Such a fantastic game today from our Portland Thorns 🌹⚽😁

'Blade Runner: The Final Cut' on the big screen tonight!

I should add a caveat - this is our first time making it so I'll let you know if it's good in about a week 🤔

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First time making zucchini kraut. Pretty simple; grated zucchini, put in half cup, sprinkle salt, repeat. Sit at room temperature and as it ferments, burp the container, then it will be ready to eat in 5-7 days.

Commemorate the end of our year-long 30th anniversary celebration by grabbing one of our retro-style t-shirts that honor EFF co-founder and Grateful Dead lyricist, John Perry Barlow.

Working from home has, overall, been pretty wonderful. I especially enjoy mornings like today when I can have the windows open, a cool breeze blowing, and I get to hear a bunch of crows outside plotting their day.

Last night's Portland Thorns game was pretty great 🌹😊

It's a good night for a Portland Thorns game 🌹😊

Looking forward to tomorrow. I have a friend coming over to hang out and train together in the . Told him I'd help him figure out his 1RM - he asked me to promise not to kill him too much. 😈 lol

Upgraded to 89 yesterday & it turns out, they've decided to ruin Tabs. I literally could barely read them as they're now essentially icons/buttons instead of clearly defined tabs with distinct separation between each. Luckily though, I've found you can disable proton (for now) but if this is the future of the product, I'll have to start looking for a replacement browser.

this afternoon's soundtrack
-999999999 @ Soenda Indoor Festival 2020 (full set)-

django hiring post, boosts welcome 

🚀 Alright fedi gang, do your magic please. 😊 Looking for a junior #Django dev in the UTC+05:00 to UTC+08:00 timezone. At least 6 months of experience; ideally a year.

The company is a small business, and isn't a total dumpster fire as far as treating you goes (yay). I was quite pleasantly surprised, in fact. Fully remote (the whole team is!). Full time: 40 hours per week spread over Mon-Fri.

Project is ~2 months in and a standard Django thingy.

You'll work with me. Feel free to check my site ( to get a sense of who I am. Happy to help you throughout your onboarding and beyond.

If you have any questions, get in touch with me:

Apply here:

Time for hash-tag spam, which I know doesn't quite work on fedi, but we're also kinda hoping it does. Overlook, please. 🙃

#boostwelcome #boostswelcome #hiring #python #india #philippines #southasia #southeastasia #remotejobs #remotejob

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