The last day

I worked a lot on modeling with exaggeration.
I wanted a curved machine. I used the bendy bones for this.
Rendering on luxcorerender.

The cyber hacker

Concept of a cyber hacker bug
Modeled on blender 2.83 LTS and rendered on luxcorerender

I would like to update an 2015 old ring... And I made an illustration.
Modeled with blender and rendered with luxcorerender

I upgrade a 2017 rigged EC135 Helicopter
It is available for Blender 2.91 eevee and cycles
It’s available on blender market
In the process, I upgrade the number of vertices :
578556 vertices with maximum subdivision
168095 vertices with subdivision 0
4 new design available and no pilot
The demo

1 month ago I work on the Graphic design of a free computer game.
I made Boats, VFX, map, illustrations, icon and panel.
I work with a developer. He made the game with python 3, pygame and sdl.
The game is available here

J'ai procédé par étapes pour ce buste de Hyène.
Sculpture, retopologie, peinture...
Puis ajouté un rig basique et des shape keys.

Plus de détails sur ce lien

That was begun with a phone discuss with BlueBailey. Many more discuss and drafts later for the elaboration, I’ve modeling and evolving this concept with big guns...
The guns shoots some paint balls.
here some pictures

Here a project i made with Blender 2.83.4 and Godot 3.2.2 I'm based on TPS demo to made it.

And a demo of the game

Here the link to download the game for windows and linux

I made a gitlab page if anybody want to help me to improve this game ...

Download and have fun with this little game...

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