Started a Unity side project, on the train to Hki, to brush up on the stuff I seem to have forgotten since I shipped Lumo. Already getting frustrated with the Unity editor, but I have a nice render stack, with perfect, retro pixels.

I'll try and do a squirt on some pixeling and share a screenshot next week.

Woo! Only fuck ups today are my own toots. Heading home, shattered, legs hurt from standing up all week, but students seem happy.

No C# or Unity fopaux at school, today. Hurrah!

Just the shader class to give. Fingers crossed :)

So, I have forgotten some C#, and did a boo boo in class because of that. Think I'm going to have to do a little project in Unity to polish back up on the API and editor changes. Was very much hoping to wing it for a while longer.

First programming class in a year, today. Wonder how much C# I've forgotten...

Someone's going to have to explain to me why paying for a review in PC Gamer is bad, but giving 20% of my royalties to a YouTuber is good.

That's me all packed up for my trip to .fi


Totally just met one of my Journo heroes. Did not disappoint.

🎮 Book update: it has been a long time, but Chapter 8 is now available:

This chapter, we break out the sample code into multiple files, creating something more like a "real" project. Next chapter, we'll focus on drawing sprites.

#NES #nesdev #writing

Boom. Unity management being massive dicks. Again.

I know, you're all watching AGDQ, but I'm streaming anyway. More animations (and 90s prog house) this morning.

"Does the logo have to be green?"

"No, what colour do you want it?"

"I don't know, but not that. Come up with something innovative"

"I did. Green. You don't like it"


It's now blue. But probably not the right blue.

Gonna be streaming me animating the new guard character this morning.

Started reading Halo Jones last night. Interesting how much the look and feel of comics has changed since then.

My GF is coming over to .FI with me in Feb, so I've just booked flights and hotels to head off into Lapland. I've not been there before, so looking forward to it. Fingers crossed, she might even catch a whiff of the Northern Lights...

Personally, I'm just hoping for a load of wood Saunas.

I came out of the new Spiderman film four hours ago and still can't stop thinking about it.

Just wait and see how many things steal from it. <3

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