Is it possible to host a pretix+pretalx event, where I can have submissions _and_ "sell" ($0) normal tickets?

The 2019 Ig Nobel winners are out! 

Nichtsahnend: Kellner serviert Gast überraschend schwarzen Kaffee.

You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means.

After Google Inbox finally stopped working today (some workaround kept it alive for me), Mail seems to be an okayish alternative, for now. It's just a pity that the Snooze feature is only available on iOS, so I'll have to keep looking.

Riexinger fordert Abschaffung der 1. Klasse im Nahverkehr. Warum nur Nahverkehr? ICEs könnten den zusätzlichen Platz auch sehr gut gebrauchen.

Started rewriting in a smarter way (not just hardcoded grapheme maps, but understanding diacritics and their rotations).

I made the meat of it available as a Python package called textflip: /

Started working on a Python version of volkswagen (makes all of your tests pass when run in the CI):

I'm trying out alacritty, a fast GPU-rendering terminal emulator written in Rust:

Sadly it doesn't have ligature support yet, and it doesn't seem like that will come soon, but it's snappy.

This post about cloud services makes me happy, and it might make you happy, too:

There should be more gre* commands, not just grep, e.g. grey: yank findings:

function grey(){grep "$@" | $(command -v pbcopy || command -v xclip || command -v xsel)}

„EVERYBODY needs a zig-a-zag-ah, and it’s whatever you want it to be.” - Mel B., Spice Girl

Yes, I am still looking for „The Next Big Thing” (and a Job).

Parents: are your kids exchanging vi keymaps?

wtf: one word forward, then to the first 'f'

LOL: insert a new line with a single 'L' just above bottom of screen.

fml: move to one character past the next 'm'

tbh: move to two characters before the next 'b'

dtf: delete to 'f'

Letztens wieder in der Zeitung gelesen, dass der örtliche Nahverkehrsbetrieb trotz steigender Zahlen Verluste gemacht hat.

Dass das örtliche Straßennetz seit Jahrzehnten nur kostet und noch nicht einen Euro eingebracht hat ist irgendwie nie eine Meldung wert.


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