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I remember hearing from a bird that #GitLab had some progress in replacing recaptcha. Looks like if it's going anywhere, it's going in the direction of hcaptcha: gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab/-

#diaspora has been using a horribly simple numbers captcha for years. Are such solutions *that* bad that they're always overlooked?

Wait I can make it even slower than 10 minutes? 🤔 what happens if I disable "Fast Activation"? 😅 Reminds me of . I wish there was a better provider. Any plans ? 😄

Just found this amazing video made on . It is so fun to think that things like this are possible!


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hot take about nudity 

There's nothing inherently sexual about the nude body, and we should seek to normalize and desexualize nudity.

Interesting post bout usability. I agree with every single point here: datagubbe.se/decusab/

I can see a lot how come products are completely ignoring the user experience or doing it based on standards that are so frustrating to some users! Damn!!!

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#GitHub is apparently down, so this is a good reminder to use more than one git forge provider.

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I love that there are super-fancy conferences with real minds being held in Animal Crossing!!!!! 😍

when will academia catch up? ...and will I have time to upgrade my house before people come visit my island? (I don't actually play, but everyone in my household does and I very much enjoy it!)

I found ’s employee handbook very useful related to a lot of things. Recently about remote working: they even wrote something like “How to work remotely with kids” but so far I have not seen one single page talking about junk food and candies and the awesome danish pastry and chocolate and… did I wrote candies? :sweat_smile: Any suggestion? How do you stop yourself from eating the world? 😅

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One thing I like about #GitLab is that they openly publish lots of their internal docs and I find them a great source of #inspiration. I have already pinched a number of cool ideas from them!


[#eBook] The #Remote Playbook


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Millennials Are Killing Things Like Substance and Surprise

Animal Crossing NH spoiler! 

I had no clue that fountains are overexcited every hour! :O

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the government has been and is using on a repository to share updates and data-points about . I believe this is part of an last-longing plan to publish more data: the Open Data "trend" of few years ago now has a huge positive payback 😄 This is beautiful, and it is one of the rare moments when I am proud of being Italian 😮


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Zipper, the Animal Crossing event rabbit, on April 1st: ok, I'll be back on Bunny Day to see what you have! Bunny Day is April 12th!

Everyone on April 2nd: WHERE IS ZIPPER

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