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C.N.R. Shiotsuki @lennan@mastodon.social

I really like the Pilot Iroshizuku Ina-ho ink. This time using my Ooly Splendid pen, which I shoved a platinum converter in, possibly to be stuck there forever. 😂

Am really tired today so is a scribbly Dragon Prince redesign using Pilot Iroshizuku Ina-ho ink and Ohto Jazz fountain pen.

I had to age him down because, uh, story reasons. He has a name now and it is Terumitsu. =)

I found this in my iPad files and decided to finish the lines.

Some stuff from yesterday.

which was experimenting with a brush pen I bought a converter for so I can use colorful ink with it. Ink is Robert Oster Shiraz. Personally think I need to try a less absorbent paper.

And a of a monster for a piece.

Ball point pen ink because my ipad pencil needed its battery charged.

Well, I tried..... 😂

But now the ink is all gone. So, success!

I'm trying really hard to finish off the ink in this brush pen so I can try to use a converter and a different ink color. 😂