This is one of my more recent but the stands on its place since the 17th century.

I was hoping for a moment of a direct sunlight when taking this photo and I ended up with a decent reflection.

Hey everyone! This is my final for my photo class this semester: Imaginal Solar System.

I took pictures of walls and floors and processed them to look like planets.

#introductions #photography

My 400th published . I've added a zoom feature to the website, so I will be uploading a higher resolution version of the photos from now on.

I wanted to try what can be achieved with RAW shooting feature of my Panasonic DMC-TZ70 and . I took two photos at the widest focal length of 24 mm (35 mm equivalent), which is wider than any of my DSLR lenses. It was a windy day and I was photographing handheld so I took the two photos as late as possible using ISO 80, and this is it:

So I'm playing with my new prime lens at f/2 and 35 mm (APS-C). See full resolution here:

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