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These are miniature structures inside glass tubes by artist Rosa de Jong

If they were a tad bigger, I’d move in

Dear followers,

Do as Derek (@sivers) does (
Turn your attention to writing and programming.

Your future self needs your knowledge.
Share as you learn.

I'd love to help you to setup your website and to make it visible in our community. Toot at me.

Notes on the synthesis of labyrinths
by Alvaro Videla:

is such a beautiful essay about documentation, with too many good quotes to choose from. Here's two:

"You defeated the Minotaur, but no one understands why or how—so nobody believes you."

"We don’t want to rewrite an existing codebase; we want to understand what’s there so that we can contribute our own code."

Découvrir à travers une série de points en le comparant à des langages plus courants

3 positions are open in Nancy, team Synalp of LORIA laboratory:

- Project Manager of LUE IMPACT Project OLKi
- Engineer in computer science for ITEA/FUI Project PAPUD
- PhD thesis in deep learning for NLP

Please read details here:

#job #deeplearning #phd

If you use in a production environment, you should consider what you can to the .

It seems like apk has one main developer who fixed this bug in less than a week.

Chronological is hard though. If Alice retweets something on Monday and Bob retweets the same thing on Tuesday, should I see it in my feed twice?

RT @pa_chevalier
Etalab lance la campagne de recrutement pour la 3ème promo d'entrepreneur.e.s d'intérêt général. Venez relever les défis des administrations : … entrepreneur-interet-general.e #job #datajob #rstatsFR #dataforgov #EIG

Considering to hire a full-time #php developer in Alfeld (Leine), Germany. Not decided on any details yet, but if anyone is looking for work right now, we can talk. #php #yii #job

Un atelier pour découvrir le design circulaire, animé par l'excellent @Liut ? C'est le mardi 16 octobre prochain à 19h, le repas est compris et c'est à SOFFFA Ste Catherine, le tout pour 30 € seulement par personne.

Hi everyone! Does anybody have any experience with using and their payed options? I'm looking for a freedom respecting dropbox alternative, mainly for file backup. I have a small self-hosted nextcloud instance but need more space.

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