Big news for our Beta users! Our new and improved ProtonMail is here. It's been completely rebuilt for better performance and cross-app integration, and comes packed with some of our community's most requested features! Easily access all your Proton apps with a single sign on, stay logged in with persistent sessions, and organize your inbox better with subfolders. We can't wait to hear your feedback!

- How fast are your build-pipelines?
- What is acceptable to you in terms of build-speed?
- Are good at context switching?
- Got any tips?

I didn't know that testing was something to worry about. Should I go to the nearest COVID testing center to check if my unit tests are fine... 😂 😄

EPISODE 7...INCOMING! The guys have their first live interview featuring Greg Myers of @gitlab. See what it means to be an application for the entire #DevOps pipeline and what its like to work for a company that believes EVERYTHING should be #OpenSource.

If you're running a Kubernetes environment take a look at:
- k9s for the terminal:
- Lens for the GUI:

Even if you don't intend to use it to modify anything, it provdes a great overview that is harder to find with kubectl. #devops

This is basically what happens 5 min before every : plz, stop hitting the snooze button and join the rest of your team! 🍸 😃

Our website is now available in 15 new languages, thanks to our dedicated Proton community! Click the link to read about it, and join our project to help us spread privacy and security to more users around the world:

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