A couple examples are 1) finding computational architectures that don't require as much switching as instruction driven CPU do, and 2) adaptive JIT compilation techniques that can predicate function calls using runtime data to dispatch to optimized implementations.

The only way to get better general purpose serial performance from computers given the same design input (program in a particular language) will be through architecture and toolchain that understands information and entropy.

Rocking the they/them ribbon. Fwiw.

Would like to have one with what I really have but I think this would be interpreted as sarcastic.

It should not be called unpacking; it should be called rehashing all your stuff.

Very high entropy in my computer stuff too. I think it is just that even in a professional capacity I have never been one to do a lot of personal workspace setup.

If anyone has advice on what to do tomorrow in and around Duluth let me know! Probably gonna drive North along the shore then check out the bridge. I saw it last nearly 20 years ago.

US 23 is sure a bigger deal than it was 20 and even 10 years ago.

But I am happy the Arborland sign is still there.

Well, bye bye Chipzilla!

It's such a weird, detached feeling.

Interesting upcoming problem: finding a social life in a new city as a middle aged agender anthro robot donkey. Like, I don't think Tindr or Grindr or Whatevr have much of that.

And I don't want to be a Unitarian.

Today is my penultimate day at work at this job I have been annoyed by for nearly three years...

People at the weed store apparently have never heard of a weed or even for that matter the idea of buying things. Why does it take ten minutes for each person?

Headers that need to be included in a certain order. No. Bad.

I wish it were weezilbot packing up my apartment and not me.

Basically any time you give a present to a cop group it becomes tribute.

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