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"After 3 years without #socialmedia and 2 years without a #smartphone, I can tell you that I may go back to social media one day, however I will never have a smartphone again."
Really an amazing read! #privacy #detox

Love the sarcastic replies to this one, they are not wrong 😂

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If you allow a admin to inject arbitrary Javascript - what do you need to do security wise? Spoiler at the end of drupal.org/project/projectappl

When you make an HTTP request with Guzzle - what config property are you not allowed disable for security reasons? Spoiler at the end drupal.org/project/projectappl

RT milner_aviv: When is bad economics? My latest interview with @vhranger is a primer for anyone who wants to check the assumptions from the crypto space.

Listen to "Bitcoin and Bad Economics w/ Matt Ranger" by When The Music Stops. ⚓ anchor.fm/when-the-music-stops

RT FutureTenseNow: We don’t have to get rid of cryptocurrencies. We just have to disrupt them in many smaller ways. slate.com/technology/2021/06/b by @schneierblog and @ncweaver

RT Tomycardy: Happy Men’s health awareness week! In celebration, I’ve made this song to make you all feel ATTACKED (Accessible to all genders xox)

I'm looking for a devops engineer at @jobiqo , in Vienna or Remote! Feel free to reach out or apply at careers.jobiqo.com/o/devops-en

when looking at an e-commerce payment gateway - what function calls do you not want to see? (spoiler at the end) drupal.org/project/projectappl

I love it when smart people like @Sam_152 just drill their way into a system, understand it exactly as intended and produce a great contribution. Today: generic entity create/update/delete mutations for in github.com/drupal-graphql/grap

Haha, this is me when I want to pronounce the name of my dear colleague @joaogarin correctly youtube.com/watch?v=Xa7OkPMrdi

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"Wenn man da reinsticht mit einer Impf­nadel, ist das für viele Besitzer so, wie wenn die S-Klasse einen Kratzer abbekommt. Das löst manchmal ganz ähnliche Gefühle aus."


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Es tut uns leid, aber uns ist schon wieder ein Testzentrum im Browser zerbröselt. Diesmal sind mehr als 80.000 Tests in BaWü und Berlin betroffen. Die Lücken werden euch schockieren. 🤯 Bei der Zweiten mussten wir weinen: zerforschung.org/posts/testzen

for 4.1 released - a minor security release to protect internal error messages properly drupal.org/project/graphql/rel

RT ShitUserStory: As a...
– consumer
I want to...
– see my favourite multinational corporations update their social media graphics on June 1st
so that...
– it distracts me from their presence and business relationships in nations with limited LGBTQ+ rights

RT DrHOSP1: @smdiehl Yep. Best review comes from @Frances_Coppola. She also tortured herself reading through it.


RT philsturgeon: 🌍 A four day work week could slash emissions from workspace energy use and commuting, and give people more time to do low-carbon activities like relaxing and cycling, which also means more productivity in the days they work. RT if you agree. theguardian.com/environment/20

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