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"Ahh, Lord Featherington, lovely to see you as always. How might I be of assistance today?"

"Well doctor, I'm having a bit of trouble with the ol' Boris Johnson."

"I see, and what's Boris up to these days?"

"Having some difficulty with the, ahh, 'Hard Brexit' as it were."

Faith, is in fact, not evidence. Faith should not "fit into Parliament"
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Simon asks Alfred Ngaro how faith fits into Parliament where decision making is based on evidence, he responds that "faith is evidence as well"

Hmm, anyone know anyone that's looking for SOC engineering/analysis roles in Wellington NZ? (as in my work is looking for people)

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TIL that the classic NZ school ruler is used on the international space station. This exact ruler has been in my pencil case since kindergarten~
Image credit to Don Petit, and @smartereveryday@twitter.com

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We developed Windows Defender Application Guard extensions for Chrome and Firefox, now generally available, to allow customers to integrate hardware-based isolation with these browsers, providing comprehensive solution for isolating browser-based attacks microsoft.com/security/blog/20

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Attention maintainers!
Maintainer Security Advisories are here to make your life easier and code more secure.

Disclose, resolve, and publish security patches—all without leaving GitHub.

What do people use for email monitoring? Delivery + reciept? (Can I deliver mail to <x> thing I run and then check <x> to see if the email is readable by end user)

When all three of your monitors at work have 3 different remote desktops (some several deep), you know it's going to be a good^Wbad day..

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Furry culture is promising your friends that if you ever became a werewolf you'd bite them.

Anyone else in Wellington been having Internet's (ufb) issues since 2:30pm today? Where you can (sometimes) complete DNS queries and get ICMP packets out/back (with some loss depending)? A HTTPS handshake won't complete. Sometimes SSH will get to keyex, other times Nada.

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tech companies don't provide "burnout leave" of course, so these people are on disability leave at reduced pay

for damage incurred while working for said companies


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Another LPE exploit posted by SandboxEscaper github.com/SandboxEscaper/pola

".. Oh and I have 4 more unpatched bugs where that one came from.
3 LPEs (all gaining code exec as system, not lame delete bugs or whatever), and one sandbox escape."

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Piece from @ninetonoon@twitter.com on hearing loss and health outcomes in young people who use headphones 🎧 every 🎧 day.
There is also a generation of workers who are increasingly expected to spend their working lives hooked up to headphones to get work done. 🤨


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Straight people don't have a pride month because they don't have to see a whole ass state refuse to air an episode of a fucking cartoon where a rat man gets married to another dude and wonder if their right to get married will be revoked some day soon.

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Us: Ok, but the best mitigation for most security issues isn't actually a new shiny solution, it's 2FA. Plain old 2FA. Yup, 2FA. cert.govt.nz/businesses-and-in

Well, except I guess for my first Real tech job, but they were friends that I knew before I started at said job.

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