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you, an idiotic being of pure energy: i hate corporeal forms
me, an enlightened pan-species hivemind: actually it's cool and good to have as many bodies as possible

i just ate a sandwich vertically. will provide a full trip report once i've done a perpendicular sandwich

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kotep complains about not having any museum exhibits about them. finally a museum opens up a special exhibition on this forgotten egyptian god and kotep shows up demanding royalties from the gift shop that's selling kotep mugs and plush dolls

consider a normal sandwich to have bread facing up and down.

which way of eating a sandwich is worse

dipping cookies in milk is the inverse of eating cereal

current events and final fantasy x 

final fantasy x is also about how religion is used to justify oppression and how blaming individual action for systemic problems deflects blame (i.e., climate change is not the fault of multinational corporations, it's your fault for using plastic straws)

folks.......i think final fantasy x is a comrade

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current events and final fantasy x 

final fantasy x: the ruling class will do anything they can to maintain the status quo, even f it comes at the massive loss of human life. they will also ostracize and demonize anyone who threatens their control of society and culture

me as a kid: haha what a wild fantasy story

me in my twenties: oh

if your friend feeds you hamster food and you happily eat it who exactly is the dumb one in that situation

Current Situation and pathetic fallacy 

i'm actually feeling pretty all right today and got a lot of stuff done

which means in the back of my mind i'm worried because the last two times i felt like this was:
-right before lockdown
-right before the police protests

shoutout to twelve year old me watching a DVD of Liar Liar on repeat for eight hours

like, so rich you don't ever have to open an email or even know your email address

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imagine if you were so rich you didn't have an email

what if the Hapsburgs but furry 

imagining a furry world where "sparkledogs" are typically rare mutations but there's some Hapsburg-style royal family that's so heavily incestuous that the entire family tree is nothing but brightly colored OCs

what i have to assume normal people think about when they can't sleep: "wonder what i'd look like if i dyed my hair"

what i think about when i can't sleep: "so if i want to be a gnoll barbarian do i want a big grog gut or to be really top heavy instead"

why did the gnoll chieftain wear a tuxedo to the raid (warning mmo joke gamers only) 

because he was the mob boss

kotep's very bad last ever vacation to atlantis

jackals are not "just posh coyotes" they also have eyeliner

friends are just the people your ghost haunts while it's still alive

i am absolutely not the sort of person to own a pet but sometimes i just really get the urge to be able to bring tangible delight to another living being

vent, health (-) 

i've been feeling sick for the past week or two. not terrible, but a persistent pressure in my ears and a post-nasal drip

this could be something that was set off by the wild swings in temperature/humidity the house was having back when the AC broke, but i've also got this twitch in my eye that only happens when the drip's going

wondering if this isn't some kind of long-tail covid thing. still not sure if i actually had it back in february

i just want to feel not sick

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