Timing! Box with a little PC for my lounge has turned up. Woo!

Goes without saying, I’m day one on Bayonetta 3.

Can't believe I missed the live reading of the greatest ever tweet.

Right, I think I've setup enough mail filters to stop the rest of the Noyce gene pool from forwarding their Gmail accounts to me.


3 earth grand, allegedly.

I have no idea if that's true or not, but I've got a rejection letter from fucking everyone in the 90s UK industry, bbiab...

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Have crossed the rubicon. Actually paying someone to do some writing/dialog on Maenhir. First time I've worked with anyone, ideas wise, in 9 years...


Good lord.

I called the NFT thing a few days ago. Description of it doesn’t hold back.

Grifters gonna grift.

There are some idiots with the surname Noyce in this world.

One, in Southampton, has been applying to jobs, for the better part of a year, using my gmail address.

Another, in America, has recently forwarded his AOL email addresses to my gmail account.

I'm glad I'm adopted and not actually from that gene pool, tbh.

Bit late posting the blog, this week, cos my engine upgrade went pop and I'd "had enough" on Friday.

Anyway, think I'm back on the previous version, and I did manage to make something vaguely pretty, in-between all the swears:


I don’t mind people being happy about their unexpectedly good engagement numbers, but retweeting every fucking compliment is going too far. Can’t mash the unfollow button hard enough…

Things you never want to do: downgrade to an older UE version.

What a couple of days :/

I've not listened to Eat Static's Abduction in yonks, and my God what an album. The organs in Xenomorph never fail to get me throwing shapes... :D


Wonder if Uncle Clive ever really appreciated how many lives he changed?

Oh look, another Game Dev mainly famous for their twitter account turns out to be a narcissist...

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