I made Thr33dle, a version of 3-Polydle with auto-suggest.

Lately, I've played Polydle, a Wordle variant that lets you play a few Wordle games simultaneously.

I was spending a lot of my time on it. I'd get into the game, eventually look up, and realize too many minutes had passed…

I wrote a computer program to pick my "next guess" so that I wouldn't feel compelled to spend time doing so "by hand". And now I'm putting it up on my website. Go play Thr33dle.


The Collaborative Word List Project is a darned useful resource for word constructors and now it's free. This is a list of phrases and hand-tuned scores.

I've happily used this list for many years. The hand-tuned scores are often darned handy…


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my cursed Wordle clone idea 

Adle: the game where you guess which company is today's sponsor

Report: Stolen Skies

It's another novel by Tim Powers, who writes speculative fiction with the plotline What if THIS weird real-life event because THAT silly legend is true? They're good books. But when reading this book, I found myself thinking "Yes, it's a thrilling adventure tale but pulling in flat earth theory to explain the crop circles was probably an overreach."

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Eric Harshbarger made another desk out of . There are pictures and progress videos. One of the videos also has a cat.


Wow, that's the fifth email from the Department of Elections asking me if I'll volunteer June 7th. Usually they email me just once per election. When someone from the DofE called me to ask about 6/7, I said I would work just one election this year and asked which would be more helpful. He said November. Will they be even more desperate in Nov?

Anyhow, if you're in SF and want to volunteer at the 6/7 election, nice folks would love to hear from you soon:


I got my second COVID-19 booster today.

I didn't get this second booster as soon as it was available; I waited a bit. UCSF medical smartie Bob Wachter advised older folks to get their second booster ASAP, but advised semi-older folks to wait until we thought we were heading into a surge. This advice see…


Report: Unix (a History and Memoir)

Brian Kernighan wrote some remembrances of his time working on Unix-y things at Bell Labs.

Much of the new- and interesting-to-me info was context. E.g., I already knew that 's "everything is a file" approach was important. But the book points out that "a file is a file" was a bold move at the time. Systems back then would treat different files differently; the OS "knew" that Prolog program sour…


If your memory is very good, you might remember there was a TV crew getting footage at the 2020 MIT Mystery Hunt. Specifically, I dodged around that crew as I carried pancakes at the Pancake Pictionary Character Breakfast event. Now a TV Show, CBS Sunday Morning, has aired a feature using that footage. Thus you can now see some video of the pancake event. Also, they show folks milling around spots on the Rumpelstiltskin's Cottage mini-runaround I wrote.


Your search "ano trespassing sign" retrieved about 365 results (0.33 seconds)

Report: Practical Doomsday

Happy belated Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire anniversary! It's a good day to read Practical Doomsday, a guide to disaster preparedness. It's written by an author who's familiar with prepper culture and familiar with the frequency with which various disasters occur. E.g., you're much much much more likely to be hurt:
☑ falling from a wobbly ladder; than
☒ battling your neighbors for a dwindling food supply.

So if yo…


Oof, I'm just now finding out that large parts of fave Angle of Repose were plagiarized from the journals of Mary Hallock Foote. I really liked the authentic-sounding descriptions of life in the old west; apparently, they sounded authentic because "author" Stegner copied from the journal of someone who, y'know, lived in the old west and wrote eloquently about it.


When I went to the blood bank on Friday, I saw something funny: there were banners up declaring "Blood Drive Today." I wondered Why "today"? Why is today different from all other days?

San Francisco's COVID-19 new case rate has been sneaking back up lately. By Friday, the rate was clearly above 10 cases per day per 100K population. That is, the rate was clearly above my threshhold for n…


I've still (occasionally) got it, as judged by my grocery store total. #1337

As I headed out on my exercise walk this morning, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. In a house garage that hosted a polling place for last week's , there was still voting equipment piled up. That seemed strange—shouldn't the Department of Elections have picked it up by now?

Later, I walked past the library on Page Street. There was still a ballot drop box outside; but now it was covered by a padloc…


Today's an day in San Francisco. I wore my "I Voted!" sticker. On my morning exercise walk, I saw zero (0) other people wearing such stickers. I saw one (1) polling place volunteer wearing a polling place volunteer sticker. Maybe the stickers aren't so popular now that California's a 100% vote-by-mail state?

Report: America, Inc

America, Inc is speculative fiction; but instead of the usual technology-speculation, it's organization-speculation. In the USA nowadays, corporations are people with free speech rights. This novel extrapolates: What if some folks formed a corporation to run for president of the USA? This sounds like the premise for some cyberpu…


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