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If you have time to brand the vulnerability you found, then you have time to notify every single vendor that could be impacted.

@pkubaj really at this point we should just have an .attack TLD managed by Mitre...

...and so on.

I think it’s important to quit framing Mastodon as a Twitter replacement. They both have different uses!

Mastodon’s where you go to build/find community in a decentralized space, while Twitter’s where you go to emulate the feeling of sticking your head into a boiling vat of cooking oil.

Alleged new speculative execution attack "under embargo":


Please don't get me started on this silly vulnerability naming trend… Clearly someone has decided that anything "speculative execution" must have a James Bond theme.

“A man who has to be punctually at a certain place at five o’clock has the whole afternoon ruined for him already.” — Lin Yutang

Yet another branded and embargoed vulnerability that leaves tons of people out in the cold without protection.

I wonder who the favorite vendors getting notified this round is. I guess whomever paid the researcher the most?

At this point, I'm going to consider embargoes as yet another form of extortion.


Nintendo Labo had me at allowing me to rampage as a giant robot through a virtual world.


Nasrudin walked into a teahouse and declaimed, "The moon is more useful
than the sun."
"Why?", he was asked.
"Because at night we need the light more."

( thanks again #fortune -s .. I do so love you <3 )

An account for a somewhat imaginary conference celebrating the venerable standard $EDITOR, ed(1)

A bit of affected gray-beard nostalgia, occasional tips & tricks for using ed(1), and the occasional spew of shares/links when found.


You all can stop trying, some random person near my office came up the definitive #WiFi #SSID three years ago cybre.space/media/-zloJtNLVb9r

Hawaii now say the screenshot of emergency warnings they distributed wasn't the real menu, but they can't show the real one because heckers might heck into it and heck it all up.


The mockup of the 'real' one (real fake image on left, fake real image on right) doesn't look much better though.

mastodon.social/media/09KE7x4Z mastodon.social/media/5eoTtTl9


#UNIX user since late 80s, #BSD #sysadmin since 1995.

Fat. Not nearly as fat as I was, but fat. Lost weight through #martialarts at zenmartialarts.com/, since 2001.

I write thrillers, SF, and mysteries: michaelwarrenlucas.com.

I write tech books on BSD, ZFS, networking, SSH. michaelwlucas.com

I practice the infernal black magic of Pluggable Authentication Modules--no, wait, that's a tech book, sorry.

Bio: mwl.io.

> every library should have a good science fiction and fantasy section

> Predictable Success
> JavaScript: The Good Parts
> Flawless Consulting
> Effective XML
> Real World Haskell

https://twitter.com/adamjogrady/status/952784870081572864 https://social.heldscal.la/attachment/1230330

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I think time forgot this laundromat but it kind of works for me.

For literally every nyc resident: get free things with NYC ID! Also, join a friggin' credit union; they're infinitely better for our communities than banks, and many (such as LES People's) allow you to withdraw cash for free from ATMs in McDonald's and 7-11's across the country.
#nyc #creditunion #nycid


This is a pharmacy receipt and I think about it a lot.