Hoje e logo mais, às 15h, haverá um live coding com Georges Stavracas! Quer ver, ao vivo, melhorias na navegação da Grade de Aplicativos do GNOME? 👣 (EN) youtube.com/watch?v=mnJGZwl3E2

Check this out: the LibreOffice Conference 2022 will take place in Bolzano, northern Italy (and online) from September 29 – October 1. Our call for papers is now open – join in! blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

Hi Mastodon! 👋 We're About Privacy and these are our favorite privacy apps. :underheart: @Tutanota @bitwarden@birdsite.slashdev.space @StartpageSearch

The Lubuntu team is excited to announce that Lubuntu 22.04 LTS has been released! Many thanks to all the contributors. You can find out more at our official blog post:


#JammyJellyfish #ubuntu2204 #lubuntu

And there it is, #Kubuntu 22.04 Long-Term Support "Jammy Jellyfish" is officially out!

Note that upgrade notifications will be staggered; users of 21.10 should see the upgrade available some time soon™ while users of the previous Long-Term Support release, 20.04, will see the upgrade appear sometimes around the release of 22.04.1 (currently scheduled for the end of July).


Frequently recommended private browsers:
- Firefox
- Vivaldi
- Tor
- Brave
- Waterfox

Which one is your pick?

New beta: K-9 Mail 5.915

Same as last time: If no serious bugs are found, we'll release this as the new stable version K-9 Mail 6.000.


Debian buster users: The 10.12 release includes an updated OpenSSL with signature algorithm check tightening - see the release point announcement for details debian.org/News/2022/202203260

É com muito entusiasmo que apresentamos o ! 🎉 👣 youtube.com/watch?v=du-2QpWbiL Esta versão conta com incríveis novos recursos e com melhorias que não cabem em um tweet. Quer saber mais? release.gnome.org/42/

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