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@lattera I've wondered about this myself. What you wrote sounds logical to me, and I'm inclined to agree. That said, it's not at all my territory.

About as close as I get is asking, "Why in the bleep does this package/project depend on anything more than libc, libm, and libressl?" ... Or like a ruby project depending on like 10 million gems that I've never read the code for

Unrelated perhaps but just a thought or two.

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@lattera Everything about modern linux dev ops seems like vendor lock in

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@lattera this was (almost) the fate of Mastodon. So crazy.

Potentially unpopular puffin meme:

is a form of vendor lock-in.

I'm seeing more and more people not able to run BSD due to depending on -only Docker-ized projects.

Making your project have a hard dependency on Docker means you're locking your users into a potentially unwanted ecosystem.

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@lattera they were still not using revision control

Remember, folks: had jails while was still in elementary school.

Now to set up in an VM to make sure I didn't introduce any breakages.

I'm reminded today how much I dislike .

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So here's my dilemma: I'm tired as heck, but my brain just figured something really cool out. In order for me to implement that thing, I'd have to go into work. I'm unsure whether I'll be able to sleep until I do the thing. But I desperately need sleep.

with integration Call For Testing (CFT) published: <- capsicumized tor call for testing published

Tomorrow, I start writing the CFT, which will include full documentation regarding the current design and future of the work.

, a not-for-profit encrypted transit internet service provider, just published an article on how they use Tor on :

I really dislike it when organizations I do business with use unusual domain names in their emails.

Cleaning up the code to make it ready for production.

So I've published my work-in-progress. There's still a whole freakton of stuff to do, but at least it's open now: