby - specifically how `{a}` is the same as `{a: a}`. TIL that's called punning.

I can't think of any good way to make that an actual hash literal syntax, since `{a}` just isn't a valid hash.

I could try making it a block, like `x{ a }` == `foobar() { a }` and doing some funny business with the block context. But I can't find any way to make mixed syntax work, eg `x { a: 1, b, c: some_var }`.

Whelp. I took me only 24 hours to go from "I can't believe I signed up for this, I'm never giving another talk again" to "I kinda want to give another talk..."

Whew! Rubyconf talk is done. I'd like to now sleep for the next three days. Instead, I'm going to try to be social, so we'll see how that goes.

Why oh why did I procrastinate working on this talk for so long? I think I can squeeze in 3 practice runs of it a day until I have to give it on monday. Any more and I don't think my voice can handle it!

So- I was listening to a random black metal band I grabbed off a metal blog I follow. I was actually getting really into them, so I looked them up. There was a series of cute, black-metal themed webcomics a few years back called Belzebubs by a Finnish artist; it turns out, this band I've been digging is the real life music of the fictional band in his comic.

I definitely wouldn't have expected a webcomic's band to be good, but it really is! :). belzebubs.com/

I'm currently working on my second conference talk. I'm debating whether I'll end up doing another one: on one hand, my last talk was good for my career and I'm really glad to have done it; on the other hand, this is a ridiculous amount of work and anxiety.

Apparently my new employer has all-hands meetings at 6pm on tuesdays. I'm 'hmmm'ing at that pretty hard right about now.

Woo! Finally finished this job search. I'll be working at Brex starting in December. 400ish people, Elixir + Typescript, downtown SF.

Surely I've interviewed with every startup in SF by now. >.<

I recognize that "too many interviews" is a good problem to have, but dear god am I tired. I can't wait for this job search to be over soon.

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