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There's a lot going on in this story.

A man who was locked in a cage with nothing to do wanted to smoke something to pass the time. I'll note here that locking people in cages is an excellent way to build drug addictions.


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New Zealand's latest 'Terrorism Suppression' bill allows authorities to deem you a terrorist 'on the balance of probability' w/o showing you evidence, then control your work/finances/movements/net access & prevent you telling ppl its happening


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So apparently NordVPN was compromised at some point. Their (expired) private keys have been leaked, meaning anyone can just set up a server with those keys...

I did a gist on how to automagically spin up a Windows 10 Sandbox VM (requires Pro/Ent 1903+) with Ghidra gist.github.com/kyhwana/9f70a9
(The windows 10 sandbox VMs are ephemeral, but you can launch them via a configuration file that can set stuff up inside them)

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One year ago today we opened doors and to celebrate, we're running a raffle! RT to enter-- and the winner will receive a commission up to $100 in value from any available artist on the site!

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you: we should ally with cops over our mutual self-interest because after all they are workers too

cops: twitter.com/Breakaway_chi/stat

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PSA: If you are uncomfortable using a public bathroom with anyone whose genital history and configuration you are uncomfortable with you need to limit yourself to single stall bathrooms. twitter.com/_sagesharp_/status

Ah yes, typical pigs doing their typical piggy things.
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Friendly police officers talking to a girl in Catalonia.

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Turns out the report regarding WannaCry spread on Victorian Speed Cameras is public - it's a half decent read on a lazy Saturday.


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Here are some resources re my talk at @kawaiiconNZ@twitter.com✨:
- RDP Fingerprinting: medium.com/@0x4d31/rdp-client-
- FATT; my py script for extracting fingerprints from pcap or live traffic: github.com/0x4D31/fatt
- Tweet coverage of the talk: twitter.com/jpdanner/status/11

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We forgot to mention: all our speakers are going to have a fancy schmancy copy of their talks. The powers of live editing! Follow them and they just may post copies of their talk ✨online✨.

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“The people with the most knowledge of your systems are the ones who suffer the most” — @Fobski@twitter.com on coping with post breach situations.

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