Science and Technology links (February 13th 2021): life in Alpha Centauri? Freely available supplement makes middle-aged mice stronger, inexpensive transparent wood

Science and Technology links (February 6th 2021): a billion people now use an iPhone, a common body building supplement made old mice look younger, wine and cheese daily might be good for your brain, more signs of extraterrestrial life?...

Science and Technology links (January 24th 2021): Year 2020 was a 'great' year for tech, more great technology to keep mice young and more

Science and Technology links (January 16th 2021): the universe contains fewer stars and galaxies than we thought, we can tell someone’s political view using image recognition technology, dog owners live longer and more at

Science and Technologie links (January 9th 2021): the Earth is spinning faster, much faster Wi-Fi coming near you soon, vitamin D might keep advanced cancer at bay and more

‪Science and Technology links (January 11th 2020): low-fat milk is more fattening than regular milk, the financial value of a college degree is near zero, type 2 diabetes might be caused by fat‬


‪Science and Technology links (December 21st 2019): wind turbines may be worse for global warming than fossil fuels on the short term, tiger populations are going up, neural networks for mathematics‬


‪Science and Technology links (December 14th 2019): we might finally have a therapy against Alzheimer's (in human beings), we are adopting medical therapies at record rates, computing power for artificial intelligence is doubling every 3 to 4 months

‪Science and Technology links (November 16th 2019): girls and boys have similar psychometric intelligence but girls do much better in school, extraordinary age reversal in the eyes of mice using genetic triggers, PhD students are unhappy‬


‪Unrolling your loops can improve branch prediction‬


‪Science and Technology links (October 26th 2019): daily vitamin D supplements may make you smarter, lots of ice in Antartica, and more.‬


‪Science and Technology (October 12th 2019): drink alcohol, own a dog, go out in the sun, and more‬


‪Science and Technology links (September 28th 2019): breakthrough in skin rejuvenation, creating new neurons in the brain of mice, lead is killing you

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