I've used the proceeds from my Speccy Next to get an A600, which I'm going to recap, and pimp (a bit). Part of the proceeds went on an Open Source Scan Converter, which I've just tried for the first time.

Holy. Shit. It's amazing.

Have it hooked up to my monitor, with the A600 going in via scart, and it's lush. Rock solid, no noise.

I want to pull my Saturn out of storage and hook it up to the TV in the lounge with one of these things. It'd be mind blowing!


My 2000AD Sci-Fi special has landed, so I'm calling it. Beer and comic-o-clock.

Sleepily put words onto a blog, in the old fashioned way, about what I've been up to this week. *wiggles fingers*


junes BOTW themed patreon wallpaper is up now! to see the whole thing and download a high res version ya gotta sign up, theres a bunch of other good stuff on my there that i don't post anywhere else too! patreon.com/timecowboy

Noticed an odd side-effect of Nicotine, now I've basically given it up; if I do smoke, like, when I'm drunk, it really badly effects my sleep for a couple of days afterward.

I know this because, for science, I had some cigs last night and was wide-awake at 4am this morning...

My wild entry, "U mad, Apple?" is up. It was all made *entirely* on an Amiga 4000. There's a vid on YouTube, but tbh it's just Bad Apple: youtube.com/watch?v=aloO3jYbc0

Touch wood, but I think I’ve fixed a crash issue that’s been happening to me for a while. Was deep in the D3D internals, only happened when loading a map, and appears to have been caused by an occluded mesh...

Cool thing has definitely uncovered the need for me to create my own physics filters, but I'm completely loath to have to go in and do it now.

Perils of doing an entire game without developing any of it up-front :/

Made something very cool, today. Came out better than I hoped.

You don't realise how much stuff UE caches until you're forced to delete it all. Literally all morning to rebuild every asset in the game, and do a compile.


NODE vol.2 is out!

Features awesome projects like The Open Book, @mntmn Reform 2, IPFS, SB, Cabal, @manyver_se



What’s the number for wings, in bingo? Asking for a friend.

Couldn’t decide what to watch so searched for “toss” on Netflix. Couldn’t argue with anything in the list tbh.

I’ve got my tumblr archive. Loads of super early Lumo screenshots. If I could get the Vines, I’d be well happy.

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