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a bit of i composed a while ago ... hope you like it

it's nothing spectacular (or even that good really) ... but i like it regardless :)


RT Porn sites are getting more traffic than most major news organizations

RT "all that fire we deal with, it's literally because we didn't shut down 100 companies"

- old people in 2075

RT Daron Malakian's voice ruined System of a Down.

RT tony stark is a fictional character who could teach himself a doctorate's worth of materials overnight

elon musk is an angry man who yells at people on twitter and hates safety standards

a genius would at LEAST recognize the value of having good safety standards

RT "unfettered genius" what genius? where is it? I see none here. I see a man who read a lot of sci-fi books and has employed lots of very smart people to make it happen, who gets mad when it doesn't--that says, to me, he doesn't understand how difficult this really is

RT it's weird that this article suggests that elon musk is a genius; there is no evidence of this, just a shitload of money and an attempts at buying scientific advancement

it's like wired is equating "a rich man who flies in to rages" with genius and what

RT Trying to get my share of the blankets every night. 😂

📹: napathegolden


retroarch has been ported to the ps1 classic and is already running ps1 games better than the stock emulator

RT Water too, they all drank water !
And air, they all breathed air !
It means everyone as the potential to be a criminal and a killer, omg, hide your kids, lock your doors, kill you neighbors and loved one and never go outside after that or you could be killed by an air breather!

RT Theresa May Narrowly Manages To Survive Parliamentary Firing Squad

RT This is capitalism: when GM lays off 15,000 workers, it's not sociopathic - it's just business. But when *workers* quit, we start speculating about their social skills

RT Variety Exclusive: Gearbox Software working with “Assassin’s Creed” producer Jean-Julien Baronnet to adapt Duke Nukem into live action movie

RT Mortician Always Keeps Hammer At Tableside Just In Case One Comes Back To Life

RT Replacing tiles in an LED wall.

RT PlayStation Classic games appear to run better on SNES Classic Mini using an emulator.

RT Sometimes when I'm facing a difficult problem at work, I'll go to bed and wake up with the answer.

And then I get really pissed off, because the damn bourgeoisie are even stealing my labor in my sleep.

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