asking for help with living costs, boosts appreciated 

The DWP have taken £1000 p/m away from us because I have student loans. Loans that we'll have to pay back and have been spent on things I need for my course. We covered Nov, but we'll have nothing for Dec. We still need around £800 to cover everything
My commissions are also still open, and if y'all want writing please go DM @caelyn Buying things from my Etsy store also helps.

Weekend reading sorted. Doom clone, entirely CC0, made for tinkering. And it’s tiny:

Apple told me over the phone they could remove my Macbook Air's unknown firmware password but they wouldn't because of their policy over it was bananas.

So I dumped the flash, reverse engineered the EFI binaries and removed it myself.

Writeup on Gemini: gemini://republic.circumlunar. and Gopher: gopher://republic.circumlunar.

Ok, that's a new one. Debugging some broken audio and the bug turned out to be the complete lack of audio driver installed on my laptop.

How. The. Actual. Fuck.

It's still the area I cut corners on the most, though. Just can't afford to give everything the time it needs... :(

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I've had a madly productive day, today.

Not done any audio in ages, and for whatever reason, got absolutely loads in today. Few things are leaning a little too close to placeholder, but it feels like the build has taken a big step forward.

I love how audio does that.

Put together some stuff for a Gemini Capsule over the weekend, but I've not added it to any of the aggregators yet.


Hmm, seems little odd that the Gemini aggregators use RSS/atom feeds. I'm surprised there's not a feed format based on Gemini itself.

Read: I am too lazy to write a script to generate an atom feed this weekend.

Watched into the spider verse again, and it still blows me away. Art direction is 👌

Getting ready to stream demos for Demosplash 2020. We're streaming live right now at thanks to our friends at SceneSat, check it out!

The Crown is very quickly becoming essential viewing. Make the rich people cry! Hahaha! Do it again! Do it again! Wheeee!

Gillian Anderson on a cold day!


I haven't had shell access on someone else's *nix box in decades.

Already committed the sin of not formatting to 80 cols :D

Recruiting (C#/Web/Windows) 

We're looking for a mid-level dev!

Location: Manchester, UK (office + some home working)

Req: C#, .NET Framework/Core, ASP.NET, EF, one/both VueJS/Angular, SQL + RDBMS principles, VCS (Subversion and/or Git), primarily working under Windows.

Comfortable testing own code, PRing others, communicating openly and clearly, following established procedures (we're ISO27K1/9001 certified), full SDLC (req. gathering to post-rollout) and working to deadlines.

DM for info. 👍

Top Of The Pops 2: Doctor Spin performs Tetris

the 90s were fucking weird yo

Used a bbs and browsed gopher, while watching B5.

If I’d done all that on my Amiga it’d be basically perfect.

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