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Apparently, I am a necessary evil. I am thinking about having a T-shirt printed with that: “Call me Evil. *Necessary* Evil.”

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A pride of lions.
A murder of crows.
A federation of nerds.

German Politics, Nazis 


Re HKLive being pulled from the iOS App Store: I call bullshit on all of Apple’s ethical marketing. A corporation that sells out their products’ users’ safety to an authoritarian state will also sell out our privacy to state actors without blinking. There is exactly zero moral ground left to be standing on.

Also, pushing a system to the limit is a much more productive experience when said system’s limits are clearly defined. The vaunted flexibility of tinkering on desktop OS’ is marred by a high maintenance to low reliability ratio when push comes to shove.

The “I know what I am doing, stop protecting people who do not because reasons” macOS nerd entitlement is reminding me why I find working in iOS so much more pleasant these days (discussions of individual release software quality and ecosystem sustainability another day, please).

I am sure Apple knows best, but I still cannot help feeling the new multi-window ability of the Files app on iPadOS would be vastly more useful if Files did not insist on always displaying the same folder in all windows …

OK, fellow multi-window users on iPadOS, how do you get two open full screen windows of the same app to cohabit on one screen?

… aaand iOS 13.1.1 is out and fixes this. That was fast.

On an entirely inconsequential but upbeat note, iPadOS’ revamped text system supports Emacs style editing shortcuts when using a hardware keyboard.

On a related note, I wonder how the meeting went where the decision was made to upgrade all mobile device users to a new data format that is only readable on desktop with an OS update due one month later.

Is it just me or did Apple manage to completely screw up iCloud sync for reminders in iOS / iPadOS 13? It’s always been wonky, but it’s the first time both my devices *and* have nthree entirely different data sets …

Carnival Row is maddening: the production is exquisite, the cast is superb, and the storytelling is straight out of the Plodding Plotter’s Handbook to Every TV Format Ever™.

Es kotzt mich an, in einem Land zu leben, in dem 70 Jahre nach dem Holocaust Nazis wieder zur Normalität gehören sollen.

Correct me if I am wrong, but Her Majesty’s Prime Minister found out yesterday that pouring oil on it is not the right way to quench a dumpster fire, yes? We live and learn.

Der Texas-Instruments- für den Mathe- und Physikunterricht meines Sohnes kostet 150,- EUR. Anschaffung verpflichtend, keine Schulbestellung mit Herstellerrabatt möglich, ebensowenig Sonderkonditionen für ärmere Familien.

Wir subventionieren also das gut abgehangene Geschäftsmodell eines amerikanischen IT-Dinosauriers, obwohl jede/r Schüler/in einen leistungsfähigeren Rechner in der Hosentasche hat und ficken gleichzeitig bedürftige Familien?! Respekt.

Just re-read V for Vendetta and the most striking thing was not how breath-takingly powerful Lloyd’s and Moore’s masterpiece still is, but how little it has aged in over thirty years. This is not a comforting thought.

Sprache ist stetiger Wandel, aber wehe du kommst mit Erklärungen zu Begriffen XY dann ist aber Kirmes im Paulanergarten.

Hab das so gelernt ...

Früher war das doch auch OK ...

Ja ihr Eumel, ihr wollt euch nicht hinterfragen und dazu lernen, schon klar.

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