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Shawn Webb @lattera

Today's goals: finish the custom shelving for my wife and possibly replace the tile in bathroom.

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Not quite the #Cyberpunk future I envisioned

Renovations on the home office completed. Now to move everything back into it and reorganize.

Today's goals​: build my wife some custom shelves in the bedroom, finish painting, and start on the bathroom.

Tusky looks rather weird on a tablet.

@xs @r4stl1n note that some ports may require some exploit mitigations to be disabled during build. notable offenders are Firefox chromium, etc.

@r4stl1n @xs agreed. only need to build from ports if you need different options than what the pkg provides.

@r4stl1n it's what I run, but there can be occasional breakages.

@djsundog no clue, but that's an awesome idea.

One more coat and I can draw on my walls.

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schrodinger's trousers, upheld by the suspenders of disbelief

Today: Painting the home office with dry erase paint so I can draw on the walls.

Nest thermostat installed. Yay!

@munin yup. extending it

Tomorrow: install Nest thermostat and renovate the master bedroom closet, doubling its size.

I survived! No electrocution today. Yay!

First section of retaining wall rebuilt. now on to the second.

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Fancy headphones transmit metadata to marketer: wiretapping?

The whole "It's just metadata; there's no harm in it" argument really doesn't fly with me - even though it's very difficult to explain what the harm -is- to non-infosec folks without giving them a talk on the background and context about why...