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you, an idiotic being of pure energy: i hate corporeal forms
me, an enlightened pan-species hivemind: actually it's cool and good to have as many bodies as possible


found mold in my closet. not a lot but i am rapidly deflating into a puddle. love it when all the emergency shit i have to spend money on comes in the three-week period where i'm waiting to start getting paid


love being so stressed about being tired from not sleeping that i can't sleep

i got two-ish pages of writing done at the library today which isn't much but it's more productivity than I've had in a while and i could kinda feel things clicking back on as i wrote

also i picked what to write about by using a random file picker since one of my problems has been "too invested in all my ideas to think of something to do as a warm up"

boring house stuff 

this is only a particular problem because they've had to move the vanity twice. last time i learned about the problem, this time i'm going to see if i can get them to do the sealant around the edges themselves. it's actually kind of a health concern for me because when it's going full blast i can't control the amount of allergens in my room as well as i'd like. also it means my feet are getting blow dried the whole time i'm standing at the sink

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boring house stuff 

my bathroom has the very weird design decision of having an air duct that comes up through the floor underneath the sink/cabinet and then exits through a vent on the side of the cabinet. this means that if you don't put sealant around the edges of the cabinet, air blasts out in all directions, making my bathroom, the smallest room in the house, get about 4x the airflow as any other room, even if the vent on the side is closed

because this is all fan/crowdsourced you can really get a taste for what people's impressions of each movie are. doctor strangelove was a billion pictures of the ex-nazi guy. blade runner 2049 was wall to wall big hologram lady

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my media server lets me do custom boxart/thumbnails/etc for all the media on it and sometimes i have to make my own because what's there isn't quite good enough

this one's one of my favorites imo. no one had a good split-cover for both the theatrical release and the black-and-white release of mad max

i unplugged my computer about two days ago to work on it a bit and I just haven't plugged it back in yet

it's kinda nice tbh

doing everything on my phone is just difficult enough that it's like a natural limiter on how much time I spend on the internet

therapy is expensive but screenwriters will work for cheap. instead of saying "i need avice" why not ask for some punch-up work and then describe your life in the format of a screenplay

this is like when you open a web page and it's bare HTML in times new roman last updated 2022

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i'm exactly the kind of computer toucher who knows why it's bad to do chmod 777, but also don't care because i'm just doing lubuntu on an old prebuilt computer so i can use it as networked storage/media server, so i'll set every directory the media server uses to 777, idgaf

computer touching 

i still haven't figured out how to get the address to redirect to the port instead of having to type it in by hand....but i guess if i want to do https at some point i'll have to change the port anyway

i'm sure there's some way i could back up the installation now and restore it if i fucked things up.............but i'm sure i would have to jury-rig the backup system somehow so i'm happy not touching linux again for a while

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computer touching 

i spent most of last week working on getting a linux media server up and running. i haven't bothered to enable https yet because it took me like seven re installs to get:
-a hard drive that mounts on boot
-that hard drive shared to my local network
-the media server software running

the last day i spent working on it was entirely just trying to get it so that i could open it by going to silverscreen.lan:8096 instead of

shout out to my seventh/eighth grade history teacher mister sherman whose class was how i found out i was into history

his class was so good that high school history was a direct downgrade until i got to AP classes. i think he was the first person who actually bothered to have us read primary sources and how to talk about them and what bias is and how we know the things we know

very tickled by the religious stock image site that cites the ten commandments in its copyright watermark

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