Been writing a lot of tracker music lately ch-ch-ch-check it ouuuut:

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Found some toenails in my bellybutton today, they made the lint taste crunchy

New death metal band names: Unbaptizer, Scrotal Wrench, Fleshmallet, Foetal Stomp, Lobotomeat

Just found some Netscape navigator specific code in my company's application... This is the programmer equivalent of finding a car with a container for your horse's oats

Just saw Venom. Entered with low expectations, left with low morale.

Matt Groening's Disenchanted is a little disappointing, I was expecting wall to wall turbo yuks but instead only received sparse, mid-tier yuks. It only made me want more Korgoth of Barbaria

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wowee, hello new followers!

I've also dabbled in enamel pin design. I want to make more eventually, but here are the four that I made. You can still get them in my shop!

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