Sat under this tree in Tilden park yesterday while Genghis napped

The acknowledgements at the end of Battle of the Linguist Mages note that it's the mash up of two fringe plays the author wrote and god damn it really felt that way the whole way through. Not necessarily in good ways.

Oh shit it already was on my phone and I just forgot.

i think i'm going to put this back on my phone.

I misremembered how many Hemsworth brothers there are because of the Good Place

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bird site existential horror 

I said to myself yesterday "if this is how the week is shaping up on my birthday, I should paly just spend the week on Mastodon." Instead of listening to my impulses, I have now when up to descriptions of the US President's nether regions which I can never expunge from my brain. I should have listened 😫🤢🤮

I am trying out iOS Mastodon clients. Any suggestions for ones I shouldn't miss?

me: "i can't believe we've ended up with 8 open bottles of wine. How am i going to drink these all"
her: "why do you have to drink them all"
me: "they'll go bad otherwise!"
her: "... because you're depriving all those needy children of wine if you don't?"
me: "..."

I suspect that attempts to fix the Fake News crisis with more fact checking & presentation of facts are fundamentally flawed. The Fake News problem is one of psychology, not access to facts.

Also i'm super amused at how lazy this piece is and takes a frame as if @Gargron is out there hyping Mastodon like it's a newly funded startup.

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lol so here's the Mastodon antithesis:… so now we can gear up write all our synthesis think pieces.

So i've been thinking for a long time what _would_ a Fallout for the 21st century actually be? And best as i can figure it, it'd be the tale of hispanic immigrants being arbitrarily deported and dumped in Nogales a la

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But this is also the backdrop for what a disappointment all of Bethesda's Fallout games have been. I've had a lot of fun with Fallout 3, and New Vegas (haven't played 4 yet), but the context for each one just doesn't jibe with the culture of the areas in which the FPS Fallouts take place. Like, if i wander into the Virginia coast around the DC area, i expect shit's going to go down like Django Unchained.

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I loved the original Fallout games. They provide this lovely impression of how insane and non-sensical the American West is. That sense of randomness & whimsy coupled together with characters who deadly serious about whatever their bullshit racket happened to be theirs is totally believable as a post-apocalyptic landscape. All of this meshed perfectly w/ the insanity of the Cold War era nuclear threat.

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