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My favorite quote from the weekend, after giving someone an introductory lockpicking lesson: "given you could just brick a window or pry one open, I guess that means lockpicks are for honest people who don't have a key" 😅👌.

Oop, also new shiney. (Ryzen 7 3700x, 64GB ram, 1TB pcie 4 SSD. Is new VM box, so has some shitty video card I got from a guy at the pub :P)

therapist: and what do we do when we feel sad
me: spend money on lewd furry arts.
therapist: No.

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w....what if....


we...touched tails?

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Just some of what it takes to make a simple web app secure - @kirkj@twitter.com

And, he acknowledges this isn’t everything. @securityacnz@twitter.com

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The tldr; slide from my @securityacnz@twitter.com talk tomorrow:

Be gay, do space crime.
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NEW: A decorated astronaut's bitter divorce battle on Earth has spawned an accusation that she committed a crime on the International Space Station earlier this year. nytimes.com/2019/08/23/us/nasa

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FNT starts now! Join us live for awesome tunage.

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There's also a backdoor the Fortigate SSL VPN appliance where there's a forms parameter called "magic" which allows anybody to reset any user's password remotely, as seen in the GIF below. These are our SECURITY vendors. twitter.com/codewhitesec/statu

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It's lady @kyhwana doing QUESTIONABLE things.

I mean being a computer wizard.



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The Emotet botnet appears to be resuming activity and sending out modules again. Thanks to @devnullnoop@twitter.com for the heads up! twitter.com/devnullnoop/status

Oh, anyone playing the Pokemon gos: 1945 7569 6180

Grrr, really fucks me off when I ask for logs when trying to troubleshoot an issue but people refuse to even consider it (or looking on their end) because they INSIST it must be <other thing>. I'm trying to do troubleshooting and shit here, but nooo

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I'm in a long-term same-sex relationship. I'm married to my now-husband.

Today I had to rule out travelling to a country that doesn't recognise same-sex relationships, as part of a work trip. My colleagues were supportive (🎉), but I thought I should share some background.

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