I highly recommend this talk by Anthony Timson on his "stubborn" efforts building his own cellular network to connect areas with no cellular coverage even within the London orbital:


I wrote a small write-up about the e-ink computer/digital typewriter I made 4 months ago.

“The problem is Mars’ atmosphere now has 0.006 bar of pressure, where one bar is the standard atmospheric pressure at sea level on Earth. Not only does this mean that dangerous levels of radiation reach the surfaced unchecked, but humans need at least 0.063 bar to keep our bodily liquids from boiling (this is called the Armstrong limit).” ―


If you've ever wondered how books get onto, this is how


The top level domain .io is very popular in tech circles due to the association with Input/Output.

The TLD was actually assigned to the British Indian Ocean Territory or, as I tend to think of them, the Chagos islands.

The Chagossians were forcibly removed from their islands by a British Labour government from 1968 onwards, at the request of the USA. The USA began building a military base on the largest island, Diego Garcia, in 1971.

The Chagossians want their islands returned.



the actress in nickelback’s debut music video “how you remind me” was way too hot for that band!! i’m sorry chad but if ur reading this u can’t deny this truth!!


Since my childhood, one of my aunt used to call me as "Brhaspati" whenever I failed to understand something which she tried to convey. I have asked her, what does it mean. She replied the same. Brhaspati means "makku" in tamil i.e one who is ignorant or a slow learner.

Ha, today I understood why Brhaspati which sounds like a name is used to denote that. It is indeed a name of an ancient Indian sage who also wrote Brhaspati Sutras (a text on materialism and atheism). Indeed I am a Brhaspati. 😇


Allegedly a supply chain attack on Supermicro's servers installed small CPUs disguised as passive capacitors on the mainboard that were able to take over the BMC, which could then compromise the main CPU:


What I'm reading right now: Gender, social norms, and survival in maritime disasters.

The Titanic lied to you. In shipwrecks and sinking, it's very much "every man for himself".

“Long before there were sailors, nature learned to tie—and untie—knots. Certain DNA types, proteins, magnetic fields, fluid vortices, and other diverse phenomena can manifest in the form of loops, which sometimes end up tangled. But knots, kinks, and tangles are often undesirable for the system in which they occur; for instance, knotted DNA can kill its cell. In such cases, nature finds ways to restore order.” ―


*I anxiously pace the waiting room*

*the mechanic comes in, covered in grease*

"I'm so sorry, but... your car... your car has apps."

*my eyes widen in horror*


The spikes you see on stars in some astronomical images are diffraction spikes caused by the supports that hold the secondary mirror.


"I am going to write a complete Unix-compatible software system called GNU (for Gnu's Not Unix), and give it away free to everyone who can use it." - This was the birth of / happy birthday and thanks for this enormous gift!


Claude Shannon created the "ultimate machine" and kept one on his desk. While I'm in his old office at CASBS, I'm doing the same! It can prompt useful thinking/conversation about AI, agency, cybernetics, homeostatis, etc. And it's super fun!


We're hiring a developer to help us take our anti-censorship work to the next level.

Extensive experience writing and evaluating code in Python and Go is required.

Experience with Rust, internet security, and obfuscation technologies would be a big help.

Learn more and apply:

Tired: unsolicited opinion;
wired: unsolicited compassion.


@piecyk kaszanka nie wędlina a szwagier nie rodzina!

Jest koszula flanel w kratę jest moc.

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