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Kurtis Rainbolt-Greene @krainboltgreene

@typhlosion Well in that example you're evaluating `a` and the record at the same scope. In the js example I can actually evaluate `a` before the rest

@typhlosion In .js:

function f (x) {
const a = x + 1
return function (y) {
return function (z) {
return {x, y, z: a}

x ->
a: x + 1
y ->
z ->
{x, y, z: a}


What is line 3 called? Specifically when you have an expression in the non-last part of a curry'd function.

BTW I know a lot of here on here like interactive fiction, and a good number like lisp/scheme or are lisp-curious, so here's an interactive fiction game where you learn lisp with a genie tutor eblong.com/zarf/zweb/lists/

@Gargron Don't worry, my solution is to spend time tonight working on FOSS mastodon tooling :)

@KS Yeah, markup is also something I have to determine.

@SwooshyCueb I've been recently told that some instances have a 2,500 character limit haha.

@KS Huh. Would you want services to read the broadcast or use the broadcast to lookup the full body?

@SwooshyCueb Looks great! How does it support 500+ character mastodon posts? Couldn't see anything regarding this in the details.

@KS @bea @stitchxd wait wait wait, other instances only read N characters, or you only broadcast N characters?

@hellojed Tell them it's blocking you. That usually gets management running.

@bea ffffffff...okay, now I have to figure out how to make sidekiq do dynamic number of queues.

@Averly Well there's also the problem of handling 140+ characters.

@nex3 @LukasRos Yeah, that seems to be the general state of things. I'm going build something I think.

@Averly I tried the IFTT one and it justs posts on twitter "New status from Kurtis Rainbolt-Greene" haha.