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you, an idiotic being of pure energy: i hate corporeal forms
me, an enlightened pan-species hivemind: actually it's cool and good to have as many bodies as possible

this toot brought to you by trying to just wipe off my phone without accidentally unlocking it and texting my mom

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[new tech voice] no bezels! touchscreens! how do you hold it? fuck if we know we just make slowly rotating 3D models of rounded rectangles

genie commission concepts 

i've never found a look for genie kotep that i've felt really good about (besides silver lamp, since that seems like a good fit) but i do have a fun idea for a commission where it's genie kotep kneeling and going "your wish is my command, master" but then there's an alt where it's like "your wish is my command, '๐˜ฎ๐˜ข๐˜ด๐˜ต๐˜ฆ๐˜ณ'" and instead of bedroom eyes she's got a big fangy grin

(beanie kotep ๐ŸŽจ: )

the problem with wanting to make a medieval fox OC is that it's hard to beat maid marian's fox ear/wimple design

the thing you've got to know with mortals is they put hats on the important ones

true friends are the people you remove the ?data= queries at the ends of your links for

Big Mood tf fantasy for me lately 

probably something to do with the..all-encompassing? nature of reality shifting where it's like, oh no the Danger is slowly coming and i can't stop it

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Big Mood tf fantasy for me lately 

a different, elevated version of reality slowly altering the real one, so that things and people are being turned into their alternate-reality analogues

venting about twitter fights 

the amazing irony of someone going "why don't you just block them??" and then me going "okay, i'll block you" and then him finding a way to reply to me like "wtf why'd you block me you hypocrite" is just...

i really want to point it out to him because of my comedy brain but i do not want to give him any more attention. it's just such a perfect illustration of why he's wrong and he did it to himself

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venting about twitter fights 

sick, just had a twitter slapfight with a rando who showed up to say that you shouldn't complain about sexual harassment n online communities because you can just block people

then after i told him he was wrong but that i would try out his solution (that is, i blocked him),he replied to his own post so he could call me a hypocrite and cry about how i'm not rationally debating him

cry more, my dude

bugs (shitpost) 

that classic adult swim short Too Many Ants that's just a sitcom intro but everyone's flailing and screaming and covered in ants

travel, secrets from my childhood 

i was once delayed in the auckland airport for about six hours because the space station mir was going to fall in the range of our flight path

halfway through the flight, the pilot informed us we were low on fuel and so we stopped in honolulu and sat on the runway for an hour while refueling

flattening tf but it's for getting posted to deviantart

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