Captain's Log:

The issue has resolved itself and I've only sustained slight radiation exposure

No new bodily growth that I can see

Spontaneous combustion still possible

Still, further testing is required when the next Snap store update is released

Holding pattern until then

Captain's Ubuntu Log:

It's been 13 days since the Snap store refused to update the Snap store

The store also refuses to show me other updates now

I'm worried the Snap store has gained awareness

Negotiations are futile

Future is uncertain

Wish me luck

Things that make you go Yaaast Queen!

Re-immerse yourself in the world of OpenSUSE with us and find out a little more about how we put the show together.

They give you 14 days to close the software or reboot. I'VE DONE BOTH! There's only 8 days left on the counter. Will my computer blow up if I let it tick down to 0? Will my battery puff up like a little blowfish? Will it install Windows for me instead?


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I know! I KNOW!

This is what I get for using the Ubuntu Snap store to update the Snap store, but the Snap store won't update the Snap store while the Snap store is trying to update the Snap store

It would be fine if a reboot fixed it, but it's just standing there! Menacingly!!!

They’re not my preference, but one good thing about light themes📱💻is that they force me to turn my screen brightness down, which in turn saves energy⚡️

That means… light themes are saving the planet! 🌎


Yussss! One more step closer to in the with 5.19

Sometimes you just want F keys to be F keys, ya know?

We're finally making good on the promise made a while ago to migrate all the old shows to the new channel

After adding timestamps it's obvious just how much the show has changed between season 1 and 2, and that's not even considering the hosts!


In the User Space season finale🚨
🐧We pick our favorite distros of the season
🐙Look ahead to new @fedora and @ubuntu releases
🥷Dodge BitB attacks
📢Respond to ALL the feedback
🧹Clean metadata
📦And look back on our favorite !


Congratulations to and flavors on the release! 🎉🎉🎉

I'm doing my part! o7

I rebooted. It was successful. No weird errors. Seems like the Mint team did good work here. I'm impressed.

Now I gotta change the hostname of the box from debbie to elsie 😉

Thanks for following along! Hope this gives folks some confidence for the coming LM21 upgrade!

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How happy he looks

I don't guess it matters because it tells you right there to reboot, but... shouldn't there be a "Done" button or something?

Either way... 🎉

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Oh no! More orphans! Stay strong, you glorious packages. Someone still needs you.

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That took a bit. And there's a conflict! Just a downgrade, it seems. Doesn't seem serious.

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Almost missed it! Straight to the upgrade. Things must be going well.

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