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Hello Fediverse!

I am currently preparing material for my potential bachelor thesis in communication design. I'm looking for info on open source usage or workflow in the design industry (but basically everything none-Adobe). I know of David Revoy's book project and would love to hear about more experiences. If you have any yourself or any material at hand (blogs, videos, papers, etc.) I'd be happy if you could send it my way. 😊 ❤️

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The Isolator: A 1925 Helmet Designed to Eliminate Distractions & Increase Productivity (Created by SciFi Pioneer Hugo Gernsback) (I kind of want one)

Wow I love this: today is the launch of the e. e. cummings free poetry archive! A project that shows what we can do when works enter the public domain.


Behind the scenes notes: twitter.com/palewire/status/13

Stopped by my friend's urban farm Maker's Market today for a few more starters for the , some art for the house, and to drop off treats for the

Enjoying a nice day off today.
Took my son to get his 2nd vaccine shot, tried a new sandwich place in Portland, now spending some time in my garage gym. Then I get to relax and water our garden. 😊

A character commission for Adeon I just finished. Ink, on 6x6 watercolor paper.

Non-human character requests are rly my favorite, so fun~

Each day I work at home, I take a little walk around our . I'm so grateful to have this space.

2nd vaccine shot yesterday. Overall just kind of tired/relaxed today - but my arm is sore; much more than the first shot. It's sore in an odd place too. First shot was a little sore for a couple hours where they injected. This time it's sore underneath my arm.

Went to water and check out the today; happy to see our broccoli seeds are waking up 🥦😀

Sitting in the office at home, I hear this weird commotion banging around outside. I look out the side window nearest where the sound is, and nothing. I go to the back door with a window, and see this goofy squirrel jump over to the garden shed and look around. Silly little agents of chaos.

MTT 217 / Short Waves

90 and 100 BPM business. Ambient, downtempo, electro, dubby stuff. I felt like hearing some old '90s tracks and relaxing a bit.

This mix features music by Apologist, FSOL, Global Communication, Paul Blackford, and more.

The weather has been so nice these past few days.

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