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Hi folks, for your production workloads, how do you keep your container images up to date with security patches? mutable tags w/ patches and no change to deployment, new deployment w/ new immutable tags, new deployment w/ digest, or other?

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Happy Pride! 🌈 Meet our Colleague Miska: He’s one of our in-house experts on and and loves sharing his knowledge with 15,000+ colleagues. Read his take on !

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Linus Torvalds created Linux as a side-project... whilst I'm over here trying to center a div.

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This post describes how you can send events from your Kubernetes cluster to a Slack channel using BotKube, a messaging bot for monitoring and debugging Kubernetes clusters


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deliberately pushing a bug to prod just to feel something

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Gold is just bitcoin that can't be sent over the internet.

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I have just noticed that since my arrived I have not been using my at all! 🤯

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Airport security with an Apple Design Award went about as well as I expected.

👮 “What’s in this thing, bricks?”

“Kind of. Aluminium brick.”

👮 “Feels heavier than aluminum!”

“Nope, I’m pretty sure it’s aluminium”

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Tell us your story. What were the signs? How did you overcome it?

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