The NPR app category tags really confused my Subaru media player.

Like a sucker I used twitter's thread creation tool. 12 posts in, I wondered what would happen if twitter got confused or I accidentally closed a tab, surely it's storing these in my drafts right?

Twitter got confused, and the answer is no. So now I have to make a new blog.

* Write chrome extension that lets you click on an aircraft in flightradar24, planefinder,, etc. and generates/downloads/displays a KML/3D track.
* Write chrome extension for FR24 & planefinder that shows the flight path of every aircraft on screen.

I love this essay. I'd like to read a dozen stories about the Stanford-adjacent artists/weirdos who found themselves inside the internet revolution at the beginning. Those are the interesting stories that need visibility.

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a large Java conf, 1998

Rich Hickey is onstage demoing a lisp dev setup

his hacking gets more and more intense. he's jacked into a production server; he starts redefining functions on the fly, inspecting data as it flows thru functions

the audience is shocked and horrified but he continues typing, oblivious. an error occurs and he recovers from it in the repl

finally he sees their stunned silence

"guess you aren't ready for that yet" he responds impishly

"but your kids are gonna love it"

Considering doing opportunistic sousveillance of surveillance aircraft by using publicly available webcam feeds with known fields of view combined with known aircraft positions.

Except in California I say fuck a wrench. A couple times a year I accidentally bump my gas meter and cause the earthquake valve to close, so in my version it's a bunch of people running from house to house kicking the gas meters.

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One of the greatest books written is now on Github, source, text, you name it it's all there, Norvig's classic Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming can be found

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always thought it would be neat if earth got a perma storm, like Jupiter's red spot

My 4-year-old is so obsessed with Totoro (and building things) that he watched an entire 43-minute youtube video of Adam Savage building a Totoro costume. In one sitting.

I'm thinking about running a private mastodon/pleroma instance to use as a family microblog.

Also considering the issues with using something similar to replace our preschool's use of instagram.

Disturbing British detective show. 

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computers that you can talk to

expectation: computer! Initiate program 5!


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4 = nybble
8 = byte
16 = chawmp
32 = meele
64 = feaste

Scott Watson's karaoke memorial, in the LA Times.

Some of us were there swigging wine on the sidewalk considerably later than 3 a.m., to our detriment. Morrissey's oeuvre was discussed, yes, along with functional programming, visionary patents, and all the weirdness of early and pre-internet computing.

I'm considering reading through all Scott's patents. Maybe as a group...

Excellent description of creating a twitter bot written in Clojure and hosted on free Heroku, by @quephird:

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