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Martin Kopischke @kopischke

At this point, it is safe to say The Drumpf Presidency season 1 is the worst political show on offer. Unbelievable characters, over the top acting, flimsy excuses for a plot – at best. 0/10, do not renew.

“The goal for all ambitious cryptocurrencies is be to be the payment medium of choice in ransomware.”

– Maciej is the king of snark. Pity he is spot on, too.

“So let’s pierce the bullshit and clearly state that these vaunted “hackers” are a relatively unimportant force that can only strengthen genuine trends that already exist in the political realm. The rest is all smoke and mirrors aimed at reinforcing the societal status of technologists, and of protecting the sensivities of “moderate” right-wing voters.”

Why the political hackers and algorithm stories are bullshit –

The unabashed, totally devoid of any self awareness pathos of most US political commentary would be funny if it wasn’t so grating to my European ears.

(mentally adds “BOF” to own profile)

Yes, I’m sub-tooting. Not going to reduce the chatter to individual cases, because it is a systemic issue.

Handing the nerds the keys to the castle cannot be the alternative to corporate surveillance capitalism. As a demographic, we are too male, white, cis, straight and middle class to be good caretakers. Too young, too, by far, though that does not apply to me.

Looks like Mastodon needs to address the abuse potential both intra and inter instances, like, stat. Otherwise, we’ll end a fossilised shit for social media archaeologists to study.

Lo, teething troubles. Not a good thing when you are a mastodon.

On a not wholly unrelated note, I may have been watching Outsiders lately.

Y‘all be reading that, right? Coz‘ you don‘t get to say “nobody told me nothin’” afterwards.

Build a Better Monster: Morality, Machine Learning, and Mass Surveillance:

(calembour nul omi par respect pour les utilisateurs*trices francophones)

So, do we call the Mastodon UI TootSuite?

A conflagration of dragons.
A regression of Republicans.
A tyranny of angels.

A pride of lions.
A murder of crows.
A federation of nerds.