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Martin Kopischke

Râââhhh … me font rager, les éditeurs de BD français et leur mépris du numérique. Bande de luddites !

Eine Meinungsfreiheit ist durchaus vorhanden, denn wer will sie dir nehmen, aber die Berufung darauf ist nichts anderes als sich jedem Denken zu verschließen. Man stellt seine Meinung als unantastbar auf um sie auch ja nicht ändern zu müssen und gleichzeitig verbietet man sich Leute aufzuhalten, die Meinungen haben, die sich nicht anders als "schlecht" bezeichnen lassen (Beispiel Rassismus). Es ist eine Denkstruktur die jeden gesellschaftlichen Fortschritt aufhält während sie einzelnen jede noch so negative Handlung legitimiert.

Die Bundeswehr bei der rp18 – eine Chronologie. Und ein paar Fragen. | re:publica 2018

Achtung! Lektüre macht stinksauer!

I cannot be the only one to hear “Republic of Gilead” when they say “incel” or “redistribution of sex”, can I?

I mean, come on, folks…

Much as I appreciate the good intentions behind the (usually 50 %) discounts for educational clients, I don’t think anybody at Slack, Trello, Twister et al. understands what the “per user in your team” pricing model means for real world educational institutions. These have a very large user base (students) which does not map onto their IT budget the same way it would for a company of similar size. Per user in team pricing is prohibitive to them, hampering adoption of modern IT solutions.

Argh, Tootdon: what’s up with dropping CWs when a toot fails to post the first time? And why is the extension not supporting CWs anyway?

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“Yatromanolakis argues that there is no single performance context to which all of Sappho’s poems can be attributed”. Classicists really need to familiarise themselves with concepts like subcultures, underground mainstream crossover and the allure of “risqué” art.

In other words, go out more, or at least spend more time on Tumblr and in the Fediverse.

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Wow, Emma Gonzales. May you and yours prevail.

No, *you* thought it would be a grand idea to learn Japanese.

‘Next time you view another group of people as “other” or “different” or “the enemy”, just remember that your very own ancestors, without the shadow of a doubt, at some point have tried to kill each other.’ Matt Easton is ace.

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Several endorsements later I am using Tootdon and very much liking it.

Is there a Mastodon iOS app that does not suck? Amaroq only shows the last hour or so of my timeline; Mustor duplicates posts and never acknowledges my “no ads” IAP.

“As I wrote about this wave of stories, I discovered that a male colleague had been hired here at New York despite documented claims of sexual harassment in a prior job.” This Rebecca Traister piece is as good as everyone is saying and then some.

– props to Parul Sehgal on Birdsite (