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Corona-Warn-App (and #CCTG) 1.13 will be available soon:

Unfortunately the mentioned data donation and survey features depend on the proprietary google safetynet implementation and thus cannot be made available in #CCTG.

There is a wishlist ticket that discusses looking for alternatives but currently nothing is in sight:

There is a ton of amazing free software projects I use every day and for today's "I love free software"-day I would want to thank all of their contributors, but that's close to impossible. So I'm just mentioning a few projects I use and hope that my words somehow reach as many free software contributors as possible :)

@debian @fdroidorg @gnome @inkscape @libreoffice @Mastodon @nextcloud @Tusky

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#microG Services Core v0.2.17.204714 was just released.

This release is mostly about a few bug fixes and improvements for the Exposure Notifications API.


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#microG Services Core v0.2.16.204713 is now available:
- Fixes issues with Corona-Warn-App 1.9.1
- Adds support for adb backup / seedvault
- A few fixes and improvements

Detailed changelog:

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#microG Services Core v0.2.15.204713 is here. 🎉
- Adds support for Vision Barcode API (used for QR code scanning in multiple apps)
- All kinds of improvements and bug fixes for Exposure Notification API.
- And of course, numerous bugs fixed.

Detailed changelog:

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Corona Contact Tracing Germany now on F-Droid 🚀

No dependency to Google, no microg app required. Pure open source, built reproducibly.

(This time posting the correct URL 🙂)

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Hi! This is @Bubu and @fynnDirect writing here to inform you about updates related to our work on #CCTG, which is our libre fork of #CoronaWarnApp utilizing the @microg exposure notification library.

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Sooo this corona warn app seems to work without play service code now, thanks to @larma ! 🎉

Currently you'll have to self-build and it only works in debug mode, but it seems to work.

WiP build instructions here:

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#microG Services Core v0.2.14.204115 released.
- Includes fixes and improvements for Exposure Notifications API
- Also fixes a lot of issues with other apps.

If you are using microG Exposure Notifications API, please update ASAP as you might be missing out exposure warnings.

See details at
Download via F-Droid repository or

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Dino 0.2 is out!

Dino is a privacy-friendly messaging application. The 0.2 release adds message correction, improves the file upload functionality and provides more information on encryption.

Release blog post:

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@microg @fdroidorg Please do upvote the issue if you agree that the German #CWA app should be on F-Droid.
Do show them that there is a user base that needs this feature.

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Wir dürfen nicht vergessen zu erwähnen, wenn sich etwas zum Guten ändert. Auch und gerade dann, wenn es eine Selbstverständlichkeit sein sollte.

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#microG Services Core v0.2.13.203915 is now available. 🎊
- Support for Firebase Authentication
- Fixes and improvements for Exposure Notification API
- Bugfixes for Maps and Cloud Messaging

Download from the microG F-Droid repository (see for instructions) or GitHub (see Verify Self-Check status after upgrade.

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Just released microG Services Core v0.2.12.203315 🎉
- Support for Exposure Notifications API as used by COVID-19 contact tracing apps.
- As always: tons of fixes and compatibility updates

Available on the microG F-Droid repository or via

Looking for a few people to test the Exposure Notifications API of @microg

- Update your microG to
- Install and set up your local gov corona tracing app
- Verify that microG settings has Exposure Notifications enabled and shows the app as using it
- When you are in public tomorrow, go to microG settings again and verify that "Collected IDs" shows a higher number
- Report back here with device name and android version+rom


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with updates are back, I just updated from LineageOS 16 to 17. It was a smooth upgrade and everything works fine. Thanks everybody involved! 😃

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