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About once a month my iPhone stops seeing the airplay amp I have in the office, and yet it connects to it quite happily over bluetooth?! ffs...

Dan Whitehead's done some words for me game, and oooh, do I have a big grin on my face now...

Keep forgetting I have an Art Station.

Can't decide if I'm a sucker for imposter syndrome, or I'm coder arting it from the inside.

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These KDE developers are relentless! I love it! Looking forward to updating my machines to Plasma 5.23.2 later from the Kubuntu backports PPA!

Bit depressed that so far I've not woken and found out I'm 45.

Manjaro's out-of-the-box zsh setup is lush. Might have to swap my WSL away from Umbongo.

Spent the whole year thinking I was 46, and today I wake up and apparently it’s my 46th birthday, so I guess I’m getting younger now. Benjamin Button-tastic!

TIL that the best Mario (3) was released on my birthday!

That’s significant. Or something.

Click my vlog, even if you don't watch it. Might trick the algo into blessing me :D

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I'm calling it, curry-o-clock! Here's the latest dev blog. This week, accidental perf improvements, and a new vlog:

I've been a follow of The Kleptones for years, but their new album series is incredibly special.

Serious crate digging, mashing, smashing and remixing. Part 1 of 4:

Your ear holes will not regret it.

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