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James Acaster: Repertoire comedy special is brilliant.

I've had "boil the jug" stuck in my head for months now.

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If you put a computer in charge of solving some decision-making problem, keep in mind that computers can't make decisions.

You are actually putting programmers in charge.

And if that doesn't terrify you, go ask a programmer how much they trust software.

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google gaslighting 

I'm really getting quite tired of Google gaslighting people about the direction Chrome is going in the past years.

"You're hysterical if you abscribe any monopolistic intent to these changes! This is _clearly_ being done for security reasons! Those extensions are risky! Performance is a concern!"

Meanwhile Alphabet directly mentions the risk from ad-blockers to their revenue in their SEC filings.

It's one thing to be monopolistic and another to gaslight people about it.

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Is there a fediverse newsletter or long-form blog about news?

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There are only 14 possible calendar configurations. You can reuse your 2013 calendar in 2019.

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pitch: a Mastodon/Pleroma frontend trick that makes your posts show up in the timeline on your end immediately, but not send out to the server for a configurable delay (maybe 20s by default) so that if you decide to delete them before that interval expires, they're never even sent to the server at all and have no chance of escaping into the wilds of the fediverse

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Five morning rituals to increase productivity:

1) Face North, thrice chant "inbox zero"
2) Face South, thrice chant "bullet journal"
3) Face East, thrice chant "pomodoro"
4) Face West, thrice chant "soylent"
5) Throw your head back to the sky and roar "PRODUCTIVITY"

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After they had saved world, the heroes looked at each other.
"Well done!" one of them said. "Let's save it again tomorrow."
"But..." said a new hero, "we just saved the world."
"And tomorrow, all of us will do it again."
"Every day," said a third, "as much as we can."
All nodded.

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My feature list:
☞ Unified inbox (combine TLs from multiple accounts)
☞ Pinnable searches with notifications
☞ Support for showing threads inside the TL

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Any suggestions for an email provider? I rely heavily on catch-all domains, which Dreamhost is dropping soon, so I need to move elsewhere.


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