Movement Through Thought on #aNONradio starts in 30 minutes. It's live every Friday at 06:00 UTC.

A grab bag show tonight. I'll be playing tracks by Boris Divider, Decal, Mas 2008, Nullptr, and Overmono.

Listen at .

Deadlift training from today went better than expected. 465 x 3

Last night I heard an angel sing. ❤️
Massive Attack with Elizabeth Frasier - Teardrop

new TOOL album is out, how am I supposed to get any work done now??!!!!!

Currently enjoying @whoisgina's talk at DonutJS! (also, I just learned about the Wood Wide Web - yes a real thing)

Toilet and tub backed up, plumber on their way. Just how I wanted to spend my weekend. Ugh.

Went for a drive last night after dinner and found a field of sunflowers at West Union Gardens

Allergies have been so bad this season. Anyone else here in the Pacific Northwest experiencing the same?

Kid at the Max stop just ripped the most impressive belch I've heard in years, his mom is currently scolding him and I am laughing so hard I'm almost in tears.

Deadlift training from this morning. 455 lbs for a single. A bit slow but not terrible.

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