Yesterday, I finally pushed my current source code implementing the Exposure Notification API to the @microg git repository.
This will allow using apps that use the Google/Apple framework for COVID-19 contact tracing on Android devices without the Google tracking it usually involves.

The current code is already functional, but still needs some improvements before it's ready for general public, but I am certain it's going to make it in the next @microg release.

@larma @microg Very cool! Thank you very much for that! 👍👍👍

If original play services client library is used, yes.

But I also hope to get a version of the client library out soon that will not require signature spoofing when building the app from source. And the code is in its own module, so it's easier to reuse and maybe even possible to embed so it can be used without a full microG installation.

@larma okay so if sig spoofing is needed it will not work on LOS 17 with the original app....

@jr Not without patching LOS. Maybe nanodroid or any similar patching tool can help you out?

@larma nandroid patcher still does not really work on Q and even with it you give either sig spoofing to all apps or you don't have it

MicroG without the need of signature spoofing would be great.

@larma @microg Thanks, amazing! Do you have a funding or is this just pro bono?

@rufposten I'm currently paid by @e_mydata to work on @microg, however this is only a rather small capacity right now (about 8 hours a week), so all work on top is "pro bono".

@larma awesome! Thanks a lot! :-)
Is there any place to throw some money at you for your efforts? ^^

@regines @larma you can sponsor him via github sponsor (and Microsoft even adds a little extra for the first 3 month or so) or librepay. Infos on bis Github

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