I wonder how much more visibility the movement would gain if air traffic controllers, container ship captains and coal power plant operators would join. But would they?

"Unter rund 8400 neu angeschafften Regierungsfahrzeugen für Ministerien und Behörden befinden sich gerade mal 253 Elektroautos, einschließlich Hybride. Die Zahl der echten E-Autos beträgt beschämende 73." emobly.com/de/news/elektro-pre

Ooh, sweet. This will help us to have a more structured approach for posting "WIP, DNM" pull requests on : github.blog/2019-02-14-introdu

Wir trennen mit fast religiösem Eifer jeden Müll und trotzdem landet ein Teil davon auf wilden Müllkippen in Malaysia. Ich bin schwer in Versuchung, in Zukunft einfach alles über die graue Tonne zu entsorgen. Da weiß man wenigstens, wo der Dreck landet...

We are pleased to announce that @opensuse Leap 15.1 has entered the Beta phase of the release. Please remember Leaps Beta phase is a rolling beta until it's official release; at which point, it will begin the maintenance phase. Sic itur ad astra - bit.ly/2GAeXGT

Just booked a Hyundai Ionic for an upcoming holiday trip at @nextmove@twitter.com. Looking forward to the opportunity to test this one for a week!

Vor 40 Jahren began die 1. Weltklimakonferenz mit einem Alarmruf zum Klimawandel. Seitdem befinden sich die Führer der Menschheit in einem mittlerweile 14.615 Tage wärenden Dauerstreik gegen Fakten, Wandel und die von ihnen ausgemachte Klimalüge.

We Need A Fossil Fuel Primer Because The Media Isn’t Telling Us Enough About Climate Change eg. scientists can prove that CO2 in the atmosphere comes from human activities and which ones squeet.me/display/962c3e10-135

Millions of cases could be prevented with high HPV vaccine and screening coverage

Cervical cancer could be effectively eliminated in most countries around the world by the end of the 21st century, according to research.

The HPV (human papilloma virus) vaccine, which protects against the virus that causes most cases, has dramatically reduced incidences of cervical cancer wherever uptake has been high. There are hopes that the jab given to young girls, together with occasional HPV screening, could end the scourge of a disease that kills more than 300,000 women globally every year. www.theguardian.com/society/20… #Cervicalcancer #HPVvaccine #Health #Society #Vaccinesandimmunisation #Biology #Science #Cancer #Worldnews #WorldHealthOrganization

@switchingsocial have you considered adding Wallabag as an alternative to Pocket?
/cc @wallabag

- Over - is a universal chat protocol that is , , Easy, and does not require to build or maintain a server.
COI uses an address and any IMAP server as its infrastructure. This means it can already connect 3.8 billion users - anyone with an email address.


#Funkzellenabfrage: Die alltägliche #Rasterfahndung unserer Handydaten
Wie wir alle regelmäßig den Behörden ins Netz gehen und wie man immerhin mehr Transparenz schaffen kann. #35c3

Polizei und Geheimdienste sammeln per "Funkzellenabfrage" Tag für Tag Millionen von Standort-Daten. Netzbetreiber liefern den Behörden regelmäßig Datensätze aller Mobilfunknummern, die zu einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt in bestimmten Funkzellen waren. Entgegen den gesetzlichen Bestimmungen...

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