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you, an idiotic being of pure energy: i hate corporeal forms
me, an enlightened pan-species hivemind: actually it's cool and good to have as many bodies as possible

mild religious/health 

the medicaid clinic i go to is inside of a church and while a sign on the door that says "expect to meet god" might be an inspiring thing to see on your way into a church service it's not the best message to get when you're going in to get a health checkup

and i'm you're littlest tf jerk (and thirty under thirty deity luminary) kotep mcelroy

lying in bed at 5 AM and thinking "i wish there was like, a way you could pay someone to make something where a self-insert character for yourself like, just has a really nice time and gets to relax" until i realized i was just reinventing commissions

system for natural base twelve in english 

X as ten is inspired by the roman numeral, while Y is the natural followup for eleven

(a lot of numbering systems invent new symbols but imo using ones that are already accessible and recognizable would make adoption easier. programming picked up hexadecimal by just tossing A-F in as digits)

((and not like we don't have digits that look like letters already. lookin at you, 0/O, 1/I/l/7, 5/S and 8/B))

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system for natural base twelve in english 

to make a base-12 number system, start with the names for 1-12 in english. so it goes:

seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve
(7, 8, 9, X, Y, 10)

what's one more than twelve though? it can't be thirteen or eleven, but what if...

oneteen, twoteen, thirteen, fourteen
(11, 12, 13, 14)

when you get to the higher two-digit numbers, that's just '-ty'

eighty, ninety, tenty, eleventy
(80, 90, X0, Y0)

so tenty plus oneteen equals eleventy one
(X0 + 11 = Y1)

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u/egyptianpeasantfarmer (self.r/nilerivervaley) posted 5,000 years ago:


The nobles stand around my fields and shout go serf boy go

our patented good shapes juice gets the bad shapes out of your body and fills you up with only good shapes

does anyone actually like the type of guys that are like "mmm my delectable brooding dream...i'm the worst thing that's ever going to happen to you...and you'll love it the whole time ..." cause to me that's always been the worst possible thing

like i know when i was thirteen i came up with a cobra OC whose blood was poison so they were always in pain...but the pain felt good >:)..... but that lasted three days before i moved on to, idk, a wolf girl

pol (-?), current year 

2020 mood: you see democratic senators arguing about how republican senators won't wear face masks and you're heartened to see a politician whose survival instinct has not been completely eroded by their desire to win politics

unsurprising kotep childhood fact: i was asked to stand in for king herod in several church christmas pageants because i was the one that could be the most villainous

no other major holiday's traditions cannot be improved by making them halloweenier

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if you take halloween stuff and make it christmassy it gets worse
("anything can happen on halloween" -> "anything can happen on christmas")

but if you take christmas stuff and make it halloween it improves
(frosty the snowman -> ghost w/ pumpkin head and leaf bag body)

thus i am forced to admit, despite my obligate fondness for april fool's day and my aesthetic fondness for snow, that halloween may be mathematically the best holiday

onion article title "internet baffled by nun oc that is not horny"

"how many levels of day for night are you on?"
"like one or two my dude"
"you are like a baby, watch this:"

we've joked a lot, here on the internet, about malls being symbols of capitalism

i just didn't expect the metaphor to be quite THAT on the nose

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