Is there a desktop operating system that is just web pages? Like, entirely run in a browser engine. Has to be ChromeOS, right?

I'm just going to say it: mix has poor user interface design.

> provides an endpoint accepting POST or GET methods and returns data in either XML (/marketstat) or JSON (/marketstat/json)

Oh no...

Do I know anyone in the industry? Specifically digital content (more specifically foot-related)? I have a product idea I'm workshopping and I need some questions answered as part of my market research.

I'm looking to interview someone about their online sex worker profession. I am able to pay for their time answering my questions. If you know anyone I can reach out to, please let me know!

I have a small digital art project I would like to commission. It's a large color splash image for a web service I'm launching. If you or someone you know is available let me know please. I can put $100 towards this.

@mperham Has anyone talked to you about a "safe failure" list? AKA, "if a job is in this list it failed, but that's actually fine"

I see no reason to do ruby again now that I've learned elixir.

2020 goals:

- A savings of any amount
- Working at a Co-Op
- 100lbs lighter
- A weekly workout routine
- In a new apartment
- Maybe dating again?

I’m convinced that y’all go blind trying to take pictures in direct sunlight. Like your boy can’t see. (

i think it was kind of dumb of karl marx to write a whole massive book when he could have just summed it up by saying "men are trash"

ML is mostly building giant lookup tables that weren't possible before due to space and processing costraints.

My experience so far. Don't @ me. Thanks.

How interested would y'all be in something like a hosted bats-core service? I find myself bundling it with projects enough that I'd probably build something like this if I weren't the only one using it to make the effort worth it lol

@mperham Hey, how's factory doing from a business venture? I haven't seen as much about it as I did for sidekiq.

To paraphrase @jalcine are you coding for people or your nerd friends.

You gotta make a choice.

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