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The Dutch of dressing in blackface during time to celebrate the character Zwarte Piet, or Black Pete.

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Bill Duck talking about the ingrained self-hatred that breeds and how it is directly connected to the "Field Negro"

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Freedom doesn't exist on private platforms. No point wasting energy complaining. Want really free speech? Put that energy into instead!

Premier Atelier #emacs sur #Montpellier ce soir.

C'est un peu parti sur un mode démonstration des capacités, les prochaines réunions seront ciblées sur un sujet précis.

Ce fût l'occasion de mettre en orbite un blog Emacs francophone. Il est ouvert aux publications !

You know, we don't /have/ to make things so bad for ourselves. It just takes a little bit of discipline to do things right. You can help. Please help.

Bon :mastodon: je veux pas faire le relou, même si, mais je vais manger des cailloux ce mois ci si vous ne me commandez rien, ou les gens que vous connaissez (pub d'intérêt mastodonien) bref vous savez que je fais des trucs, selon Vos goûts, alors plize ailepeu me tou bouffe merci bisous merci

Reading on Pyret language and going over the docs a little, it grows very quickly on me. Such a cute language.

Modern software be like:
Yo dawg, I heard you like browsers, so I put a browser in your browser so you can do everything while you do everything.

Also modern software:
Don't install Chrome on Linux, install Linux on Chrome, the future is now!

New Blog Post: Are TODO Applications a Waste of Time?

"A few days ago I saw a video talking about how TODO applications are a waste of time. I don't think TODO applications are the problem though, humans are."

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Nasolot National Reserve is a rugged but beautiful expanse of land that offers scenic landscape that plays host to elephants, giraffe, gazelles, kudu, jackals and crocodiles!

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