Watching Mental Hangover. Saluting Reward. Pixel hard in the next place.

BFI have approved Maenhir for video game tax relief!

Given my application was hilariously basic (one man band yo) with completely made up numbers (budget? Wut?) I can safely say you should all apply for it as well.

I love that there's been a study into "the Cummings effect". That must have taken all of 30 seconds.

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Watching the Rubik’s cube thing on Netflix, and I must be the slowest cuber ever. It’s been 30 years and I’ve still not done one.

Why is everyone “astonished” Animal Crossing sold well? I’d have bet my fucking house on that selling like crazy. The mobile game had >25mil installs for fucks sake.

Slow news day, clearly.

I think I've finished up the scaffold for the on-boarding experience! That was a bit of a slog in the end, but it's enough for now...

Dev vlog time...

There’s quite a lot of bendy metal bits on these Netflix Transformers. :/

Feeling very good about my NPC code now. It’s super tidy for all the cases that I’ve uncovered so far.

Been trawling through the classic album documentaries on prime, and I’m at the Phil Collins dregs.

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Oooh, I was lucky! Managed to snag a pre-order for the Analogue Pocket before they sold out.

Going to paint "Incontrol or Rewired" on the walls in there :(

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Just been through the games from the student summer camp, and only one team has Joypad support. The rest "couldn't get Unity's input to work properly"...

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video games levels are currently at 14% but fluctuating wildly

(14%) ■□□□□□□□□□

Cleaned my car. Sorry everyone, thunder and lightning for the rest of the week.

Ah, good news, Ninty have approved everything so Cecconoid will be going live on the Switch on the 17th August:

Since RSS is out of fashion, I've setup Substack so you can get my Dev Diary posts delivered straight to your inbox:

Don't worry, RSS feed won't be going anywhere.

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