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Me in barstow

Larry Anderson @larand

The Facebook app on my phone has gotten very crashy lately. I'm choosing to consider this a feature.

@mdhughes Honest question: Which instance do you like the best?

Taking a one-week Twitter vacation. Think I'll be hanging out here more.

TFW you get an email with the subject line "Network Services Unavailable," but can't open it because, well...

Just watched my former boss, whom I was promoted over, leave the building after a post-layoff exit interview. The world is a strange place.

"Ladies and gentlemen, take my advice-
Pull down your pants, and slide on the ice."

--Maj. Sidney Freedman, M*A*S*H

Current status: Repeatedly checking parcel tracking on the Почта России website.

Million-dollar idea: an abusebot in Slack that you can send vitriolic messages to when emailing someone would end your career.

There's nothing I love more than a forced reboot because Excel has locked up and is unresponsive. 😡

I sound my barbaric over the roofs of the world.

CW: Politics and profanity (which go together rather well, actually) Show more

@strypey No, not blocked. Don't know what the problem is.