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Kurtis Rainbolt-Greene @krainboltgreene@mastodon.social

Anyone yet made a "trending on mastodon" service yet?


- React+ApolloClient
- React+Redux
- Ember.js
- Cycle.js+Channel

Anyone searching for a #fp programmer with 8 years experience in Software Development #java #clojure #lisp #scheme

@annika I think what sets Discord a bit apart is that they are very good at hiding their business practices and design decisions behind memes, colourful animated graphics, and their overly colloquial (almost child-like) language.

They always act like they were some cool friend who graciously hosts a chat for you and not yet another data-eating startup by the guy who built OpenFeint.

My most recent libraries shipped are:

- jsonapi-realizer: turn jsonapi requests into models
- jsonapi-home: Automatically make your HTTP endpoints discoverable (currently rails only)
- smart_params: A better strong_params for growing applications (not rails specific)
- action_operator: A BPM style business logic interface

My boss said is "scary because it could be used [as a weapon] against men to destroy their career" in the lunch line. A fellow engineer followed up that (implying he agrees) some youtube dude said it's all for attention.

get me out

I am still not able to simply explain observables to everyday programmers in a way that doesn't have them looking at me weird.

mastodon.host is using a Javascript miner.

Well I'm glad to have my own instance.


That gross realization that revolution will not happen in my lifetime.

OMG somebody cool please make this instance and make it good and pure please

hey whats up im april! im an english gay trans girl and i love playing videogames and programming stuff. i use too many linux distros but i dont care. very glad to be here at last!!

Considering making some mastodon ecosystem tools this weekend.

1. Multi-instance search/recommended content
2. Mastodon -> Twitter