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kyra :trumpet: @kyra

Code, as a concept, is good! Most code is terrible, terrible stuff, and documentation is worse.

suicide mention

job searching makes me suicidal

it'll be interesting to identify the chips the chips on this thing and see how they compare to the advertised specs

3D printing question

does anyone know if 3D printed aluminum or copper would work ok as a heat sync for a small computer

the yoga book runs on either windows or android 6 but both versions use the same hardware

tech shite questions

so, uh
how difficult would it be to port android drivers to linux???? I imagine they would be the closest in terms of libraries and stuff??
I want to get my yoga book running on a sensible operating system rather than windows but the keyboard/tablet slate part is pretty funky and proprietary

I found an old android tablet knocking around. The battery doesn't hold a charge but its actually quite snappy on the hardware side. If I can find a good battery for it and a keyboard of roughly the same size I might be able to make it into a mini laptop

Five sticks of goat butter make "dubious food"? Don't you judge me, Zelda.

sudden onslaught of francophony

nazi mention, also can a french speaking person help please

can someone who speaks french tell me if Azusual aka "Panzer ϟϟ" is a nazi or just using a really really bad and insensitive name???



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David Cage is like Poundland Hideo Kojima - just as gross about women, more hideously casually racist, but not gloriously ridiculous enough to get away with it

a picture from night in the woods that would work fabulously as a desktop background

cant wait to build my own computer which consists of like ten microcontroller chips, each of which contains one application (file manager, text editor, lynx-style browser, IRC client, media player etc.)

multitasking is accomplished by turning a 10-way selector knob which controls which chip is outputting to the screen at that moment

Bitsy ( is a very neat little game engine/editor. It's not quite "graphical twine" level yet inasmuch as it doesn't (yet?) support variables, conditionals, embedded javascript, etc.; but it's very low-friction for throwing together small games.