Seriously though the fact that Myron Marston isn't lionized actively boils me over. He has given so much to the Ruby community and half of them don't even realize it.

I posted it and it feels good. Three of those jacks had time to contribute and instead they're building some random ass cryptocoin thing.

Myron did such a beautiful job making vcr and all I'm doing is groundskeeping it, but lord this sent me over the edge.

I wrote a personal essay on federated social web meets the rogue archivists, the nuance and power of forgetting, and building social software around consent and archival resistance.

Did something stupid on the internet last night and now I just want to shrink away forever.

Capitalists: We had to write laws so they wouldn't make kids work in coal mines.

I've often dreamed of moving to northwest Canada and starting a farm. I wouldn't even need a house - I could sleep with the equipment and animals, as long as the building was nice enough.

It's never really been an attainable goal, though, so I've never really considered what I would do for a Klondike barn.


scientists: dinosaurs had feathers

jk rowling: -frowning- snape was Good, Actually

scientists: -bristling- velociraptors were very smol

jk rowling: -gets on a podium- Nagini was a Korean woman

scientists: -sweating- dinosaurs sounded like pussies!!

jk rowling: -yelling- DUMBLEDORE WAS A FUCKIN WEEB

IMO rails's before_action function is bad and should be removed.

welcome to the fediverse, where the people who say "yeehaw" are girls, but we don't call them "cowgirls" because that has a different meaning entirely

@mperham Hey, does faktory plan on having a middleware story? I quite like some of the sidekiq middleware I've written.

Hey #art people, just a quick recommendation: Go follow @SulaMoon, she's an amazing artist from Brazil and a lovely person I met last year at the THU festival in Malta.

I mean holy shit, she's worked for #Blizzard so expect some amazing posts! 😱

Go boost.

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #DigitalArt #DigitalPainting #painting #hearthstone #GameArt #illustration #ff #FollowRecommendation

Hello everyone :D I'm Ursula Dorada, I'm a freelancer illustrator and I am quickly falling in love with Mastodon!
Have this month quick art piece <3

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