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Larry Anderson

Project Fi update: About midway into my first month, I am officially on track to save a metric buttload of money on my wireless bill.

(The "delayed usage" represents my first week or so on Fi, before the billing cycle officially started.)

So... @randolph goes to South Africa, with the shadowy and mysterious Dr. Husband whom none of us have ever seen, and suddenly Zimbabwe has a coup d'état. I'm just saying.

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I seem to have a Gordon Lightfoot song stuck in my head.

Mastodon is behaving strangely this morning. Just got an "access token is invalid" message before it posted the last toot.

Having a properly strong cup of tea, as God intended.

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Possibly controversial opinion: I have no intention of turning on the new saturated color mode on my Pixel 2 XL. I like it the way it is.

I've gotten so used to unlocking my Pixel with the fingerprint reader on the back that I'm now annoyed my iPhone 6S and my Galaxy S6 don't have one there.

Seeing some discussion about high-priced flagship phones, which misses the point that they've become primary computing devices.

First glitch with the new phone: Google Photos got stuck trying to upload three photos and sucking lots of battery. Fixed it and all is well again.

Unexpected side effect of using Project Fi: I've discovered that the T-Mobile network in my area is a lot better than I thought it was.

Fun with the post office: an Amazon package was delivered to my P.O. box on Saturday morning. Someone picked it up. Problem is, it wasn't me. And now nobody will take responsibility for it. 😡