The internet has become a shithole of epic proportions in most ways.

I haven't owned an Apple product since my Apple ][+ computer. In light of recent developments at Apple, I can safely say that I never will again. Btw, Wozniak was way cooler than Jobs.

I really like seeing people forging ahead despite difficult circumstances. Those are the people I admire the most.

The person who patents a (truly) tamper-proof shipping container is going to make a lot of money.

This is why you should never have a "secure device" shipped to you, or otherwise left unsecured for even a few minutes.

Idea: If there was a CRISPR mod for growing real cat ears, the girls who used it would have a big advantage. Cat ears on humans would quickly become ubiquitous.

Idea: The makers of air-bags for cars could sell advertising space on the bags to mortuaries.

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If brains were still here theyld know wut 2 do

I watched a documentary about the first moon landing. It had lots of footage of people back in the 1960's, when the average American was still sane and competent, before the post-Eisenhower Republicans became an insane cult and ruined everything.

The secret to good driving is to not look outside of the car much, because it can scare you and throw off your driving.

DHL "accidentally" sent a whole shipment of (formerly) secure PinePhones to New Zealand. I'm sure they'll be "inspected for damage" before getting to their purchasers. If I had bought one of these phones I'd demand a replacement

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Top 30 Critical Security Vulnerabilities Most Exploited by Hackers - Intelligence agencies in Australia, the U.K., and the U.S. issued a joint advisory on Wednesday detailing the most exploited vulnerabilities in 2020 and 2021, once again demonstrating how threat actors are able to weaponize publicly disclosed flaws to their advantage swiftly.
"Cyber actors continue

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This will be the future: a world of people too busy playing with their phones to notice that someone else controls them.

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Imagine if you could file a digital restraining order against tech companies. If a creepy person follows you any time you leave your house, looks through your mail, and watches you from the street whenever you're at home, you can legally make them stop. Why not companies?

You think pigeons are bad? Pegasus flies around dropping horseshit on everybody.

NSO continues to lie... and lie... and lie again. Don't believe a single word from NSO.
This is exactly why governments, intelligence agencies, law enforcement, or anyone else should never be given back doors to encryption. They respect neither morality, nor... the law.

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I need an easier-to-play guitar because my left thumb joint is worn out. Maybe a Fender Jaguar with Thomastik strings. Soon as I win the lottery. Or the Squier Classic Vibe version if I can find a good one. I'm not proud. :3

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