Hilariously, I've just had a twitch payout. 45quid for 18 months of streaming :D

Step Father 

Can't believe how much this ended up praying on my mind.

Sent a reasonably polite email back, deleted most of the barbs, and now I'm waiting the inevitable chain of bollocks until this all peters out... :(

Was actually enjoying the simplicity of not having to care about any of this.

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Just dawned on me. The Italian Job remake, right, but it's just Boris and Dominic getting out of Europe with a bus full of 350million quid.

Step Father 

My step father, who I've not heard from in 20years, left a message on my Soundcloud page to "get in touch". So I guess he's finally learned how to use google.

And ugh, ffs, I wish I could be completely fucking hard nosed about this and just ignore it.

I am a bad man. I’ve written a load of dialog in Scots without running it past an actual Scot. Sssh

Been using level sequences all day, and I'm not sure if I've found a bug, or I'm doing something wrong. And obviously I'm too lazy to go through the source and check, cos I've got a work-around...

Turbo Sprint plays really well. Exceedingly close to my memories of the arcade.

Very much looking forward to an eternity under Tory rule... 🙄


My threejs implementation of the Excel 97 easter egg is basically done. It could use some music, I dunno.

Come fly with me, come fly, come fly away:


Code's here. I'll flesh out the repo soon to be more like my other projects:


Just walked past the house where Rex was made (had no idea, Jas just pointed it out)

Surely it’s time for blue plaques for games?

Oh yeah, forgot to say, based on a recent post from @Truck I bought a mouSTer, and they absolutely rock!

USB HID to 9-pin adaptor:


Now downloading all the PC Zone scans, because I can't believe I don't already have them...

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