I approve of this mailing from our local library system.

(I'm thinking something similar to Google Sites could do this... but not Google Sites.)

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So, I've got a bunch of domains that used to host stuff, but no longer do, but I have a single static page set up on each of them. It seems wildly inefficient to have full accounts set up with my host for each, so I'm wondering if the following exists:

A service that lets you host very simple multiple single-page static sites (each with their own domain, of course) under one account. Bonus if they also provide a catch-all email address or email forwarding.

(One positive update: my return request will be expedited, so at least I won't need to wait 3+ months.)

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Oh, and when they sent my rejection, they sent it to a non-existent address so my postal worker needed to figure out where it was supposed to go.

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In 2021 I still need to send photocopies of IDs, fill out paperwork by hand, and mail a check to the NJ Department of Health for a copy of my great-grandmother's death certificate from 1954. It's been 13 weeks and I'm now finding out they're rejecting because one of the ID forms was hard for them to read.

Once I return it to them I have to wait ANOTHER 16-18 weeks for processing. So a request in June for something that should be freely available online will likely take me until January to get.

What's the stupidest unused domain that you own, that you bought because of an idea you never executed on?

Me? I've had a bunch, but the one I still own is explodinghead.org

Nextdoor: where neighbors will, with a straight face, talk about calling the police on a 7-year-old girl who ding ding ditched them, after posting the girl's picture looking for an ID.

(Correction: I had just turned 14. Which makes that review even worse.)

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Shout out to Iron Dragon, wherever he may be in 2021.

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Scanning some old (1989-1991) user group newsletters and I came across this early piece I wrote. I was only 13 at the time, but even so, this was pretty garbage.

If you like zombie shows with absolutely no sense of hope and where every character is an asshole being terrible to other assholes, boy oh boy is "Black Summer" for you.

Ish I'm Digging Q2 2021, 3 1/2 hours of the stuff I was most feeling from April through June. open.spotify.com/playlist/4wt3

This season we have had significantly more pest control salespeople come to our door (which sports a "no soliciting" sign, of course) than we have actual pests. Wonder if I could hire a company to get rid of the pest control companies...

My frozen microwave breakfast burrito says you can microwave it for 2 minutes or bake it in a conventional oven for 50.

Who, among people choosing mediocre frozen burritos as a late lunch choice, has enough foresight to choose the 50 minute option over the 2 minute option?

(Though I am curious how much better it tastes as a result of the baking...)

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shit 🤝 Accidents
being able to happen to anybody

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My daughter just asked me what i'd tell 15 year old given the chance, and that took me a minute. 15 year old me was pretty awful and not a great listener.

I finally settled on, just because you've got a clever answer doesn't mean you understood the question. Kindness is a weight; it's always easier to be cruel. But there's more strength to be found in lifting people up than pushing them down.

A group of people I will never understand: those whose Venmo activity is public.

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