Pentel Metallic Gel on black paper is a delightful contrast for plotting.

“the concept of software malpractice and that if you don’t live up to a minimum set of standards that are articulated in the law—whether it’s safety or quality or what have you—you could be liable for malpractice.”

It seems some languages are harder to hyphenate than others, the terminal/ECMA-48 standard for the justification escape sequence JFY has an "italian hyphenation" setting:

"If the Italian hyphenation parameter value is used the first word which will not fit between the margins is truncated, the last
character of the line is underlined and the remainder of the word is inserted in the data stream for use in the next line."

“GNU Guix in psychology research and teaching”:

Lars illustrates how to put tooling for #ReproducibleResearch in the hands of scientists not used to the command line: (1) with a neat ‘workspace’ command built on top of channels+manifests, and (2) with high-level web interface. Enough to deploy R Studio, Jupyter, & co.!


“Now we come upon an issue of public relations. It’s one thing to say “The sum of two even numbers is always even”, and another thing to say “You can’t find two even numbers whose sum isn’t even”. Even if they’re logically equivalent, they’re not psychologically equivalent: the latter assertion throws down a gauntlet.”

One of the under-reported stories of the 2020 election is that ranked choice voting was used for the first time in a US presidential election, in the state of Maine. A ranked ballot dramatically mitigates the "spoiler" effect of third party candidates (think Jill Stein 2016/Ralph Nader 2000).

There are good reasons to consider other voting methods, but RCV is a huge improvement over simple first-past-the-post voting. I hope we'll see it in more states soon.

We just compiled the first working program using a Reduced Binary Seed bootstrap'ped*) TinyCC for ARM:

21:55:01 janneke@banana:~/src/tinycc [env]
$ ./mes-tcc-hello
Hello, Mescc!

@GuixHPC @ReproBuilds @NLnetFDN @fsf
*) See

Favorite quote: co-presense means that "you cannot turn off a person".

The whole video is really worth watching it twice.

Ahh, the modern world of DRM'ed ink...

An automatic firmware update has stopped our printer recognizing the re-manufactured ink cartridges we have a couple of sets of. This is for our security and convenience of course.

So, we are supposed to use genuine HP ink TM.... but the cartridges we need are out of stock everywhere, including from HP themselves.

I now have a printer I can't even pay the manufacturer to get working at present, after they locked me out of using 3rd party ink. 😡

@frigginglorious Not at all! It was just flagged by my editor as potentially something to change, but we weren't sure. Sapiens' style guide and Elements of Indigenous Style cite the term as offensive when used with respect to groups of people (obviously!), but neither addresses its use in other contexts.

Intel just released CSME firmware to patch CVE-2020-8705, my FPGA assisted Bootguard bypass when waking the system from S3 sleep. Full writeup:

To folks not maintaining their tools and then saying ‘it’s a planned obsolescence':

Nope, it’s your unplanned negligence.

“In today’s digital society
dealing with numbers is inevitable”

TIL about #GTK’s Broadway:

guix environment --ad-hoc gtk+:bin -- broadwayd :1
gedit &
icecat http://localhost:8081

Tadaam: GTK+ app running in the browser! Impressive.

(Though I’m more interested in having fewer “apps” in the browser.)

Hat tip to Danny M. of #Guix.

If I need to access my mail, I do so via SSH, which requires my Nitrokey; my mailserver is inaccessible outside of the box that it's running on. Consequently, I use Gnus via that SSH session; I do not connect to my local IMAP server from my laptop, to limit attack surface a bit further.

This is also out of respect to people I correspond with, since any compromise of my system is a breach of their privacy as well.

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Fifty Gravitational Wave Events Illustrated

Image Credit: LIGO Virgo Collaborations, Frank Elavsky, Aaron Geller, Northwestern U. #APoD

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