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The Dutch of dressing in blackface during time to celebrate the character Zwarte Piet, or Black Pete.

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Bill Duck talking about the ingrained self-hatred that breeds and how it is directly connected to the "Field Negro"

I've used OpenOffice/LibreOffice for a long time, but it's always been kind of heavy—I mostly persisted because I needed to deal with M$Word docs and it does very well at that

I need that a lot less now, and when I do, I can use the web version. Looking for a good, styles-based word processor that's a lot lighter than LibreOffice but has good Open Document Format support. Any suggestions #lazyweb?

Bonus points if it runs on both Linux (I use xfce or openbox under Xorg) and macOS without too much hassle. Linux is required, macOS is a nice to have.

#2458 Bubble Wrap 

I think of myself as the David Attenborough of factory mailing equipment.

Do you ever stop and wonder how weird and mostly arbitrary economics are? And that money is just made up, despite everyone pretending otherwise?

I am experimenting a workflow :
TCR with a Bash script to run my tests then commit changes if tests pass or reset if tests fail.
Then I rebase the git history at my own pace.
Pretty easy using Emacs with terminal emulation+magit.

#gnu #guile #tcr #magit #emacs #bash

"In this article I will describe how I designed and made a functional 32 bit RISC-V CPU at home." 500kHz Taktfrequenz, diskret aufgebaut aus einzelnen ICs. Next level Nerd Content. Enjoy:

Je balance une bouteille à la mer, mais on ne sait jamais... vous connaissez un framework css qui fonctionne bien avec tous les navigateurs web. J'entends par là une gestion responsive sur Firefox, Chromium, Edge et Netsurf... et avec un rendu acceptable sur Lynx et Dillo ?

Et qui fonctionne sans JS bien sûr

#NeedHelp #webdesign #web #lowtech #smolnet

Hey classic Macintoshes specialists would such a cable and a wifi232 allow a 68k Mac to get online or is it more complicated?

If you want to contribute to #orgmode (#emacs) with a useful, easy (and yes, a bit boring) task, we are looking for someone to take charge of reproducing bugs 🐞 reported to the list:

RT appreciated. 🙏

Do you want to know what developing #software without unit tests is like?
Open your shoelaces, close your eyes and run as fast as you can...🏃

#rust #tdd #unittest #softwaretesting #quality #softwarequality #sustainablesoftware

"These days, the problem isn't how to innovate; it's how to get society to adopt the good ideas that already exist." - Douglas Engelbart

#Quote #Society #Innovation

Discovering that there's a list of blacklisted names you should never use for your variable names... Sorry 🤣

Dear ActivityPub + Github + Matrix users : do you have any ideas on how we could bridge these three tools ? Bouncing the following tools in the context of FedeProxy (forge activitypub interoperability)

github + matrix bridge + kazarma + activitypub client (mastodon for example) = what usage ? following issues ?

Boosts appreciated.

#ActivityPub #forges #developerexperience

The more I use #Signal for work the more I wonder if the app should have an out-of-office function.

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