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The Dutch of dressing in blackface during time to celebrate the character Zwarte Piet, or Black Pete.

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Bill Duck talking about the ingrained self-hatred that breeds and how it is directly connected to the "Field Negro"

Rappel #Éphémérides 🌝✨ : cette nuit #conjonction #Lune - #Jupiter suivi de Lune - #Saturne. Les deux #planètes et la Lune apparaîtront donc proches les unes des autres.

Le phénomène est aisément observable en France métropolitaine aux alentours de minuit (23h si vision vraiment dégagée sur l'horizon sud-est) et jusqu'au matin.

Plus d'infos et observabilité à d'autres endroits :
#astronomie #ciel

Do others feel that the *vast* majority of the exciting open source work these days happens outside the U.S.? (In a larger proportion than you'd expect based on where commercial software is written, I mean).

At first, I thought it was just that #rust had a non-US tilt due to Mozilla's involvement.

But the more I look around, the more it seems like (almost) all the exciting Foss projects are in Europe – with the notable exception of and a few others.

Agree? Disagree?

Here's how it works on sourcehut:

You pay us the subscription fee of your choice and you get access to our services. We spend it on maintaining and upgrading the hardware, and paying for staff to handle development, operations, support, and on-call.

Because we don't take money from investors, we're only accountable to users, and if we aren't working in your interests, we lose our revenue. We are incentivized to work for you, not to generate a return.

Because we're running 100% free software, we're held accountable because anyone can take our shit and run it on their own servers, or even bootstrap a competing company using our own software. We've made it easy to run out out of business if we lose your trust.

Over the past several days I gave a broad overview of how time, randomness, scheduling (with a brief mention of the issue of doing nothing efficiently), synchronization, persistant storage, and networking works in the Linux-based stack.

To round that off I'll describe the networking stack. Linux has to be part of this stack, because before it's scheduler is up and running no other program can aid it.


* I know we just need an API like ruby or something to publish the rss feed in an account but I am not a coder at all (maybe html ten years ago...I don't understand where I actually enter the code, on mastadon)

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#introductions a big influx of medical people has just arrived; we could really do with access to things like Lancet/British Medical Journal and our Royal College RSS feeds - can anyone help us get them going? like a newsbot?

So if I want to do a python GUI on linux, just for personal use, what would y'all recommend? GTK> Tkinter? QT? Or is there something else really good? I don't need a lot, I just want it to be easy, reasonably full featured, and not randomly break in 3 months when I haven't touched it. :/

Our latest film was always meant to raise and inspire new .

But the Autorité de Régulation Professionnelle de la Publicité (ARPP) has ruled that the film cannot be broadcast in because it creates “a climate of anxiety”

What's the best email client on Android? I'm unhappy with the default application I use.

2 WIPs to share today. First, getting going on the "State of Linux for Creatives" roundup after you all so helpfully voted it to the top in my recent poll on which video I should start on.

Here's the list of creative software I'd like to touch on. I'm all about the FLOSS but I will also mention proprietary software as it can be key getting off Window / Mac if you don't want to be there.

The list is huge! Now just have to formulate a way not to ramble on forever about it all.

Reading a blog post, I came across this heading:

> Principles are more important than technologies

I agreed, and was expecting principles like:
* respect user privacy
* build accessible software
* release under #foss licenses

Instead, the post listed principles such as:
* data structures and algorithms
* Object-oriented design
* Caching and memory hierarchies.

… I'm not quite sure what that disconnect says about me, or about the author.

(Source: )

Reminder that plants never sit still. All plants everywhere are always jostling about like this.

If I get a little free time to work on side projects today, which should I work on? A blog post about streaming music with Free Software on Linux and Android, or the Library of Carcosa, a hand-curated library of horror and weird fiction in the public domain, served over the #Gemini protocol?

3.    Puff Adder
With 32,000 human fatalities in a year, puff adder is the third deadliest animal in Africa.The puff adder is said to kill more people than any other snake in Africa even though it's not the most venomous snake like Black Mamba.

They extend throughout the entire African continent (except for lush rainforests and deserts).They depend on camouflage for protection and, if approached, will simply lie still – which eventually leads to people stepping on them and getting bitten

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