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Reminder: the Half Life 3 jam ends Oct. 31st. You have a little over a week left to make Half Life 3.


okay that's definitely a lie, I just remembered I got up at noon

I've worked all day and I'm still not even close to being caught up with everything I'm behind on :(

is rocksmith any good for practicing guitar? I'm an intermediate player, it seems like it could be a good way to practice

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itch.io is hosting the biggest game bundle in the history of humankind! It's a donation bundle: 115 creators have offered 100% of their earnings from the bundle to be donated to ACLU and Planned Parenthood.


After you've bought it, share it!


despite all the technical glitches and basic user interface, the ≥ 140 characters limit already makes this better than twitter 🦆

so one thing I've wanted to do for a while is start something where indie devs (or others) create and upload gifs of other people's games.

I think everyone mostly just uploads gifs of their own games, so it could be a nice way to see cool stuff

what would be a good hashtag for this?

well i was going to upload some gifs of games but it's not taking any of my gifs. :(

btw anyone else miss hitting up/down in the post editor to move cursor?

I started building a new homepage for itch.io awhile back but I never released it b/c I wasn't sure of it

Here's an early preview for my mastodon friends. Since you can respond in more than 140 characters tell me what you think


I don't have anything to post so I'll just post

I started a collection on itch.io with random interesting stuff you might be interested in: itch.io/c/71828/interesting

(if you follow someone you'll get collection updates in your feed)

pretty cool looking at the public timeline and seeing all all these names you recognize!

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if yr in the mood for smth light this morning try sacramento imo. this game hates the concept of time almost as much as i do dziff.itch.io/sacramento mastodon.social/media/10113

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