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Checkers Lad Appreciator

Technically, the fact that my roguelike doesn't clear the screen when you return to the main menu is a bug, but you know what? I'm keeping it.

We can all agree this is the world's best import statement, right?

My senior project is coming along nicely. Don't have everything implemented just yet, but also I started work on it a few days ago so that's to be expected.

Hey, I know y'all hate shitbird (if you didn't, you'd be on shitbird instead of here) but I typed up something really long on there and I don't want to go to the effort of copying it over. Could any of you who care about roguelikes please read the ideas in the linked tweet and then give me feedback here?

It's official, I'm Disruptive now. (This is actual feedback from a professor.)

Dad sent me a picture of his new dogs, and they're really cute.

Are you allowed to sue your professor for being a liar?

My homestuck cultist friend hates Funko Pops with a passion, and now that VIZ owns homestuck I hope that one day, she has to look into the dark, soulless eyes of a homestuck funko pop, thinking "This is my fault. I could have stopped this, if I had just liked Homestuck less."

@Shotagonist if i ask nicely and promise to be good can I come back to your discord server?

One thing I really love about Penny's meguka game is how much fun tormenting the guy who obviously has a crush on my character is
*Makoto gives Francis a big hug* "Thanks for being there for me Francis. You'll always be my best friend." This is obviously eating up Francis on the inside, it's hilarious. Makoto doesn't know of course, he thinks Francis is straight. (They've been in the same club for 3 years, and they've been the only members for 2. Makoto figures he'd've said something by now.)

@Shotagonist hey, question. When someone says a person is valid, as in "X is valid," what does that actually mean? I'm considering adding it to a twitter bot that says nice things to people but like, I don't know what it means and I figure I should figure that out before I put it in a bot lol

I finished making that bot. Really wish I knew how to port my twitter bots over to mastodon.

I am kinda tired of having to constantly remind depressed and dysphoric friends that they're cute, good, etc, so I am making a twitter bot to automate the process

@Jo hey, you like old computer stuff, right? Shovel Knight guys did an april fools joke I thought you'd apreciate

@Jo hey, reminder that we have a game today cuz we skipped last week

Sorry to share screenshots from the hellsite, but I figured I should inform you that somehow, I'm not the only person this has happened to.

"Anime gave me an eating disorder" sounds like a bad parody of shitty tabloid titles and yet I some how managed to conjure up one via my desire to look like an anime boy
The worst bit is I know damn well that even if only eating 1-2 meals a day was in fact capable of magically giving me exactly the body shape I want it still wouldn't matter because it wouldn't do anything about the dumpster fire that is my face

Okay so someone on twitter was asking people to share childhood anecdotes that say a lot about them. Anyway, I figured I'd share mine with y'all too.
When I was like, five, I loudly declared my atheism in the middle of high mass.