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Apparently, I am a necessary evil. I am thinking about having a T-shirt printed with that: “Call me Evil. *Necessary* Evil.”

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A pride of lions.
A murder of crows.
A federation of nerds.

Can't believ it took me so long to figure out why The Nevers has such great female characters. Bloody streaming services and their habit of kicking you out of the credit sequence.

Hat wer schon mal ›Bundesnotbremse‹ so richtig vernuschelt ausgesprochen? Ich sach’ nur …

Went to get a new bike today and, apparently, these come with a charger and an app these days.

Seit Jahrzehnten kümmert das Thema Kinder und Bildung diese Gesellschaft nicht. Die Ressorts sind politische Abstellgleise, Austattung und Hilfen gibt es oft ebensowenig wie Seife auf dem Klo. Und aus der großen Sorge um das Kindeswohl hat man Lüftungspläne statt Filteranlagen.

Counting the hills I am willing to die on, I must admit my emotional landscape seems geologically rather challenged.

The moment you realise the kings in “King’s Fool” is us, and the fool ain’t. “The Next Pandemic: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)”

As a German, a country that thought, years after the dictatorship, World War and genocide it started had ended, that the only thing wrong about that were the people in charge, I find Biden's palpable will to do away with the “legacy” of his predecessor rather heartening.

I’m not a US citizen, but I have watched Joe Biden’s inauguration just to make sure the other guy is gone. Two takeaways:
1. Bloody well done, US. Good riddance, or as they say, bon vent.
2. The last weeks felt like throes of fascism. Jut not sure if death throes or birth ones …

Ich gucke mir ja normalerweise keine US-Präsident*innenvereidigungen an, aber dieses Jahr will man ganz sicher sein.

Also: Einwegmaskenpflicht in Geschäften und ÖPNV, Betriebe dürfen das als Enstchuldigung nehmen, um weiterhin kein Home Office anzubieten, Schulen bleiben zu aber werden nicht weiter digitalisiert, Kitas … äh, unklar, und Thüringen glaubt immer noch an den Weihnachtsmann?

Way to go, Joko: So verkauft man ProSieben eine coole Retro-Gameshow, moderiert von Thomas Gottschalk.

I’m no stranger to knee-jerk dissent on popular films, so, basically, “whatever floats you boat”, but 1) you don’t tag the creators on that, and 2) in the case of Master and Commander, you are plain wrong.

It turns out Wikipedia’s “Sea shanty” article is, uh, encyclopaedic, but hasn’t caught up to Sea Shanty TikTok yet …

Not sure how well will play with people who have never, you know, actually read Arsène Lupin stories, but for those of us who did, I think the technical term is “holy cow”.

I’m not sure how this will have played in this industry, but for Tenet alone cinema would almost not have ended dying pretty soon.

Oofff … did i I set that “bot” label myself or does do that by itself? Anyhow, I’m not. A bot, I mean.

When you say “this is not who we are“, do you mean “this is not who we want to be” or “I refuse to acknowledge the evidence this is who we are“? Because that is a world of difference when it comes to consequences (asking for a few million worried friends).

“The old canard ‘those that cannot do, teach’ is rubbish. Few who do can teach, but most who teach can do; they are different skills, only infrequently found together.” Y’all should be reading Bret Devereaux.

Hey, it’s 2021 and I'm all out of 2020 jokes. May that year rest in peace and the new one bring us all luck.

Und die Pointe? Gibt keine. Niemand muss Politiker*innen applaudieren (eh eine sonderbare Idee, diesser Szeneapplaus). Aber ein bischen Verständnis und einmal durchpusten, bevor man mit aufgeregtem Zaungastsch*** anfängt – das wäre schon hilfreich. /end

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