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Checkers Lad Appreciator

Does this count as fanart for my shadowrun game? Either way, I'm happy that @Jo made it

Okay, so when I taught my discord friends how to fake screenshots, I was expecting some mockery, but what I wasn't expecting was this level of slander! Seriously, look at this shit they made it look like I said! They're fucking monsters.

Here, a tutorial on how to fake receipts. Yes, I realize it's on hellbird, but porting it over here would require way too much effort.

I recently remembered that I used to be a tsundere and it amuses me to no end.

There was this boy named Griffin who, looking back at it now, I'm fairly certain I had fallen for. But back then I didn't realize I was into dudes, and even though we were best friends I would bully him to no end.

Last night I taught my discord friends how to fake receipts and I'm disappointed with how tame they were given the kinda shit I was posting

I feel bad about liking Kokichi so much cuz the character designer for v3 described him as a shota and it makes me feel a bit like a scumbag pedo or something, but it's not his appearance I like him for. It's his personality. I love Oma's evil yet childish nature. I love his constant lying. And I'd still love him if he looked like literally any of the other men in the game. (Even Gonta, although at that point it'd be platonic love lol.)
Doesn't make me feel less scummy though.

we are now arguing consequentialism vs deontology for the meguka game, which I was not exactly expecting

bluh, I want to make a "the virgin latin and the chad greek" thing but I don't know how to draw a toga

The magical girl game tonight is going well. Makoto gets to fight his own inner demons! They look suspiciously like his stalker dressed up as the Phantom of the Opera.

I just realized I never shared the picture I comissioned of my character in that depressing meguka game with y'all. Here's Makoto. He's had a very bad couple of weeks.

A shadowrun based on equal parts Danganronpa and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: good idea, or best idea?

However, I don't really have any clue as to what his idea of a hero should be other than "able to murder people without feeling bad" and "never cries" so I was hoping some of y'all could help me come up with some more "hero" traits that like, are toxic in some way

Mind if I ask y'all for some help with a RPG character? Okay, so, part of the thing I've got going with my character in the depressing meguka game is that his idea of heroism is very wrapped up in toxic masculinity, and he hates himself for not living up to what he thinks a hero should be.

Game: Hey, to our 60 dollar base game, we give you DLC that costs ~10-15$ each

Game: We're a TCG and our competitive decks usually cost you 100s of dollars each.
Gamers: That sounds like a fair business model.

I made this very sensible diagram to explain what my character in that depressing meguka game thinks is going on. I only wish I had corkboard, string, and thumbtacks so I could do this properly.

Upside of playing a character who is in a semi-constant state of disassociation in an online ttrpg: lots of time to check on other things.