Last night as I was dealing with a challenging family matter, this dog decided to see if they could get onto the dining room table and decided that my steak was fair game.

me: lol do you ever get tired of barking

some dog: I dunno, do you ever get tired of looking at your phone

me: ok listen

26 years ago today, "Threshold", the Star Trek: Voyager episode where Janeway and Paris turn into lizards and have lizard babies and then never speak of it again, first aired. Best wishes to all who celebrate.

(h/t the Vagina Museum over on :birdsite:) 🐘

there was about a six month period of my life where i thought chiptune meant like those chipmunk remixes of different songs

One Christmas gift for my partner this year was a custom earring rack, which I made with birch plywood on my laser-cutter and then stained much darker. (I confess I don't love the pale-front-black-sides look of untreated laser-cut wood.)

MY THERAPIST: plants aren't sentient and can't be rude to you.


This is how my wakeboard workouts looked like in the first half of the summer. 🤙

How do you spend your spare time? How often do you leave your computing environment?

Today's thrift store find: vintage Stahly "Live Blade" vibrating safety razor. After winding the base the razor vibrates for about 3 mins. These were made between the `40s and early `70s. Date code B stamped on head, guessing this is a later model as the head feels like aluminum.

I built a garden box from a section of fence the neighbor had discarded. I think cedar, but may be pine.

I've got it planted now with early potatoes (first time planting potatoes) and will probably add some sugar snap peas once the nights warm up in the next few days.

I think I'm still low on garden space. Not much room for the broccoli and lettuces I want to plant.

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