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I'm now I'll start migrating over to that account fully over the next week.

I'm now I'll start migrating over to that account fully over the next week.

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Registrations on are now *open*!

I have pre-reserved the names for the projects, and a few others. If you would like to take control of those, please email the admins so we can ensure the proper people have them.

#bsd #openbsd #freebsd #netbsd #hardenedbsd #bsdnow

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I really wish people would stop writing what could be useful projects in .

And on that note, time to go out of town for New Years celebrations.

Can't sleep. Time to read "Darkness at Dawn" about Russian politics, counter-intelligence, etc.

Has anyone done a cryptanalysis of various full-disk encryption schemes (geli on , LUKS on ) when mixed with a copy-on-write filesystem like ?

Hey @Tusky, I have a really unusual edge case. It seems Tusky cannot authenticate against my Tor-ified Mastodon instance. The instance only does HTTP (not HTTPS) and has a .onion address.

If you sign up, please let me know. I'll need to manually approve your account since outgoing email is disabled.

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My Tor-ified instance is accessible only via v3 Onion Service. If you want an account, please let me know. I cannot guarantee stability or uptime of the instance.

You can get to it here:


The instance has a hard time interacting with clearnet instances (eg, I was unable to search for my account and follow it.

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Hi there! I'm Maslow, I work in software/electrical engineering on satellites and am a bisexual lady.

I'm really interested in #dat, #ipfs, #ssb, #meshnetworks, #socialjustice, and #privacy.

I love my big, floofy dog, and currently live in Washington, DC.


I now have a instance behind my fully Tor-ified network. It's accessible via an Onion Service.

Is there a way to configure such that requiring an email address is NOT required? Meaning, no need for the confirmation email?

I just saw the "ASLR on the Line" presentation. Side channel attacks are interesting. However, ASLR wasn't (and isn't) meant to protect against local attacks. Claiming otherwise is as nonsensical as claiming airplanes protect against paper cuts.

I wish the GPT + ZFS + GELI bootloader supported prompting for the password over serial.

Prediction: the St Petersburg explosion was perpetrated by Russia state. This wouldn't be the first time for an explosion during an election cycle. (Ryazan in April 2000 by the FSB. Putin was elected president almost a year later in March 2001.)

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I'm going to bring your RUN BSD shirts to tomorrow. Find me near the Spaeti foosball/kicker table (on the first floor on the right) around 1:00/1:30PM. Shirts are 15EUR, I will (probably) not have change.
If you don't want to buy a shirt, hit me up for stickers, I'll give those away for free. :)

I've now set up a burner phone just for a public Signal number over . If anyone would like to get a hold of me, my number is +1 443-546-8752.

Please note that service is only active on the device when it's behind my Tor-ified network.

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