Someone should create an Alexa app that lets you clap twice to turn the lights on and off like the original smart home device.

A teacher from my high school documented school life for years. For each class' 20th anniversary he puts together a 2 1/2 hour time capsule DVD. I was revisiting ours tonight and even though I hated high school, it is an absolute trip watching video from the school, seeing the friends, classrooms, teachers, all frozen in time as I remember them.

(He is also responsible for the video of me rapping at my senior prom in 94.)

This is a seriously entertaining article about dog poop and how we need to start thinking more about it.

I'm astonished (and impressed) that someone has built a device to power a streetlamp with dog poop depoisted in it.

"Walkers use free paper dog poo scoopy-bags and put it into a bin that feeds it into a biodigester. The microbes in the anaerobic digester produce methane, which is then stored and used to power a streetlamp that comes on at dusk."

Random photo time - see if you can name the time/event, @pb

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Wow. Lasership still sucks. They "attempted delivery" but didn't want to leave my package (a book) unattended. I was here. With the front door open. And have never worried about unattended packages before.

More in the "People Love to Hear Themselves Talk" category: just saw a sponsored ad on FB for tree-free eco-friendly toilet paper. OK, fine.

That *sponsored ad* has almost 5,000 comments on it. ON AN AD. And, of course, being Facebook, the comments are mostly of the "this is so obviously stupid and bad and I can see it so what can't everyone just agree with me because I'm clearly right?" variety.

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"The Safe Face Pledge is an opportunity for organizations to make public commitments towards mitigating the abuse of facial analysis technology. This historic pledge prohibits lethal use of the technology, lawless police use, and requires transparency in any government use.

* Show Value for Human Life, Dignity, and Rights
* Address Harmful Bias
* Facilitate Transparency
* Embed Commitments into Business Practices"

I've been on the web for almost 25 years, yet I will still try checking the "remember me" checkbox on a login form after I've already clicked "sign in," hoping somehow it'll take.

Everyone had (or was) that one friend who found "Perfect Strangers" a little too funny.

It's taking everything in my willpower to not click "buy it now" right now.

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You'd think that backing up, wiping, and restoring an iPhone would be one of the easiest, most basic things ever.

It's not. I've been at it for six hours, battling what remains the worst POS software a major company has ever released (iTunes, of course). And this is a step I shouldn't have even had to take but the phone was reporting being out of storage space despite having over 25 gigs free.

This is why I'll never mess with iPhones myself... Great hardware, horrible software.

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I've edited this 153-episode podcast on software security since the very first one back in 2006. The final episode went online today.

Shout to Gary for job well done during this decade plus of podcasting.

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I found a chapter on a guy I think is my 4x-great grandfather in a 1905 book titled "History of the Bolt and Nut Industry of America." And I'm pretty proud of his innovations in carriage bolt production in the 1840s.

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