That was begun with a phone discuss with BlueBailey. Many more discuss and drafts later for the elaboration, I’ve modeling and evolving this concept with big guns...
The guns shoots some paint balls.
here some pictures

Here a project i made with Blender 2.83.4 and Godot 3.2.2 I'm based on TPS demo to made it.

And a demo of the game

Here the link to download the game for windows and linux

I made a gitlab page if anybody want to help me to improve this game ...

Download and have fun with this little game...

Jé fé un tableau pour le salon de coiffure de @lucie

Fais-toi couper les cheveux par @lucie , son skill éclipse les étoiles

#mastoart #art

Nouveau streaming samedi 14h00 sur la peinture, particules et matériaux

Je vais faire un deuxième twitch sur le rig (squelette) jeudi 14h00 si vous êtes dispos...

I will made a new Twitch streaming on rig thursday 2pm. would you ?

For those who would be interested and available, I would do a Twitch blender streaming to remaster this butterfly

First streaming : modeling and perhaps rig

Can you tell me if you are interested?
I will start the streaming at 2:00 p.m.


Pour ceux qui serait intéressé et dispo à 14h00, je ferais bien un streaming sur twitch pour remasteriser ce papillon sur blender

Pouvez vous me dire si ca vous intéresse ?

Première partie : Modélisation

Dark Rabbit
I modeled this rabbit with blender 2.83
Thanks for the new cloth brush
I would like to use cycles but the render is better with eevee

Hello. Si vous souhaitez me soutenir par tip ! pour la production d'une illustration par mois voici ma page tipeee

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