It’s been a few weeks, but I really like the ‘realistic’ watercolor default brush in Clipstudio Paint.

You just have to really think in watercolor mode when you use it.

Two weeks ago, I saw Okko's Inn in the theaters and I highly recommend people see it as it is a very well done movie.

It is somewhat bittersweet, but has all the heart of a Ghibli movie (it was done by one of their former animators).

Definitely one that I look forward to getting a copy of so I can watch it again.

As far as I know it isn't translated, but just looking at the pictures is pure bliss.

I want to share something nice and this comic is gorgeous with fabulous storytelling and is one of the best uses of infinite scroll I've seen for a comic:

Oh no, Mastodon has become my "secret" place to say things I just don't want to tweet. 😂

And it’s even playing in my favored theatre so conceivably I can see it tomorrow if I am to venture out in the rain.

I just hope I don’t end up with this obstacle again:

I can’t wait to watch How to Train Your Dragon 3 and cry over CGI dragons.

I’m sure I’m going to watch this movie 5 times,

Yesterday, I finished some old drawings that were hangin' about, staring reproachfully at me.

They were done (with one finished) at different times, so it is obvious to me how much my coloring changed over the months even when I tried to adjust for it. 😂

Wow auto-correct, really? “Themselves” instead of “them all”? 😂

I decided to redraw and paint my original grey fox youkai sticker ideas since I felt there were a lot of weaknesses in them. Slowly I’m getting through themselves. Here’s the first finished set.

In the background, you can hear the red-winged blackbirds sing in full force.

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