Twitter did an oopsie, affects you if you develop with the Twitter API.

Here is a flask app which indexes videos/photos from my GoPro over USB, all done via the gopro-py-api package. No more unreliable MTP, and can be automated very nicely.

Now that apple has home screen customization, more apps on iOS have widgets, yet on Android we have had widgets for 10+ years and not many apps have widgets, or they suck.

I want to get 4 of those ring drones, put them in a room together and let them fight.

Si la gente migrase a un sistema federado, como XMPP, no nos tendriamos que preocupar por esto...

DHCP lease gets renegotiated as soon as the GoPro goes into USB mode, so you can do "normal" stuff over USB like you're on WiFi.

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My pain point of working with the H9 over USB is the door... I bought this replacement door which has a slot for USB port and a hot shoe mount for my flashlight:

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Here's how to launch a VLC preview from the python API wrapper. More creative stuff coming as well (record from webcam output, take screencaps, etc...).

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Finally, GoPro USB Webcam support for gopro-py-api is here. Coming to a python project near you, soon. Works on Hero8 with updated firmware and Hero9.

Time to sell your Ronin SC, amirite

For those wondering if my Hero9 has GPS issues and if gauges work (on the mobile app that is). Yep, good GPS lock, and gauges all display accurate data.

GoPro MAX 360 camera in Hero mode vs GoPro Hero9 in MAX Lens mode FOV comparison:

Once the oculus quest 2 arrived there'll be no reason to go outside.

GoPro 7 is on an aftermarket housing, and it's more manageable to dive with. The aftermarket housing does come with a touch backdoor that is water proof.

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