The world population should reach 8 billion in November and India will overtake Mainland China shortly thereafter:

I have read some demography writing that implies that the world population will level off much faster and that we will only top out around 9 billion. If anyone has further analysis, I am down.

This is likely preaching to the choir, but black Americans are twice as likely as whites to be denied a mortgage:

I used to believe that a color-blind meritocracy would just fix all of these problems or that race-based oppression was mostly attributable to class, but stories like these convinced me that naked, crude, vicious racism is still alive and well.

Recent populist grifters in the United Kingdom and the United States have tested those systems by ignoring not only laws and rules but norms and values:

While I agree with the implicit argument of the author, a constitution cannot solve all of these problems alone (cf. America).

Insights from a death doula:

This is probably not revelatory, but I hope that posting it here encourages at least one of you to appreciate your loved ones a little bit more and take time for what matters.

This take-down of budget culture (as a financial equivalent of diet culture) is useful to me as someone who has been interested in personal finance over the past few years:

The distinction between personal and systemic problems/solutions is important. Compare with, e.g. environmentalism: yes, we all need to recycle, but we are not _individually_ responsible for fixing the _systemic_ problems of climate change.

A useful book on things you need to do when a loved one dies:

I could have used this recently. Please read up on this sometime and please have a will: not having one just screws over your loved ones.

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