anyone else seeing persistent sync errors with Apple Calendar and google-based accounts. I sync with 4 different google accounts and all of them have had tons of errors over the last few weeks. multiple machines with same issue.

When the Controller Dies from the NPC's Perspective via

So I was watching (and mostly enjoying) Young Wallander up to the point that one of the tough guys (all played by brits), said "Bruv." Pretty sure there are plenty of good Scandi writers/actors to populate Scandi crime dramas (even if they are produced by the BBC).

Got a new iPad. Shocking how few apps I have paid for are available. I guess I need to keep the old one.

I've got three talks next week that I am excited about:
two at Confoo! (Been wanting to speak at this conference for a long time)
Keynoting at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit at IIT Kharagpur

Seattle is starting to thaw out. Stay warm Austin pals!

This was really unexpected and lovely. Up until the halfway point I wasn't sure it was really Steve Reich.

Duet for two Solo Violins and String Orchestra (Dedicated to and written for Yehudi Menuhin) by Steve Reich, Kristjan Järvi

Watching Citizen Kane (my daughter’s Valentines Pick), lots of things resonate with the time now.

I suck at writing the conclusions to blog posts and talks. Anyone have an approach to this that they are happy with?

Accountability is not about assigning blame/praise.

Accountability is about making sure that things don't get lost as projects/teams scale and it gets hard for individuals to have complete insight into all aspects of the effort.

Perception: Kevin drinks coffee all day
Reality: Kevin uses the same mug for coffee, soup, tea, hot chocolate, and water, not always rinsing in between

Is there a congressional archivist that has to keep all the blown up tweets and FB posts that congresspeople use as props on the floor? They couldn't just have a TV monitor and a powerpoint slide?

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