Hilariously unfit, even compared to last year. This was only 3k and I’m sweating. :D

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Just watched Nobody and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Proper action film pulp.

Hmm, lots of Play Date console previews kicking around today and...

...I honestly don't get it.

I'm normally easily swayed by a trinket, especially one that plays games, but...pass.

This could be the first time that I've got the maximum advertised speed out of an Internet connection in the UK.

Way to go Plusnet :D

Cat’s been let out to mooch around the house. Lots of little exploring meeps as I walk her around!

Drove down south to get the cat, nearly burned alive while we were there, cat pissed herself, puked, and whinged for 6 hours. I have never needed wine more than I do right now.

Driving a beat-up MX5 is a whole lot more fun up here, in the sun, than it is crawling along the M27.

Moved out yesterday. Got an offer on the house today.

Housing market is a fucking bubble right now. Utterly crazy.

Yas! The new house has a fucking amazing shower!

Hot enough to burn, and powerful enough to blow the skin off. Probably the closest I’ve got to Finnish standard since I’ve been back…


Premier Inn brekkie…! Feels like I should be waking up from a gig :D

My tubby ass is up north!

My stuff is probably in the midlands tho…

With a bit of luck I’ll catch him arguing the toss with the Pickford’s crew, and video it.

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I’ve been on a leash with him the entire time I’ve lived here. Other half didn’t want the fuss.

But I’m seriously tempted to look through auto trader for a couple of bangers to leave out the front of the house and fill up “his space”.

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Our neighbour lives in the only house on the street with two reserved parking spaces out back, but insists on parking outside the front, which is all unallocated parking. First come, first served. If anyone parks in “his space”, out front, he blocks them in.

Other half told him there’d be a Pickford’s lorry coming tomorrow, so you know, maybe use one of your actual spaces?

But nah. He’s going to park out front and the lorry will have to move when he wants out.

Massive bellend.

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