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you, an idiotic being of pure energy: i hate corporeal forms
me, an enlightened pan-species hivemind: actually it's cool and good to have as many bodies as possible

this pancake is shaped like a testicle on purpose. i didnt fuck it up i just love eating balls

fetish writing, ctf 

i guess with hypnofetish you can't say anyone's unoriginal because they could just be hypnotized to act the same way

how many hypnodom twitters have "your opinions are my own" in the bio and how many hypnosub twitters have "my opinions are your own" in the bio

there was an f plus episode where they made a joke about "the monkey's paw wrapped around your dick" and i think that's apropos

kink writing, body horror ideas 

i stumbled on a weird but sort of useful trick today: if you make a grayscale tone layer and a flat color layer, you can set the blending modes to brightness/color respectively and get the value contrast of the grayscale layer with the colors of the flats layer

i'm trash at color theory so it's a helpful shortcut

look, you're still technically animate, so i don't get why you're upset

goat furries are either wearing a button-down vest and named Archibald or "hi im trashbag and i eat cans"

[showing up to the brutalism exhibition] well this is NOT what i was hoping for but these buildings are VERY NICE

if i did an anthology merger-style i could see like:
-default dragon
-two-headed dragon
-dragon b/w eggs
-quad dragon?
-????? noodly? that's less toony though.

hrmmh ):Ia

i bet if i put a whole load of work into a bunch of toon dragon TF stuff i could get a ton of people making doofy dragonsonas and then it'd be like i tfed them all

hmm why have i not been motivated to write for a while

[walks to the store, comes back panting for air and drenched in sweat]

oh. maybe it's that

mild pol 

me: you guys know i have more features than Egyptologist, right

also me: when i feel successful my brain starts playing the riff from The Mummy (1999)

horny dreams 

on this day i have found not one but TWO tweets from furries i know winding up in very normcore places and it's terrifying

non-moms/dads include
clem: weird friend
teshin: friend you think is real cool until you realize their parents suck
ordis: dog
ballas: this guy HATES DADS

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