Why We Had to Cancel Triangulation
- a look at why some shows work on ad-supported networks, and some do not.


Yay @macgenie is talking about micro.blog today... on iOS Today. twit.tv/iOS episode 448

The EU will vote on the during the March 25 week session, likely on March 27. That leaves you with only a few days to contact your MEP to insist that they vote against it. saveyourinternet.eu

Come control robots in our studio live. letsrobot.tv/robocasters/jill

Watch from the other end live on the New Screensavers. TWiT.tv/live

Triple threat: toot, tweet, and micro.blog... all from my Apple Watch. Technology, what a concept.

This should be a tweet and a toot... originating from iOS Drafts.

Studio engineer, Alex Gumpel, brought in his Mac SE and even got Hypercard and MacPaint running on it for the show.

Spent an excellent Friday with Apple legend Bill Atkinson. We talked for five hours about Apple, psychedelics, the Iboga ritual. General Magic, and neuroscience.

Part is out now at twit.tv/shows/triangulation/ep. Part 2 in a week or so.

Just as a heads-up, don’t use PMs/DMs on Mastodon, and if you have to never share any private information.

Admins of sending and receiving instances can read those, as there is no end-to-end encryption. Even if you trust the admins, instance ownership could change or hackers or government could get in.

Use different tools designed specifically for this.

Facebook deactivated. ✔️
Take Twitter acct private ✔️
Reactivate mastodon.social ✔️

Social media sorted ✔️✔️✔️✔️

Meat; cooking 

I'm expanding my chicken repertoire.

Monday it was butter chicken. Next Monday I'm trying piri piri chicken.

Then to Portugal to try the real thing the following week.

Looks like it's "Stick Your Broken Refrigerator On The Neighbor's Porch Week" once again.

Bad news, good news.

I just spilled my coffee cup all over my lap.

On the bright side, now I smell dee-licious!

Today Security Now begins its 14th year as a podcast (July 18, 2005 - ) and we celebrate two years in TWiT's "new" Eastside Studio.

And we have an 18-year-old comp sci student in studio who was 4 when Security Now started!

So in this case the cake is definitely not a lie.

🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂

Truth is Twitter uses much more energy. I find Mastodon.social very relaxing.

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