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On behalf of the community that has long been saying that is fundamentally incompatible with democracy and a graver national security threat than terrorism, I'd like to say:

We fucking told you so!

influence campaigns

family / culture wars

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We hope that Congress asks Barr about whether he still thinks it's legal for the government to engage in mass surveillance of innocent people's communications.

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Although much of the program architected by Barr was deemed illegal by the Justice Department, it continued for decades. In 2015, we sued to stop to make sure the program had ceased and its records were destroyed.

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As AG in '92, Barr approved a DEA surveillance program to collect records of all US phone calls to a long list of foreign countries. The "collect it all" approach laid the groundwork for the NSA's mass phone record surveillance program revealed by @snowden

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So close! We want to raise $5k today, and we just hit $4k -- thank you!

The Tor onion has now made its way from North America to Oceania 🌏

We have just under 3 hours to raise $1k more, and we'll release a surprise!

Help make it happen:

Awesome tool that makes it simple for anyone to set up their own secure VPN (WireGuard, OpenConnect, OpenSSH, OpenVPN, Shadowsocks, sslh, Stunnel, or Tor) service in the cloud.

Natively supports the creation of new servers at Amazon EC2, Azure, DigitalOcean, Google Compute Engine, Linode, and Rackspace.

So basically using the Amazon EC2 free tier, anyone can have their own free personal VPN service in less than 10 min with a simple guided click-through install.

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Google's engineering-led management decided to step back from the Chinese market a decade ago because of human rights concerns. We hoped its CEO would show the same bravery in coming clean about Project Dragonfly to Congress today.

Solon (c. 600 BC) talking about Trump. Probably.

[Actually it's Solon frag. 4 as quoted by Demosthenes (David Mulroy trans.)--Solon is describing the conditions of Athens before his reforms. Corruption, conspiracies, criminal greed, and rampant injustice--some things never change.]

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When you have startup culture glorifying quotes like "Don't ask for permission, ask for forgiveness" and printing them in massive fonts on walls, you don't have to be surprised there is a lot of apologizing ...

Just a reminder that you should be backing up important data regularly. For truly secure off-site backups I'd recommend . It's client side encrypted, the client is open source, and it's *dirt cheap*. In fact it goes out of its way to save you money--deduplication, compression, and incremental updating are all built in.

(This is mostly a self reminder, since I always forget the name of this service when discussing backup solutions with people)

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RT Yesterday, Doug Ford Conservatives voted down an NDP motion to give cancer patients coverage for their take-home cancer medications. PC arguments against coverage included this PC MPP comparing cancer patients to spoiled children.


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Black Friday Weekend has started: Get Tutanota Premium or Pro 5 months for free! 😀👍🍾

has a new release (v.1.4.0) that adds Dokany and FUSE support (instead of WebDAV). Yay!

Remember to download Cryptomator from their GitHub or Bintray sites, since the main site doesn't offer links to PGP sig files.

If you don't know what Cryptomator is, it is free open source software for encrypting your cloud storage, so Google/Dropbox/etc can't snoop on your data. With clients for Windows/Mac/Linux/Android/iOS it really is *ESSENTIAL* / software.

Hadn't checked the @Tutanota mobile app in while. Seems that the app now supports , is , and available through F-droid. Nice!

€12/year to get more aliases and custom domain support. I prefer for managing custom domain emails, but will gladly pay €1/month as gesture of support for companies that respect privacy.

Ugh. That Comodo DV cert though.

Your apathy is not an accident.

Make sure to today, everyone in the US 🇺🇸.

Hmm. Swedish kids are taught about on milk cartons, while the prevailing US dogma is that regular people are too stupid to understand security and security products/options have to be dumbed down enough to accommodate this unfixable reality. A self-fulfiilling prophesy of dumb.

Stop teaching kids outdated subjects like geography and instead teach computer security and programming in grade school as the essential life skills they are.

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Life + 70 years is already an overlong copyright term that suppresses creativity. Forcing it on other countries through trade agreements is a big mistake. uses domain validation certs and doesn't provide pgp signatures for releases...cuz getting a fresh copy of from a naked internet connection after your firewall upgrade fails should be as sketchy a process as possible, apparently.

Thanks for the final impetus to move to for good.

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Wait, what. introduces its own onion service and it doesn't look terribly bad:

Also of note, HTTP Alternative Services now supported by the Tor Browser:

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