You can now challenge someone to game of over toots! 💪

It's actually a standalone server in the , implementing all by itself. 😃

@kosinus This is amazing! Who wants to play against me (noob level)?

@hinterwaeldler Oh, haha, just remembered, it will never respond mid-thread unless it's an existing game. D'oh!

Do you need a account, or can you play from other instances?

@DialMforMara You can play from anywhere! (In fact, there are no accounts on, it’s kind of an instance with just the bot.)


Saw that you're wanting to play chess @hinterwaeldler and had just seen this post. So I figured I'd connect those thought trains.

@kosinus does it support long notation (Ng1-f3 instead of Nf3?)

@devurandom I don’t think it does, at the moment, but will look into it! 👍

@devurandom Turns out, it actually did already! But for fun, I just now taught it unicode, so you can use ♘ too. 😁

@kosinus oh, cool!

to be honest, i'm absolutely terrible at chess (the best i've ever done is beating an nes chess game at its lowest difficulty).

but it is interesting seeing the fediverse being used in interesting ways like that!

@devurandom So am I! And what I learned (in building this) was more rules than strategy. 😄

The point was definitely to learn about federation and ActivityPub.

@lulucybrelu j'ai vu ouais c'est justement ce qui m'a donné envie de continuer à apprendre sur Les Internets contre des bots. et du coup tu parlais de lichess c'est celui où j'ai fait joujou un peu et que j'm'ai fait défoncé la tronche x)

@ary j'aime bien faire des parties en mode correspondance, ça laisse le temps de jouer en mode chill mais psychologiquement je trouve ça plus agréable que de jouer contre l'ordi x)

Well, thank you @kosinus. ActivityPub + Chess looks like the perfect combination to destabilize my busy life. Released in August, that won't help either.

😜 This was my way to say Big Thank You and congratulations for this brilliant idea. Although it is true that I will have to keep it at bay!

that's old. @Michcioperz had a chess over toots implementation a few months ago. If only I knew where it was....

@Wolf480pl @Michcioperz That's cool! The chess thing was a vehicle to learn about federation / ActivityPub. So if it turns out I'm not original, I don't mind.

But it's also kinda fun, and now I'm curious about their impl, and how our UX differs and such! 😀

@kosinus @Wolf480pl what I did was a website displaying a game from a conversation, I think it died but I can bring it back once I'm home, gimme a few minutes

explaining fedichess 

@kosinus @Wolf480pl (adding interested @a_breakin_glass) so, the fedichess. the attempt at getting chess on the fediverse with as little effort as possible

toot the initial move, tag @fedichess so that it federates (it all depends very closely on my Pleroma instance, sorry), maybe tag the other person if you want, but it's not necessary. the format required is, to present an example, a7a6.
go to my instance to find your toot (might be impossible for the outsiders now, because when I made it, my instance still had visible-to-public federated timeline)
modify the link
and that's pretty much it

what it does inside is fetch the thread leading to that toot and try to build a chess game out of it.
it's a pain to use probably, but hey, I had fun, and I managed to play one game with Wolf

if you wanna try it out but can't get the link, let me know
@kosinus @Wolf480pl @a_breakin_glass if you wanna see how that one game ended, I clicked out all the way to the checkmate for you
@kosinus @Wolf480pl @a_breakin_glass take note that me winning that was completely accidental because while I know chess marginally better than Wolf does, I don't have his smarts
@Wolf480pl @a_breakin_glass @kosinus you dragged it on for far too long and I felt urged to finish it quickly so I could go back to pretending to be studying for the two Maths exams I ended up failing
@Wolf480pl @kosinus @a_breakin_glass anyway I could try and expand fedichess to respond with a link to the board, and to make the board automatically update with correct moves, but I don't have the incentive. all in all, it was just a silly joke, and it didn't catch on
@Wolf480pl @a_breakin_glass @kosinus a version that doesn't work, yes, somewhere on my
no wait even that is probably not

@Michcioperz @Wolf480pl @a_breakin_glass That's really cool, though! And my impl is as much a joke, I guess? Just a fun way to learn. 😀

One of the things I considered was how spammy it'd be, and your method is far less so. But I also guess you can give more feedback with the middleman approach I took? (Though mine doesn't currently respond to bad moves or invalid input.)

Thanks for sharing! 😃

explaining fedichess 

@Michcioperz @kosinus @a_breakin_glass @fedichess

You can also fork a game by forking the conversation :P

@grainloom Forgive me, I don't know what SSB is! (Except for Smash Bros? That'd be hilarious. Like old Batman cartoons, but over toots: *KAPOW*BAM*CRASH*) 😄

@pea Sorry about that! It appears Pleroma does things somewhat differently.

I made some changes just now. Could you try again?

@pea @Kat Ah, no, it should be mere seconds. Sorry friends! I thought I fixed everything, but wasn't able to test it fully, because my local testing Pleroma is only half working. Will dive in and get back to you in a bit!

@kosinus @Kat no problem, i also poke around with fedi software myself and know it can be a pain 😛

@CoronaCoreanici Haha, I don't know! I've never played Go myself.

I use a library made by someone else for the chess ruleset:

Other than that, implements all the fediverse stuff, message formatting, drawing the board, and the detail pages you see at itself.

@kosinus good job making this 💜

only thing, the chessboards seem to be displayed sideways? (including on your screenshot) - the bottom right square should be light, not dark

@kiilas Haha, you're quite right! I'll have to fix that. Thanks! 😅

@kiilas This should be all fixed now! I had my coordinate systems all mixed up, whoops. 🤪

Great activitypub app! I see no sources.. you planning to OSS it?

@rapnie Considering it! But I’m going to sit on that decision for a bit.

Oh! Cool. I'd love to play @lostnbronx or @klaatu a game of chess online like this.

Not that I'd be able to make more than one or two moves a day, but it would be cool.

@kosinus predicting people just using the highest A.I. setting from Windows Chess against each other.

@alice I wouldn’t mind if someone wrote a bot you could challenge. Though two fully automated players against each other should probably be stopped. 😉

@kosinus Fascinating. There must be a whole world of games possible over .

@neilgall This worked a lot better than I expected! Someone also mentioned Go, but I’ve never played it. 🙂

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