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you, an idiotic being of pure energy: i hate corporeal forms
me, an enlightened pan-species hivemind: actually it's cool and good to have as many bodies as possible

sometimes etymology is great but sometimes you learn that "orange" was a fruit before it was a color, and also that it used to be "a norange" but because of english it became "an orange"

if only we had a name for this reddy yellow but all we've got is this load of norringes

ostracism was such a redditor's solution to society

we can't possibly expect people not to be terrible assholes, so instead we'll have a vote for Worst Guy and then he has to go away for ten years

my iconic quirky childhood drink was "sludge", which is one part pepsi to one part max pulp orange juice

pol (specifically in the context of early music ensembles) 

i just had to double check to make sure that no one in this early music ensemble i like is a secret neo-nazi after spotting some "evropa" shit in the youtube comments.

the most incriminating thing i could find was a facebook post they shared from a medieval history center sharing photos of cool manuscripts it had in its museum collections. so while they're 100% guaranteed history dorks, i don't think they're neonazis

there's definitely audiophile hypnosis out there, right? like someone hypnotizing themselves while doing a/b testing of encoding as 320kbps MP3 versus 120kbps OGG Opus

i watched the cruella movie last night.

don't watch it. visually it's fairly well done and it's high camp, but everything in it is ripped off from better movies, sanitized, or makes no sense

also it says that mental disorders are hereditary and make you evil, and then goes on to have cruella declare that estella is her deadname in a super blunt attempt at doing a trans metaphor with her genetically predestined identity as evil crazy lady that her mom tried to repress

i got a new stuffed animal today as a nice thing for me cause i hadn't in a while. i don't even play rivals of aether i just like the panther

if a bunch of plushies are all in relationships with one another that's a polyfill polycule

in retrospect, showing the extremely sheltered kid with overbearing fundamentalist christian parents yerf was absolutely going to destroy him, but in my defense, he was already extremely gay for several breath of fire characters

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i once GMed a D&D session in middle school where a player's mom came over to my house to pull him out because she didn't want her son playing a "demonic" game

but he turned out to be into gay furry muscle growth, and i was the one who first showed him yerf, so between me and his mom i think i definitely won

we asked five different ancient greek philosophers to name every bean in this glass jar

socrates: why?
plato: ok hold on let me get out a scroll so i can list them
aristotle: how can i name them unless i know their genders
heraclitus: they're all named dave, done
diogenes: [disqualified for eating the beans]

spotify: would you like to listen to the song "curses"
from the album "foxlore"
by the band "the crane wives"

me, being typecast: yes

here is a version i optimized especially for custom discord emoji

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because there isn't an emoji for snow leopards i made one from the original SVG source for the regular leopard emoji so it would be extra crisp

i thickened the tai tool, because hey, it's a snow leopard

when people tell me they never considered how gremlin jackals are before seeing all the jackal pics i post, it makes me feel like i'm spreading the Good Word of Jackal

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