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"We have filed a separate Sensitive Data takedown request of this file: /widevine-l3-decryptor as it contains the secret Widevine RSA private key, which was extracted from the Widevine CDM and can be used in other circumvention technologies."


2 Thunderbolt ports, did I hear that right? Are they serious?

Don't like Python type hints, but work on a project using them?

's got your back!

set conceallevel=2
syntax match Normal '\v ?: ?\w([\[\], a-zA-Z0-9_]+)' conceal

To add: When to bring out which type of garbage, next calendar appointments, ...

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Wasn't aware how easy Grafana is to set up (and how modest wrt. resources it is):
Running on our Raspberry Pi, a home dashboard.

(Ich habe jetzt einen billo-KVM-Switch gekauft (mit VGA!), und bin äußerst zufrieden. Monitor macht Switching selbstständig, per Knopfdruck switche ich Keyboard und Maus.)

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TIL, dass Spezialsalz nicht in allen Spülmaschinen unten eingefüllt wird. Ich habe es bisher wohl immer in den Ausguss gekippt.

Congratulations, Firefox. With your forced updates that won't let me open new tabs until I restart, you have made me disable updates completely via an Enterprise Policy.

"Klare Standards für Hotspots" — noch vor einigen Jahren wäre ich über eine solche Nachricht erfreut gewesen.

Kommt man irgendwie an Streckenkarten von Bahnsystemen (z.B. S-/U-/Bahn-Netz einer Stadt)? Keine logischen, sondern geografisch korrekte, inkl. aller Gleise, Tunnel, etc.

Empfehlungen für K(V)M-Switche? Video brauche ich eigentlich nicht, nur mechanische* Tastatur und Maus. Alles, was ich finde sieht trashy aus oder kostet 200€.
(* braucht mehr Strom als normale)

Is there any reason why most websites, when linked to a authentication-requiring resource put the next page in a query parameter (e.g. /login/?next=/foo) instead of the path directly (e.g. /login/next/foo)? Is this purely aesthetic or is there a technical reason?

"Modernere Züge" unter einem ICE 1 — ist da jemand bei der Tagesschau Fan von Platz 71 Bvmz?

When I watch YouTube content, I almost always do so on my computer or phone. Whenever I instead use my FireTV stick, I get confused by the existence of advertising. It seems to me like the less advertising I see, the more it aggrevates me.

The merging is complete: From now on, I can just do `curl -L ding.si | bash` on a new system and will have pretty much everything set up correctly.

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Wrote a small shell script today to automatically symlink a folder structure from a repository into my home directory. (github.com/L3viathan/dotfiles/)

I think I should combine this with my bootstrap script (github.com/L3viathan/bootstrap) eventually.
I dream of a zero-dependency (except bash+curl), idempotent, multiplatform setup script.

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Why you should never post photos of your airline boarding passes online, a morality tale illustrated with former Australian Prime Ministers:


NRW-SPD (-7.8%): Vor den Grünen (+7.1%) gelandet, daher habe sich "der Trend gedreht".

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