In my graduate plasma physics class, I was the only one that understood the term “flute instability”. Now, every time I make pie, I think of how I confused everyone in that class when I answered the professors question: “Fluting is what you do to the edges of pie”.

From Friday, M104 - the Sombrero Galaxy. 7 minutes L, 2 minutes each R, G, and B. 20cm f3.9 newtonian telescope.

The Sombrero is noted for it's bright core and prominent dust lane along it's edge. #astrophoto

“A well-chosen but unproven statement can make its author world-famous, sometimes even more so than the person providing the ultimate proof. Poincaré’s conjecture remains Poincaré’s conjecture, even after Grigori Perelman proved that it is true. After all, Sir George Everest, the British surveyor general of India in the early 19th century, never climbed the mountain that today bears his name.

A doctor at my annual appointment: "Ever since you told me about medical software safety last year, I see articles about how bad things are on a regular basis! I don't know how I managed to be oblivious to this before talking to you." #AlwaysAGoodTimeToTalkAboutSoftwareFreedom

Due to a mistake in Mozilla's signing infrastructure, NoScript and all other Firefox extensions signed by Mozilla have been disabled in Tor Browser. Because they use NoScript, higher security levels are currently broken for Tor Browser users.

Finally a new technology that makes me happy (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡λ

Thank you Ludovic, Rekado, et al. from community.

Though they can look like they're fairly dense, planetary nebulae are often better vacuums than we can make on Earth. #astrophoto

A stream anole lizard attempts to eat a very large blue morpho butterfly it has captured.

Photo by David Herasimtschuk.

The way clusters of young stars nestle within dust like tropical fish sheltering in a reef...does something to me

(A close-up of M104 from Hubble)

Ethiopian wolves; currently only about 500 left in the world.

Photography by Will Burrard-Lucas

What looks like a flamboyant fashion accessory is actually this jelly's brilliant evolutionary strategy for attracting prey.

Photograph by Tony Wu

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