Surely I've interviewed with every startup in SF by now. >.<

I recognize that "too many interviews" is a good problem to have, but dear god am I tired. I can't wait for this job search to be over soon.

Over the last few weeks, technical screens have gone from nerve-destroying to almost fun. It's amazing what an effect practice has. Note to self: always interview with a handful of companies I don't care about before interviewing with the ones I actually want.

Ugh. Man. Job searches.

As a rails dev in san francisco, I probably have one of the least-painful job search processes out there, and it *still* sucks.

I've worked on frontend JS in production with a number of frameworks as the fashions have changed over the years: Jquery, then Backbone, then Angular, then React. I've written a fair deal of Rails as well (I got to speak at Rubyconf last year). I was also responsible for our AWS infrastructure + Docker stuff for the last few years (because, of course, everyone wears a lot of hats when you're at an early startup).

Hey- anyone looking for an engineer in san francisco (or remote)? I'm getting back to the US next week so I'm kicking off the job search now.

I'm a software engineer in san francisco with a bunch of assorted rails/js experience at startups over the last 8 years. Pretty open to new things this time: new roles, new languages, new company sizes, etc.

- Good teams
- Different tech problems from previous experience
- Products I respect

I've long wondered whether I'd actually enjoy long-term travel (a year or more), and I think I've determined that I would not. I had the incredible privilege to be able to take the summer off between jobs to travel and, honestly, I'm pretty ready to be back home. I want to get a steady job; start biking again; take more art classes; see long-term friends; cook on a regular basis (in a non-airbnb kitchen).

So apparently I'm now scuba certified! People always told me I was certifiable!

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly you can get off the beaten path in JS-land. Today I'm trying to use Create-React-App with Typescript and pretty much immediately running into weird issues with autoreloading. I kinda figured this sort of common path would be a bit smoother by now. >.<

So I wrote a reddit bot that turns comments into shirts. People seem to love turning the bot's own comments into shirts. The results aren't that interesting, though. I'm thinking I should have a special case for that situation where it creates a shirt with special, semi-random text. Maybe lorem ipsum, maybe random samples of Isaac Asimov novels, maybe a bit of the bot's own code?

Anyone got any fun suggestions?

"Hi can you be out of the apartment by 10:30am?" - Airbnb host, at 10am, while I'm still in bed and completely unpacked.

I'm trying to catch up with the JS world a bit this summer. About once a week:

Me: I need X in JS.

JS Community: There are 15 of those.

Me: Ok, which ones are the best?

2018 Blog post: Definitely Foo. Or Bar. Or Baz.

Me: Ok I'll use Foo-

2019 Blog post: FOO IS DEAD. Only idiots use Foo. Use Bar instead.

Me: Alright, I'll-

Bar Documentation: // TODO Add documentation

Me: Maybe Baz?

Baz Documentation: Actually I really solve a totally different problem than X.

Me: *silent weeping*

I thought about trying to fix the problem myself, but this is some deep emscripten magic. It'd take me longer to figure out than this project's worth.

Blargh. I had a fun project idea that depends on an open source JS project someone else built. Their build script is busted and they don't seem to distribute the built artifacts themselves. I'm frustrated because this is blocking me, but I can't really complain to them about a project their doing for free, for fun, in their spare time.

Oh hey, I should post this here too! I made a CSS-only async chat by using background-image requests to send data and long-running http requests to return it.

So I'm an op on a Minecraft server with associated Slack and I typo'd while trying to /kill a weird glitching ender dragon and, well, here's my new Slack status.

Very glad I'm leaving this company (that recently acquired us). I'm trying to train up one of *their* engineers on our codebase. But their engineers don't have admin on their own laptops. Any local sudo command requires opening a ticket with IT.

IT has some minor, but
admittedly-legitimate, concerns with how we use NFS in our local dev environments. As a result, they're blocking our ability to onboard their engineer for several days. >.<

Just a heads-up: I quit my job and am fleeing the country.

No but really. Quit the startup I've been at for 4.5 years (got acquired last month I'm not super excited about it). Gonna take the opportunity to travel between gigs for most of the summer - got a flight to Paris at the end of April.

Should be back in the US in last August when I run out of money.

Paying nearly $5k for a laptop seems kinda ridiculous, even if it _is_ the most-used physical item in my life. I could probably get an equivalent thinkpad or something and throw linux on it for 1.5k. Just think what I could do with a spare 3.5k!

Well, spend it on Apple products, if I'm honest.

I just bought a brand new, high-end MBP. I've never bought a house or a car, so I think this might be the biggest single physical purchase I've ever made. O.o

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