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Gareth Over II

RT Stretchable Metal-Polymer Conductor for wearable circuit and biocompatible electronics.


Hungover. Plz send help.

And pizza.

And chocolate.

And a new Saturn shooter.

I'm Team Pikachu, and I don't care what you Eeevee lot have to say about it.

Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting recast as bedtime audio series to help you sleep by @BethMarieMole
- arstechnica

I'm one of "those" people that deletes all cookies (and refuses most) which means I have to wade through GDPR dialogs as well as fucking Cookie banners on
every single site I go to. Every. Single. Time.

But fuck you, I'm still not accepting your cookies.

Still thinking about my taxi driver this morning. Gutted someone has to go through that in my home town.

Spent an hour in a taxi this morning, heading to the airport. Romanian driver recounting the levels of racism he's had in the UK (South East). He's white, degree educated, and driving cos that's all he's been able to get after five years. Spoken English is as good as mine (low bar). Even the NHS have fucked him over. Genuinely shocked and a little upset at how bad some of the things were. He's leaving at the end of the year and I can't blame him.

Just wtf. :(

So far in the UK I've seen it get dark and rain. Two things I've not seen in .fi for weeks. :D

Server; upgrades from Jessie to Stretch without a hitch. Laptop and PC under the telly upgrade from 16.04 to 18.04 with no problem.

Win10 Dev Rig, updates to April's 1803 version WITHOUT ASKING, corrupts it's update database, breaks all MSI installers, is unable to fix corruption or even find it outside of the troubleshooter and is now stuck in a loop where it can't install anything new. Or rollback.

It's fucked, basically. So yay, I have to flatten it. Again.

The score for the THX “Deep Note” sound, made public for the first time after 35 years:

Well, books are worth the sum total of absolutely fuck all if you try to sell them. Not sure that covered the amount of effort it took to get the bastards to the second hand book shop :(

Narrator voice: It didn't rain.


(It might rain.)

dear imgui 1.61 released: better double/u64/s64/u32 support, better %e/%g formats support, .ini loading/saving from/to memory, merging sparse overlapped fonts, safe area padding fixes, columns fixes etc..

Hayfever symptoms are strong today. Woke up with my face glued together again :(

Just watched Anon on Netflix and it was actually pretty damn good. Unlike 90% of the stuff Netflix pushes my way...