Gotta say, the explosions happening right now in Barcelona just added to my population one sesh just right.

My only take on the German elections is whoever wins needs to get rid of the rule that currently forbids me the vote. I'd say being in the EU *and* being German should suffice.

Techtober on full force, leaked: mavic 3, action 2, new autel drones, quest pro...

if this is aimed at FPV pilots, it probably needs to save sensor readouts, wonder what format they'll use. It has GPS, but not sure on which module, or on the core.

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Some thoughts on the leaked DJI action 2:
- no 5K, real shame, I'm actually getting used to cropping 4K.
- 1/1.7, so better noise handling and low light performance than competitors (eg: GoPro) due to HW alone
- Horizon steady, full 360 lock (like MaxLensMod) or 45deg tilt?

Sigh, having multiple issues with the Dell XPS 15 2020 (maxed out 4K one), doesn't want to charge with OEM charger on all USB C ports, reboots when woken up from idling, battery doesn't last as it used too...

Hell yeah, πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί mandated USB C devices that charge >15W must use USB PD.

(I've had to help several friends and my sister in looking for a specific document across cloud storage services and their PC. Not knowing how directory structures work should not impede someone to use the search function).

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