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Shawn Webb @lattera

If you're using Samba under with Integriforce rules applied to it, then the shared object injection CVE is fully mitigated for you.

12-CURRENT/amd64 packages updated. First package build with 64-bit inode support.

Feels good to be back to three monitors at home.

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We just published the schedule for the 2017 in Paris with @ericfreyss as one of our keynote speakers!
(updated and detailed information will be published in the upcoming weeks)

It'd be funny if all these Point-of-Sale (PoS) terminals that are getting pwned ran . I guess Chipotle's PoS terminals got pwned.

I'm really tired, but it's 17:00 and I'm trying not to consume more caffeine.

I really wish Windows had native support for ZFS.


@starhaze from the article: "But I got to thinking: what if I inhaled some tiny spore from a toenail fungus scraped from the claws of a giant Sumatran rat-thing"

^ you call RMS for a taste test. ;P

I wonder how many lists I just added myself onto.

I'm still surprised that the TSA hasn't banned saliva. Imagine if a terrorist infected him/herself with weaponized ebola and infected everyone on the plane by coughing/sneezing.

Saliva's dangerous, yo.

I've got all the maps downloaded for offline access in preparation for . Making some changes to my home network slides and flashing on the boards this weekend. Can't wait to see all my BSD peeps!

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Sorry if this is a repeat I forget who I've already boosted and I'm too lazy to scroll back a week on my phone

I plan to kick off new binary updates today.

With that said, though, there's something magical about seeing Jonsi take the stage. And then when he pulls out the bow for his guitar.