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you, an idiotic being of pure energy: i hate corporeal forms
me, an enlightened pan-species hivemind: actually it's cool and good to have as many bodies as possible

since i'm using it as my icon here, i'll post this commission i got from

kotep as a saloon girl--either she got punished for trying to play seven aces at once in a hand of five-card draw, or she was planning to pull some kind of old west trick but instead just got drunk off sarsaparilla.

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nothing takes the wind out of your sails quite like a random dude DMing you to ask if you want to RP then emoji-crying when you tell him no

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terrible thought that went through my head:

what if getting a fursona meant they were your mom/dad now

woke up with no recollection of last night except a sticky note on my computer that says "TOO MANY LIPS!"

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warframe: fortnite for robot fuckers? discuss

my take on the tumblr situation:

it's absolutely hilarious that they have given me a button to force them to look through all of my terribly horny, but not technically pornographic, fetish art commissions

u heard about warframe but i have........the WARM frame

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from a series of lectures i've been watching:

"we saw, in the previous lecture, how people are turned into witches..."

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i was on vacation a few weeks ago and took some pictures of good cat statues

(me, meeting a fellow Gamer upon the road)
[bows head] Todd be with you

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