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Larry Anderson

I am so glad that the carpet cleaners next door finally finished the job and turned off their noisy machinery just in time for the city to have their crew fire up the tree-shredding machine right behind my house. It's not like I wanted to lie down and rest quietly or anything. 😡

My biggest complaint about the new @scalzi book *Head On* is that I couldn't put it down and read the entire thing in one go.

Finally got to watch the season premiere of The Expanse. If the rest of season 3 keeps up this pace, it's gonna be one hell of a ride, beratnas.

You know you're on an Apple-centric service (not Mastodon) when you get flak from other users for posting something critical. 😑

The Expanse Season 3 starts tonight. <squee>

I have to admit that I'm glad my blog is living on Japanese servers now and not U.S. servers.

Now that FOSTA/SESTA is signed, there is a much higher risk of your accounts on US going bye-bye. Back up your things and prepare to move providers

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I have replaced the shower head in the guest bathroom. I AM A HOME IMPROVEMENT GOD.

I've thought Tony Robbins was creepy for the last thirty years. Why is the rest of the Internet just now figuring this out?

It's kind of astonishing how completely incompetent TMobile Austria's social media team is.

If this is true, I may finally be abandoning Twitter. I rely on third-party Twitter apps (personal preference) and will not be forced into the official app.

I saw a bright neon-pink Tesla Model 3 on the road today. I wonder if Angelyne has gone eco-friendly.

Just had an earthquake...5.3 magnitude 17 miles SW of Santa Cruz Island, depth of 10 miles per the USGS

Hey, this still works. Took a short break. Glad you're all still here.

So just aheads up since people here have been into it: Vero is apparently run by a fuckhead who at his previous company jsut.... didn't pay a ton of Filipino workers. Also there's only one woman in the company, and she's relagated to customer service.

They also have some VERY dodgy lines in the TOS about their rights to work posted on the site.

So maybe don't post art there out of caution. Here's a Twitter thread with sources:

Because I haven't posted one of these in a while: my current homescreen.

Anyone care to guess how long it will be before the GOP decides the solution to gun violence in public schools is to abolish public schools?

There are some mornings that simply require Pop-Tarts.