Even experienced engineers can be enamoured by their own parlor tricks.

spider's human
spider's human
does whatever spider's and human's
emits a webs, of a size
picks up criminals, puts them down
look out!
there exists a spider's human

I'm always severely concerned when I hear somebody use a term like "SJW" or "political correctness" even if they say something agreeable. My first thought is still "who are you listening to? what are you reading?"

Warp into system 6BJD3PX-S complete.
We are hailed by a friendly Aleorot merchant vessel. They ask to exchange information. We accept.

Idea: Mastodon client with a content category selection for a post, where the category name becomes the content warning text. Might play around with this idea.

Today I learned that I'll be paying $3000/mth in alimony.

thinking about putting together a company that does those teamwork exercises and retreats or whatever for companies that can’t make their employees engaged or happy. all the paperwork and the pitch will be super appealing to the managers, but on the day of we separate the management and just give the employees a workshop on organizing a union.

Buttercup was in fact shaped for sportive tricks and also made to court an amorous looking-glass.

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I am of villain breed.

Doris decided to be adorable when there is perfect lighting in this room,

also in the second picture you can see how just one of doris's paws has half pink paw pads whereas the rest of them have black paw pads

#cats #mastocats #mastodev

PUBG but only Winchesters and revolvers, also bikes are horses and cars are wagons /cc @Gargron

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Can the whole competitive gaming community knock it off with the macho bullshit and be like this instead please

🐦🔗: twitter.com/SurlyNurseJoy/stat

PouchDB/CouchDB are incredible and you should experiment with them.

that's one dubstep for man, one big room house for mankind

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