Just zoomed into the hole in the R and I don’t think I’ll ever return.

Oh shit. I’ve only just noticed he’s left his little guidelines in.

I’m done.

I’ve not done anything good enough to trademark.

I’ve not done anything as good as this.

Strangely popular stream this morning. Think that’s the most people I’ve had in at one time.

Well, wtaf is wrong with gamers. Especially old white male ones.

Took me a good five minutes to work out why Horace was trending, and...

Wtaf is wrong with people.

Minotaur Arcade Vol1 looks lickable in PSVR. Really does feel rock solid. I’m just not into Gridrunner or Goatup, tbh. :(

Itch.io really restores my faith in humanity... Nearly half the sales on there have included a tip of some sort.

Except now, I'm on an older version of Unity than the main iOS dev.

I'm sure that won't cause any problems at all...


You'll all be pleased to know that Unity has finally loaded Lumo without breaking every fucking thing.

UK Politics / ID checks at polling stations 

Well, on the plus side, I've done quite a lot of level blockout, in Maenhir.

So obviously the latest version of Unity breaks all the transparent shaders in Lumo, meaning everything's purple.

I swear to god, at this point it would have been quicker to rebuild the game in UE.

If you organise a meeting at a time I didn't really want, and you can't be arsed to be early to it, just remember, you're on my fucking list.

New accountant has an office dog. Would have been a slam dunk for an office cat, but a dog will do.

Interviewing an accountant to replace my old accountant because I got into making games to avoid doing accounts.

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