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"While ARM-based instance is 25 percent cheaper, it is able to show a 15-20% performance gain in most of the tests over the corresponding x86 based instances. So ARM-based instances are giving conclusively better price-performance in all aspects."

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Wer möchte, kann nun deutschlandweit und kostenlos #OpenSourceSaatgut der Tomatensorte #Sunviva beim Umweltamt der Stadt #Dortmund bestellen!

#OpenSourceSeeds #Tomaten

RT @sytses
Distributed Open Source Software (DOSS) has a OSI-approved license and a Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO) Because there is no Contributor License Agreement (CLA) nobody can relicense the software without permission of the contributors or rewriting it.

My team here at is seeking for a C/C++ Software Engineer to support our ongoing development on Percona Server for and related components. Check out the job description and apply here!

" promises 'open'—delivers proprietary" great summary by also worth reading the comments.

(Quick addition: is not a business model, but it is also not a development model, see my talk at 06:00 )

Server for 4.4.3-5, Percona for MongoDB 1.4.1 and Percona Distribution for MongoDB 4.4.3 have been released:

"Retention in a pure open source business is difficult. I won’t lie about it. You have to continually up your game in support, services, features, and tooling. It is hard! Really hard! Because in a pure open-source model, the user can always choose to self-support. So your offering has to be so compelling that companies want to pay for it (or they view it as “insurance”)."

When we advocate for open source we advocate for the disruptive network effect free software produces stochastically, not for a specific business model.

The lesson Elastic's restrictive relicensing teaches is those using open source to ratchet a startup will forsake software freedom eventually if they're collecting rights to community contributions. That's no reason to believe open source needs updating.

Last week the Open Source Initiative (#OSI) stated that the Server Side Public License (#SSPL) is not an Open Source license but "#fauxpen".

#OpenSourceInitiative #ServerSidePublicLicense #NotOpenSourceLicense

Diese Sprache verstehen alle kommerziellen Anbieter von #SocialMedia - NutzerInnen wandern aus #WhatsApp ab

#Intransparenz und Friss-oder-Stirb-Mentalität führen zu Misstrauen, bessere Alternativen wie #Signal oder #Threema sind die Gewinner

Noch besser wäre: #Messenger interoperabel machen!

I'm looking for a in-ear (stereo) which works for video conferences on .

Currently I have the Jabre Elite 65t, they work nicely as headphones but the microphone doesn't work on Linux. Unfortunately it is almost impossible to find any information about this on any product description.

Any first-hand experience and recommendations?

This is why I'm not a big fan of "projects" that require you to sign a contributor license agreement (CLA) before they accept your patches.

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