everybody gangsta till the sky starts speaking Деревня дураков [TikTok Remix].mp3

JWST captures zoom photo of damaged DART drone after crashing into asteroid. NASA has JPL Care Refresh so it's all good.

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Adulthood is basically where the fuck did all my silverware go

Parler is sending early 2000s-tier spam ads email for whatever reason lol

Make "a C-90 in every kitchen and a Dragón in every driveway" a reality.

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Glad Spain is amping up weapon deliveries but it's time to do it weekly. Increase taxes, do anything you need. Get 🇺🇦 the weapons they need, I'll gladly foot the bill with my tax euros, and so will many.

Aquí en Berlín te multan si no vas con cerveza en mano por la que o??

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