Sehr cool. Flixbus fährt nun auch rein elektrisch von Mannheim über Heidelberg nach Frankfurt (und zurück).

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Wer sich zum Thema informieren will, findet seit heute hier einen sehr guten Einstieg:

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hat es geschafft, in jahrelanger Arbeit, den Antriebsstrang+Akku vom in den zu transplantieren.
Was für eine Leistung! m(
So geht nicht.

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Two great things you can do to make the fediverse more diverse and interesting:

1) USE LOTS OF HASHTAGS. It's not spammy! It helps people find stuff they're interested in, since the search is intentionally limited to tags to prevent abuse.

2) BOOST THE GOOD STUFF. It gets it into new federated timelines, which is vital for smaller instances with fewer connections. It also helps with hashtag searches, since they only bring up toots known to your instance via follows and boosts.

#mastodon #meta

"Je mehr wir ein Unternehmen in unser Leben lassen, desto wichtiger ist es sich einen Überblick darüber zu verschaffen, was wir von uns preisgeben. Deshalb lohnt es sich, von seinem Recht auf Datenauskunft Gebrauch zu machen."

Nein! Doch! Ooh!

Homöopathie: Globuli helfen nicht, wenn Kinder erkältet sind - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Gesundheit

Wenn Kinder schniefen und husten, bekommen sie manchmal homöopathische Mittel. Doch das bringt nichts, stellt nun eine Forschergruppe fest.

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Insightful article by "Color: From Hexcodes to Eyeballs", covering the physics, biology and technology that makes us see colors:

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RT Sehr krasse Reportage über im Einsatz bei Wahlen.

"Im Kern ist Facebook ein laufendes Experiment an der Gesellschaft. Aus Facebooks Sicht sind wir alle Probanden eines globalen Experiments zur Gewinnmaximierung des Unternehmens."

I tried to summarize the most prominent changes in the Dashboard v2 that the team has been working on in the past month. Not an easy task with 80+ pull requests!

Spot the well-hidden cat in this picture.

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So of course the Stallman article in the Guardian on how we need to not only make tracking harder and reduce data retention, but need to prohibit data tracking conceptually has uBlock origin blocking about a quarter of the requests (37 of them, yes, to read a text).

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Do you know someone who could help me draw a banner for the playstore app?

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RT an amazing directory: /proc

If one could generate electricity from cat purrs, we could probably power our entire house.

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No one company should "win" when it comes to the safety of self-driving cars.

We have a right to demand that self-driving car manufacturers take reasonable steps to help make the technology safer for everyone, such as sharing incident sensor data.

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For a messaging app to be truly secure, it needs more than good tech. Developers of any “secure” messaging app must have a solid history of responding to technical problems and legal threats.

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Currently evaluating @Tusky and @Mastalab for managing my account. No clear winner yet.

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