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Everything is a Fucking DNS problem, the release

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I'd avoid k3s/k8s 1.25 until this issue is fixed in k8s upstream github.com/k3s-io/k3s/issues/6 and amazing debugging @ekeih@twitter.com

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On my way to @blndevops@twitter.com .. it's been a while :)

People who put sustainability and blockchain in one sentence , which word are they not understanding ?

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Someone added me to a twitter list called Kubecon, so I feel obliged to post this photo of a Kubernete

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"Scaling Agile" almost always means "add bureaucracy to make this Agile thing look more like what we do now (and make sure middle managers keep their jobs)."

Doesn't work that way. Sorry.

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"We grew from 10 people to 20, but we are not twice as fast! We have the same team as 2 years ago, but it feels like we do less!"

Sounds familiar? Learn how to beat the curve, with @arjenderuiter@twitter.com, ex Bol.com, former @Sendcloud@twitter.com: devopsdays.org/events/2022-ein

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We're meeting up tonight, at the High Tech Campus, to talk about , , and , with guest speakers from AWS and Google: meetup.com/devops-eindhoven/ev

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The thing with an individual contribution based promotion system is that there is a strong incentive to bypass thankless, invisible, but essential 'glue work' in favour of flash 'high impact' development.

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Do you know if @GitHubCopilot@twitter.com can leak JSON key from private repositories? We have a strange feeling.

Our colleague @righelx@twitter.com is writing a new MISP application and copilot propose the exact good syntax from a MISP taxonomy which is not public.

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I replied to an email this morning saying "No, we are not interested in taking any part in your new venture using NFTs to fund OSS".

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The EPEL survey is still open for a few more days, through the end of this month. If you use or contribute to EPEL, please share your feedback. twitter.com/fedora/status/1555

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The Nomad engineering team at HashiCorp have a new opening; reach out if you're interested or have questions!


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Bonus points for people who within the hour of this tweet FORWARD me their spam ..

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