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If you try to restore from iCloud backup but it says you have no backups go turn off your 2FA and try again. After doing this my backup appeared.


PS don't trust iCloud backup

@feld The only backups I trust are the ones I maintain myself.

The Handbook has been updated with information about keeping base up-to-date with hbsd-update.

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@jerry I'm 100% sure that will remain plenty visible.

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"ZFS helps cope with one of the most dangerous things sysadmins do. No, not our eating habits. No, not a lack of exercise."



It's install systemd, isn't it?

TIL not all USB NICs are created equal. The USB NIC I was using for testing last night does not support promiscuous mode.

TIL we have a pkg for arm64. I think I'm going to tinker with bro on an running .

About to kick off a new 12-CURRENT/arm64 package build with 2.5 in base.

So FiOS created a box to "measure" network speeds to prove that net neutrality isn't needed. Should I sign up, get the box, and pwn it?

12-CURRENT/amd64 packages updated for 2.5.5 in base.

Thanks, @spil, for maintaining LibreSSL in HardenedBSD!

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So, looks like the boss agrees with me that setting up a #Illumos, #FreeBSD, or #HardenedBSD backup host utilizing #ZFS is a pretty great idea! Just gotta fix some of our stupid SAN configurations first and I can start working on a triple-redundant backup solution. Gonna be a lot of fun working on this stuff, love the scope of what I get to play with at work

@munin But it was supposed to be a secure container!

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Hallo #infosec

Not the standard phishing attack here - some numbskull put a fishtank(!) on the internal casino network; the attackers were able to crack the tank's systems [why does a fishtank HAVE network accessible systems?!] and pivot into the network to attack it properly.

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weh this is so cool: mechanical binary counter (gif)


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