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RT Noahpinion: 17/Women are not a resource to be parceled out to men.

Women's sexuality is not a commodity to be regulated by the government for men's benefit.

Any seeming suggestion to the contrary rightfully causes an outcry.

RT OljaAlvir: einziger guter grund zu heiraten aufenthaltsrecht tbh

RT SarahJamieLewis: If you are angry at the latest Bitcoin energy consumption paper making the rounds, about humanity wasting immoral amounts of energy on things that are unnecessary, inefficient, and unethical then I have some bad news for you about *checks notes* our entire capitalistic economy.

Is the @WeAreDevs app crashing for you? Delete all app data in Android settings then it works again

RT MavenOfMayhem: “There’s only XX and XY! Biology 101!”

Viable chromosome variations:

XXY: 1 in 500+ people
XYY: 1 in 1000 people
X: 1 in 2000+ people
XXXY: 1 in 18,000+ people

There are more than 7 billion humans on the planet and millions of them aren’t XX or XY. Time for a new textbook.

Thanks to the moderater for removing an offensive question during @KatyAnton's talk. I assume a man would never get a "if you would be a real blackhat" question

We are hiring! Talk to me at about our product vision and how we work with open source 💪 jobiqo.com/en/career

RT Michael_Hladky: 10 minutes to go for @WeAreDevs
!!!HUGE CROWD!!! t.co/ZAqsluEXa7

RT rustlang: Today marks three years since 1.0! Thank you to everyone who makes Rust possible ❤️🎊🎉 blog.rust-lang.org/2018/05/15/

RT mosaik_blog: heißt: Wir leben auf Kosten der Natur und der Arbeitskräfte anderer Weltregionen. Für die ist das ein Dilemma. Wie kommen wir da raus? Ein Diskussionsanstoß von Ulrich Brand.

Whenever I hear people speak a fluent mix of German and Croatian or Turkish on the subway I feel ❤️ the future is bright and multilingual and queer

RT Helge: Wien ist die 17.-teuerste Stadt der Welt. Nur rund 5% billiger als New York (Platz 13). economist.com/blogs/graphicdet t.co/RvU5NWr6xS

RT Constababble: Getting girls and women into STEM degrees and careers is great but it doesn't address directly the culture of STEM that forces women to leave who were already there.

RT E_Weissenberger: Neue Folge @Ganzoffengesagt! @DieterBornemann, der Sprecher der @orf-Redakteure, redet ziehmlich offen über den Einfluss der Politik und das Anbiedern an die Politik. Twitter und wie wir uns hier aufführen ist natürlich auch ein großes Thema. simplecast.com/s/1bebb63b

RT susanthesquark: To call the “intellectual dark web” a group of “heretics” with “dangerous ideas,” and claim that their beliefs are based on rational and scientific thinking, is to do a grave disservice to the truth.


RT brodnig: Jetzt online! Mein Vortrag von der @republica, wo ich analysierte: Warum sind die Rechten so hip im Netz?

Hier nun das Transkript & Video vom Vortrag brodnig.org/2018/05/08/warum-s t.co/G0MNS244Ow

RT ricardoamaro: Just released a new version of app today! A container with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, with PHP 7.2 and MySQL 5.7 to Improve Drupal Trial Experience and Develop Locally: github.com/ricardoamaro/drupal For more contribs at @drupaldevdays and based on @Dries dri.es/three-ways-we-can-impro t.co/p2ZwnFv7G2