Because cassette hubs are asymmetrical to accomodate the cassette, they have uneven tension between the drive side and non drive side, and of course they're subjected to much more force than front wheels.

the wheel I just built might also break upon use -- it's a beefy rim and a ton of spokes, so hopefully not. But I haven't made a cassette wheel before, only symmetrical ones (front or single-speed)

fairly sure if I rode a bike like that (thin-wall tubing) it would just snap : )

I should get involved with one of the local community workshops maybe but having a job already maxes out my capacity for recurring responsibilities

It’s too bad I can’t teleport around the country to help friendos with bike tasks

Sword hangover tarot dude but make it wheels

Me: Wheel building is fun l, I should build more wheels
Me: Not sure what I would do with more wheels though

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reminder that ramadan begins may 5th and runs until june 4th this year, please be proactive about tagging food for your muslim followers who will be observing :)

Mission accomplished! Now, fingers crossed, I can build my rear wheel. : )

BTW I got the front brake to stop squealing by swapping the pads and cleaning the rim. Thank goodness b/c it was honestly embarrassing whenever I had to make a fast stop.

Multimodal-ing it to Rivendell to exchange the hub that was mis-shipped (Not their error, the wrong hub was drop shipped from the manufacturer)

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also, one unexpected side benefit of dynamo hubs: the "notchy" resistance of the magnets makes them easier to true b/c the wheel doesn't move around making you lose track of which spoke you were on

It's cool to have a bike and be able to go places while also making my own electricity if I want

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