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a bit of i composed a while ago ... hope you like it

it's nothing spectacular (or even that good really) ... but i like it regardless :)

RT Tekken 7 sells over 3 million copies. Series total is over 47 million.

RT Elizabeth Warren Disappointed After DNA Test Shows Zero Trace Of Presidential Material

RT McConnell confronted by angry customers at restaurant, gets food thrown out: report

RT US politicians being inconvenienced for not listening to their voters being the absolute worst thing happening to them is rich considering politicians in other countries have been beaten, had their families targeted and at worst, murdered for doing what their voters asked.

RT We've braved the depths of Twitter to find the best (and weirdest) user-created characters in Soulcalibur VI.

RT UNTRUE: These two words happened to be hanging in the air when we shot this building and we thought it was a nice coincidence.

RT Checking in on the status of Final Fantasy XV mods.

RT reminder to guys trying to offer me Merch Deals, that i tried selling shirts once but it failed because none of my followers wear shirts

RT Okay! It's official ! The KICKSTARTER for the spirtual successor to CONKER'S BAD FUR DAY has gone live... Pledge here !! 😜

RT My buddy Martin aka is a talented VFX artist looking for work

His range of skills encompasses most VFX stuff for film, color correction, motion graphics and 3D modeling.

He has done VFX for and also helped orchestrate

Please RT


RT See GTA 5's campaign up close with this neat first-person cutscenes mod

RT So.... 24 hrs and i've not seen any 'No Pups Sky' or similar comments yet... I'll take that as a good sign.. !! 😬

RT SNL really peaked here

RT "Overtime was not mandatory but your boss sure scheduled you overtime that's absolutely not obligatory it just happens to be a suggestion on your schedule"

"A game of tranquillity through the art of matching pieces of Ruya in her world of dreams. Visit surrealist landscapes, decorate yourself in flowers and introspect. A calming minimal experience with juicy interactions and cool colour combinations to make you feel at ease."
RT Ruya got a store page

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