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Go enable "Strict Site Isolation" isolation in Chrome. Causes chrome to load each site in it's own process so it's much more difficult to steal data from another site using .

Especially necessary for people with older processors, who aren't getting any firmware updates.

Can't exploit if your ADD/ADHD means you're only spending a few minutes on any given page.

( leaks information so slow it probably takes ~15-20 min to get usable amounts of memory)

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I wrote a ranty post about Apple’s move to host iCloud data on the Chinese mainland, and what it means for iCloud encryption and key management. blog.cryptographyengineering.c

Looks like Steve Gibson has made a handy little Windows utility called to check your vulnerability to Meltdown/Spectre.

Good updated guide to disabling Intel ME using ME_Cleaner (you need a raspberry pi, soic clip, and female-female wire connectors (the shorter the better).

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Here’s an idea: how about a law that mandates that an open domain name registry, free for all citizens, is included in every ISP’s DNS settings by default, alongside InterNIC.

Oh, and look, someone already built it even:

This one little change could do wonders for individual sovereignty and decentralisation on the Internet.

It could do for owning your own online identity what Let’s Encrypt did for democratising secure web sites.

#commons #eu

Nice. Looks like @jedisct1 re-wrote proxy in Go. So much for DNSCrypt being dead.

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Since so many relays run on VPS's, I'm guessing that a lot of relay private keys have been compromised using . Probably a good idea to stay off until servers are patched and relays re-key.

2018 ain't fooling around.

GIMPS Project Discovers Largest Known Prime Number -

Crypto is hard: a decryption attack that is actually faster than decryption using the key. 😂

While there are a lot of reasons that lead to monopolization in the processor space (including ludicrous fabrication costs)--we really need to start thinking seriously about patent reform.

Do 20 year patent terms make sense in areas where technology advances so quickly?

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This whole thing seems to need a better hashtag than .