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One of my all-time-favourite demos: youtu.be/H2JNYOCWKxE?t=50 The music, sync, and smoothness on 30Mhz machines was brilliant.

I'm enjoying ructe template engine: github.com/kaj/ructe for
It uses real HTML5 parser/DOM, proper auto-escaping, streams output, and it's ridiculously fast — the templates are compiled to native, low-level optimized code.

I'm positively surprised how useful and open API is. Basic queries don't require authentication. Terms of use are relaxed. I was afraid it'd be as awful as <the microblogging site that shall not be named>

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As of last night, librsvg has more code than C code in the main library. The tests are still all C, though.

Maximum marker size in JPEG is 64KB, and yet the libjpeg has special functions for the case when "it's not convenient to store all the marker data in memory at once".

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Timeline of my open-source contributions: PHP -> C -> ObjC -> JS -> Rust (from openhub.net/accounts/kornel)

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I turned my laptop over and it appears to feature a blood sacrifice port. Amazing how much tech they cram into these things nowadays.

I've got myself a Raspberry PI 3 to test and optimize all my packages on . It's a decent machine — comparable to my first Mac Mini.

v6 is becoming the lowest supported version, so I can drop Babel in some of my projects, but JS changes aren't nearly as exciting as v0->v4 upgrade.

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Privacy outrage after Google users discover Chrome's built-in anti-virus tool is scanning private files on their computers without telling them

#privacy #google

but seriously, Karabiner-elements has an option to disable built-in keyboard when the external one is connected, so the comical setup actually works.

I've found a way to have a new MacBook with a good keyboard!