Someone at work asked me if I had a job interview today (I don't)! Only because once in a great while I put a nice blouse on, a touch of lip stick and comb my hair 🤓

Further to feedback (thank you), the job description no longer includes a number of years of experience required. We deemed it a possible filter that might exclude a number of people, including preventing women from applying.

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We (@w3c) are our Web Accessibility Development and Operations Lead

This is full-time position, based in Europe. Works starts on September 1, 2021.
Please, apply 🙏 Please, boost 🙏

Turns out I was recording that part of my screen. 🤦🏻‍♀️ On the plus side, I ain’t rebooting, I ain’t Big Sur’in. Yet.

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Current status: bracing for upcoming reboot (upgrading to Big Sur, while I'm at it.)
... I locked my computer into this bizarre state where there's a clear window that I can't resize or collapse, and all the rest is greyed out. I can't reset this otherwise.

Cannes this morning. Very pretty.
The sea appeared fuller than usual, with longer waves. As a result there was hardly any dry beach left for the tourists.

Also, I have no eloquence and very little talent for explaining things simply. My talent is listening, remembering where to find stuff, and wrangling words.

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As for speaking "in front of" people, it's even worse than terror! I lose sleep for several days before and after. I stutter, lose my train of thoughts. I almost fainted once 🤦‍♀️

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I am a Communications professional who is terrified of speaking to people (almost anyone unless we're already acquainted, but even then...)

I absolutely love this photo! It looks like it's taken from a movie from the Cohen brothers!
We wish you a happy retirement, Ivan Herman! Thank you for all the great work in Web standardization you did @w3c for the benefit of society, and will do, to further the advances making digital publishing first-class on the Web. With Dick Bulterman and @stevenpemberton. @cwi_dis

Un autre exemple d’expérience utilisateur différente selon le choix du navigateur ? La page d’accueil espace client @SFR_SAV sur navigateur web desktop Chrome (moche mais utilisable) et en face @Firefox (c’est aussi moche mais inutilisable car vide de données)

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D’un côté, le navigateur web desktop (Chrome) montre de vraies dates et heures d’incident, de l’autre le navigateur web desktop (Firefox) ne montre rien qu’une roue tournante sensée indiquer que l’appli travaille à rassembler les données

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J’attends toujours le SMS de notification du rétablissement des services sur la ligne, promis à multiples reprises par @SFR_SAV

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Hier soir à un moment creux j’ai regardé « état de ma ligne » et n’en ai point cru mes yeux ! C’était tombé en marche, au calme et surtout sans fanfare !

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4 jours entiers de panne fibre très haut débit et de mensonges, et zéro considération pour @SFR_SAV dûe à leur gestion pathétique ainsi que leur choix de coder leur site et leurs outils QUE pour Chrom(e,ium)

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Doit-on dire "la covid" ou "le covid" ?
Pendant vos vacances, ne commettez pas d'impair !
Une infographie exclusive de @Jean_no

💟 woohoo! Long-clicking the @Firefox "back" button is back! (v. 90 on Mac OS) It conjures a drop down history, so you can select how far back you want to go. Thanks @mozilla 🙏

Finalement je parviens à trouver au bout de 20 minutes une page « état de ma ligne » qui bien que reconnaissant qu’une panne affecte ma box, ne me permet pas de suivre quoi que ce soit.

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