Had a perfect Father's Day today. Dawn and Ian took me to Lost Lake so we could sit with our feet in the water.

A nice, quiet dinner of meatballs and tots while my son and I watch one of our favorite architecture shows on Netflix. 😊❤️

Glad it is a little cooler than yesterday, but it was dang warm in the garage for squat training today

There is something wonderful about working from home, sitting on the couch, with music and the AC going.

Apples are looking good on the trees we planted last year, right after we bought our first home. We're really new to this and it's so cool to see it working! 🏡🍎😊

So happy to be back at Providence Park yesterday for the Portland Thorns home opener!!

So much yard work to do today but my allergies are already not great... Ugh

There is something super nice about working from home on a Friday.

Ever have one of those days where it seems like EVERYTHING is irritating..... Yep.

Made a new friend recently, and yesterday morning she invited us over to pick some plants from her garden - to share with us in ours. In the afternoon, we dug up what was essentially a mound of weeds, made a wall of cinder blocks, and planted the perennials. I think it turned out pretty well 😊

My favorite picture from Mother's Day last weekend ❤️❤️

Say hello to Telephant!

I've written a little Mastodon client for the Desktop - called Telephant - and am currently looking for beta testers!

Want to help out and don't mind compiling the app yourself? (Don't worry it's fairly straight forward and I've added detailed instructions to the README!)

Join me here:

Looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Platform built, rack bolted down, walls painted, ready to go with my garage gym! (bench shows up this week) - I've been working towards this for a while and am very happy 😀

Friday. Working from home, sitting on the couch, rockin some sweatpants, listening to Thievery Corporation. Life is good.

So this morning I found out that my gym has lost its lease and will be closing on the 13th. Memberships are moving to a place down the road, but luckily I'm almost done with building my garage gym! (good timing I guess)

Had such a nice and productive weekend. Got three varieties of Lingonberry bushes in the ground, and filled our first planter box with veggies. Excited to see how we do with it all this year 😊

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