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When online platforms over-censor, marginalized communities are often the first people silenced. We must stop FOSTA.

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The Internet lost a hero today. EFF is mourning the loss of our visionary co-founder, John Perry Barlow.

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“In a new project, the RSA and DeepMind are creating space for citizens to consider trade-offs in the use of AI” (

Here’s the letter I sent the RSA, both as a fellow and as someone who has presented an RSA talk on the subject, on how their partnership with Google/DeepMind/Alphabet, Inc. and this framing legitimises the false dichotomy at the heart of #SurveillanceCapitalism that there is a necessary tradeoff between modern technology and #privacy.

"Weasels and liars never hold the field"

A good day to show your support for the which, despite its many faults, remains an institution of integrity.

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A good reminder that your phone is not (a should never be) considered a secure device.

Nothing is more infuriating than politicians and their lack of understanding what is truly at stake in today's trade deals.

We need to reform our IP laws, not yoke ourselves to them for generations though unalterable trade deals because some multinational corporations are terrified by emerging economies and want to lock in winners and losers now.

Been looking at and it's pretty terrible from a security and privacy standpoint (suspect you could even use it to de-anonymize networks like ).

Probably time to switch to a local GPS-based clock and to sync my network.

DNSCrypt, DNS-over-TLS, DNS-over-DTLS, DNS-over-HTTPS, DNS-over-QUIC, DNS-over-Opportunistic IPSEC ...

JFC. This is why everyone hates DNS.

Anyway, if you're interested in keeping up with DNS privacy protocols, I found this video that provides a nice overview.

Interesting and terrifying CBC story on a secure messenger app 'trap' used by the Turkish government to identify dissidents--leading to thousands being falsely charged for terrorism.

Unfortunately, a huge part of the world is dissuaded from using actually secure vetted messengers (like , , ) because of their distrust of the West. It's the same idiocy which drives the use of (in countries like Iran and Russia that need it most).

Go enable "Strict Site Isolation" isolation in Chrome. Causes chrome to load each site in it's own process so it's much more difficult to steal data from another site using .

Especially necessary for people with older processors, who aren't getting any firmware updates.

Can't exploit if your ADD/ADHD means you're only spending a few minutes on any given page.

( leaks information so slow it probably takes ~15-20 min to get usable amounts of memory)

Looks like Steve Gibson has made a handy little Windows utility called to check your vulnerability to Meltdown/Spectre.

Good updated guide to disabling Intel ME using ME_Cleaner (you need a raspberry pi, soic clip, and female-female wire connectors (the shorter the better).

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Here’s an idea: how about a law that mandates that an open domain name registry, free for all citizens, is included in every ISP’s DNS settings by default, alongside InterNIC.

Oh, and look, someone already built it even:

This one little change could do wonders for individual sovereignty and decentralisation on the Internet.

It could do for owning your own online identity what Let’s Encrypt did for democratising secure web sites.

#commons #eu

Nice. Looks like @jedisct1 re-wrote proxy in Go. So much for DNSCrypt being dead.