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Most situations in Hunter Killer could've been solved by a drone tbch

Yo Kim can we meet again ? This BuzzFeed report really outta this place.

Government drone begins new recon mission while at recharging covert base circa 2019

Having an ad blocker is a disadvantage sometimes, everyone talking about a Gillette ad and I'm here like.... What ad.

The government shutdown is a perfect backdrop for disaster leaks and corruption.

Space drones! NASA May Decide This Year to Land a Drone on Saturn's Moon Titan:
Calling a drone mission "Dragonfly", now that's ill-named.

Medicine boxes need to include the purpose of the drug. Or Google lens could include a feature to identify medicines and what they're used to.

So cherokee server and gpControlAPI aren't killed during telnet so you can connect the Fusion to your WiFi network and use it normally. Also my python API allows for IP address connection thanks to this PR:

Probably useless unless you want to connect to external network idk

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