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you, an idiotic being of pure energy: i hate corporeal forms
me, an enlightened pan-species hivemind: actually it's cool and good to have as many bodies as possible

when you switch off my "that reminds me of a TF idea" circuits i revert to my backup "that reminds me of a borges story" protocols

i've never worked a job that had a "regular" commute but i had to drive my sister to work today

oh my god do people do that every day? do they think that's okay??

i wound up finding these cause i did a deep dive on the mall situation back there. the closest mall was a complete failure that lost millions of dollars per year, finally went bankrupt and then just recently got bought by a developer that now wants to revitalize it

across the street from failure mall, there's been a development in construction for like ten years that's going to be.......can you guess?

spoilers it's going to be ANOTHER MALL. literally ACROSS THE STREET

1959: sit across the booth from your crush at the diner, both too shy to admit you're into the other

2019: chat in the same discord server as artist you want to commission, both too shy to DM the other

do you think there's an mpreg furry out there whose fursona is a stork

i don't think i'll ever be horny for vore but it does sound cathartic to shut someone up by shoving them down your throat

the more star trek tos i watch the more it fills me with a need to create a fictional wiki with plot synopses for versions of these episodes that don't suck ass

it's only france if it's from Île-de-France. otherwise it's sparkling gallia

strange second person toon tf horny mood 

if you think about a joke for even a second before you post it, you're dead

broke: people having sex
woke: meatfolk slapping nads

new theory: great pyramid not built by draft labor; khufu was just a very convincing dom

what if there was a cell phone where you didn't have to see your grody thumbprints superimposed over the reflection of your slack-jawed expression every time you looked at the screen

yes i know anti-glare screen protectors exist i have bought one for every device i own because of this

stonks meme but the guy is pregnant and it says "storks"


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