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Nsukami _ | 巣神 @lemeteore@mastodon.social

Graphene, a form of that could bring us bulletproof armor and elevators, improve , and make the internet run faster — some day youtube./watch?v=IesIsKMjB4Y

I've just released v0.3 of deadgrep: github.com/Wilfred/deadgrep

This new version allows you to collapse file results, and is much smarter about regexp, case and file type settings!

Tired: Rewriting C/C++/Go/Python projects in Rust.
Wired: Seriously considering rewriting a Python in C.

À partir du moment où l'on a effectué sa bascule vers #ES6. un retour en arrière devient impensable.

What's your opinion about and , and it's plattforms?
(I'm talking about sharing not rbnb or similiar ;-)

What is your experience?

Bonjour à tous les mastonautes joyeux 😊
J'espère que votre journée sera agréable

Bon, ce truc mastodon ne me sert à rien du tout, mais je peux pas détruire mon compte. :unamused:

@XOR this revelation ranks up to the time I learned stripper poles rotate.

#Amorce 1705 is out!

Amorce est un stater kit (Framework #CSS #HTML + tools & conventions) pour l'intégration de site internet.


When most of America can't even come up with $1000 in an emergency but Apple is selling a $4000 computer and tech geeks are drooling over it, you know you have an inequality problem.

So cool 😍

This is a the biggest MacroProcessor in the world, like a PC but only with physical transistor and LEDS everywhere so you can see exactly what it's doing!

They can even control its speed so you can see how it's really working!

Such a wonderful pedagogical tool <3

And of course it's playing tetris.


Hi, 📢

what's about the idea to introduce a new tag


if someone is publishing his/her own work on mastodon?

The big main intention for this is to encourage the communication about art and to help each other with some tricks and a second view.

This should be constructive and helpful critique and no discussion about personal taste.

What is your oppinion? Critique is requested for this suggestion
#CritiqueRequested :)

#Art #MastoArt #CreativeToot #digitalart

"If the conference doesn't have a Code of Conduct, some of the folks we could've learned the most from aren’t here." schmonz.com/2017/05/24/codes-o