You can literally do surgery with the iPhone since it’s made of surgical steel. With the watch ECG you can even see if your patient is still alive! Apple provides a complete experience!

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Anyway, while I'm here, in the wake of yesterday's angry mob incident that drove Wil Wheaton off Mastodon, it occurs to me that had it right. Charge people to be users and you'll filter out a lot of the angry shitposting trolls. After yesterday, I'm not sure our little experiment over here will end any better than any other social media platform.

My main instance ( is having issues again this morning. Grrr...

Noticed on Google Maps that they're finally using Czechia instead of the Czech Republic. It's about time.

Wonderful to see so many old friends show up on Mastodon. Also, this isn't my primary account, so please follow me at at also.

For those who missed it yesterday: please follow me at @larand at With the extensive downtime yesterday on, it seems like a good idea to have a backup.

With all the issues that has had today, I thought it would be a good idea to set up a secondary account at - Please follow me there also. Thank you!

To those who replied to me in Portuguese: sorry, but I don't speak or read it.

Lots of Portuguese in the local timeline today. Interesting.

I see people switching instances today. I would consider changing instances, but every time I look, I see approximately 2.5 million choices to make and I say the hell with it.

Wearing a red polo shirt and a Soviet-designed watch today, because May Day.

I am so glad that the carpet cleaners next door finally finished the job and turned off their noisy machinery just in time for the city to have their crew fire up the tree-shredding machine right behind my house. It's not like I wanted to lie down and rest quietly or anything. 😡

My biggest complaint about the new @scalzi book *Head On* is that I couldn't put it down and read the entire thing in one go.

Finally got to watch the season premiere of The Expanse. If the rest of season 3 keeps up this pace, it's gonna be one hell of a ride, beratnas.

You know you're on an Apple-centric service (not Mastodon) when you get flak from other users for posting something critical. 😑

The Expanse Season 3 starts tonight. <squee>

I have to admit that I'm glad my blog is living on Japanese servers now and not U.S. servers.

Now that FOSTA/SESTA is signed, there is a much higher risk of your accounts on US going bye-bye. Back up your things and prepare to move providers

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