printer printer
out of ink?
telling lies?
open your cartridges
ha ha ha

@mperham Hey Mike, I'd love to follow you on Mastodon because we work on similar things and have similar goals, but I noticed you've blocked me on twitter. I might have done something assholish or maybe you used Randi Harper's block list, either way I apologize and I was wondering if I could follow you here? I won't bother you again if the answer is no.

RT The classroom I'm volunteering in still has technology textbooks from the 1980s in it. Is this not the most glorious stock photo of all time?


I got my proxy to manage its own cookies so I could log on to mastodon in IE 5.5 in windows 95... and got to a blank webpage because... oh right... it's entirely JavaScript™

However, I do also believe that if your code / work depends on assets and work that states that part of its agreement of use is to open / highlight its said usage in your work then you must do so.

I do believe that if you produce content that costs you money to produce that you should be entitled to sell it. Like video production work or even code.

@krainboltgreene There have been two patterns I've seen where MVs can be hugely advantageous. One is when you need data from disparate systems each with separate database instances and you need to be able to quickly and easily run queries with arbitrary combination of search predicates involving attributes that come from different databases. Localizing all of those attributes into a single MV avoids the problem of network latency and chatter.

What are the negative side effects of having a whole bunch of materialized views in postgres?

If I'm getting views of data from the origin database via couchdb replication to pouchdb, and therefor don't need to fetch data via http endpoints, what's the best way to communicate mutations to a server?

odata is fucking weird. The website is weird the syntax is weird and the specification is weird.

using mastodon dark mode on a tablet feels like the future; with wny luck the futue will jave smarter aitpcorrect

I'm a Ruby & JavaScript engineer with 10 years of experience doing all sorts of work, but with a focus on high performance rails applications and postgres usage. I'm also very good at building internal tooling (for engineers and operations teams). I live in Los Angeles, but I'm extremely open to remote work. I prefer companies with a process, where engineers work closely with product.

another bit from that same newsletter. i'm printing this shit out:

"You are going to take a breath, right now, and be where you are for a moment. And be aware that 2018 hasn't killed you, and if you can survive all this crap, you can actually survive anything. You cannot be killed by the bullshit of this world now. So take a breath. You've got this. Hold on tight."

First artpost! Not a recent work, but it's one of my most proudest work! A character of mine, a mascot in a way: Nekostar, the Starborn Feline.

Hey, if you're looking for a good engineering stream, professional web developer and aspiring game developer newnoiseworks ( is currently streaming some chill environment setup. He's good people.

@lolahunt Hey, love your work with Switter and Tryst. They're fantastic products! I was wondering, what is Tryst written in and do you plan on open sourcing it?

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