Early Ruby and eventually Javascript really hammered in the idea that tests need special functions to work correctly. I think that harmed me in the long run. It's just code. That said rspec's helpers were incredible.

As one of the main Mastodon developers, I can't promise you that Mastodon will be a complete and exact Twitter replacement for you, but it may fit your use-cases, at least it does for me.

Just keep in mind that it is not exactly the same thing, some core design decisions are different (there isn't an unique centrally-governed website, but many interconnected servers operated by different individuals and organizations) and thus the tradeoffs can be different as well.

While I personally don't think Mastodon should aim at being an exact replacement to Twitter, I do hope Mastodon can be useful to more people wanting an alternative to Twitter! And I know there are lots of room for improvement, on things we do know, and on things we don't.

Also keep in mind that Mastodon is developed by only two core developers payed through a non-profit funded through sponsorship, grants and donations, so please be patient!

Elixir has got to be my favorite language so far, second only to Forth which is an unobtainable beauty.

Now would be the prime time for any Mastodon admins with servers capable of accepting new users and scaling up to submit them to joinmastodon.org

More info: joinmastodon.org/covenant Shoot me an e-mail at hello@joinmastodon.org

The threshold for discoverability on Mastodon is pretty high, so be generous about boosting other people. Sometimes you're the signal, and sometimes you're the path the signal takes through the noise.

Damn I forgot how smooth Mastodon is as a piece of software. The team that's working on it is so very good.

I cant login to the webbrowser version of mastodon.social because it keeps redirecting?

> My biggest gripe with Rails is the magic it has. It's amazing for small projects but once you reach a certain size for the codebase, things go haywire.

I'm so tired of this cookie cutter opinion and I don't even use Rails anymore.

Every few minutes I feel an absolutely unfathomable amount of self-hatred.

Is there a desktop operating system that is just web pages? Like, entirely run in a browser engine. Has to be ChromeOS, right?

I'm just going to say it: mix has poor user interface design.

> provides an endpoint accepting POST or GET methods and returns data in either XML (/marketstat) or JSON (/marketstat/json)

Oh no...

Do I know anyone in the industry? Specifically digital content (more specifically foot-related)? I have a product idea I'm workshopping and I need some questions answered as part of my market research.

I'm looking to interview someone about their online sex worker profession. I am able to pay for their time answering my questions. If you know anyone I can reach out to, please let me know!

I have a small digital art project I would like to commission. It's a large color splash image for a web service I'm launching. If you or someone you know is available let me know please. I can put $100 towards this.

@mperham Has anyone talked to you about a "safe failure" list? AKA, "if a job is in this list it failed, but that's actually fine"

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