I hoped we'd eventually get some p2p content-addressable protocol for decentralizing the Web, but one thing I didn't realize about it: it's extremely problematic for privacy.

Without a TOR-like layer, it would be broadcasting to the world everything you browse.

About one third of crates won't compile with the Rust version currently in Debian stable (1.41)


Cargo crate stats: lib.rs/stats

Number of users is growing exponentially. Downloads are more than doubling each year.

Adtech is completely defenseless against fraud. And not from click-bots, but its own middlemen. It's impossible NOT to fund fake news and conspiracy sites through ads, because everyone lies and launders ads through shady exchanges.


Bites a pear grown in Argentina, packaged in Thailand in a single-use plastic from China, which will be shipped for "recycling" in Malaysia.

"Wow, look at those 3rd-world countries polluting so much!"

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You say "recipe book", I say "sauce code repository"

I've just added a feature to libstd that has been requested in 2015! And people say Rust is changing too fast :)


Company's Wiki is where you put outdated information so that nobody can find it.

+ Google PlayServices is just as open-source as macOS with Darwin + Cocoa.

It's interesting how RAM speed (lack of thereof) has ruined advanced data structures. Big flat array usually wins over fancy trees with clever logic. Brute-force SIMD can be faster than avoiding redundant work.
I've never been able to use bloom filters either — cache misses are too costly.

‘Can I get you something to drink, Monsieur Sartre?’ the waiter asked.
‘Yes, I’d like a cup of coffee with sugar, but with `None::<Cream>`’, the philosopher replied.

A few minutes later, however, the water returned and said,

‘I’m sorry, Monsieur Sartre, but we haven't found `Cream` — how about with `None::<Milk>`?’


If Godzilla was a cat, humanity would be defenseless.

"Aw, he's only playing with the buildings."

"Have you seen the mlem when he ate those people? So cute!"

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oh oh oh I've got one

Github Copilot is pronounced "Copy-lot"

is dependent on their cloud service. It's really stupid their app can't control the roomba locally over wi-fi or Bluetooth, and sends commands via someone else's computer in North Virginia.

It's entirely my fault. I've looked at the specs: more inches diagonally than the old one. Higher res than the old one. Clearly superior! What could go wrong?

I should have looked at the physical screen height.

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I've made a mistake of buying an ultrawide monitor. It turns out to be a buzzword for half-height monitors. Seriously, it doesn't feel wide. It feels cramped vertically.

I've adopted a cat! Now I have an offline source of cat photos :)

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